Best iPhone iPad iOS Games

The 30 Best iOS Games for iPhone and iPad

You could literally spend the rest of your life trying out games for your iPhone and iPad without ever hitting on a good one. There are that many games on the App Store, and yes, that many of them are … Continue reading


Astropad 1


As versatile as the iPad is, turning it into a professional-level graphics tablet is still a significant achievement, and it’s an achievement that the Astropad promises in full. Built by former Apple engineers, Astropad works with any Mac app, supports … Continue reading


Tuna Knobs 1

Tuna Knobs

Even as digital technology grows by leaps and bounds, sometimes it’s the unlikely merging of the digital and the analog that amazes us most. Case in point here with Tuna Knobs, control knobs that you stick to your touchscreen to … Continue reading


Best iPad Mini 3 Cases

The 25 Best iPad Mini 3 Cases and Covers

Apple fans have been fortunate in that each iteration of the iPad Mini is about the same size, so as they upgrade their tech, they don’t need to buy all new gear. Then again, that also gives you no excuse … Continue reading


Best iPad Air 2 Cases

The 25 Best iPad Air 2 Cases and Covers

When it first came out, the original iPad Air was received with mixed enthusiasm because the populace was suffering from what is known as TOD (Tablet Overload Disorder). The general feeling was that tablets really weren’t all that special or … Continue reading


Duet Display 1

Duet Display

Two screens are pretty much always better than one. (That is, unless they’re both being used to watch The View.) So if you’re on-board the Apple train, the idea of using both your iPad and Mac at once probably sounds … Continue reading


BrydgeAir iPad Air Keyboard Case 1

BrydgeAir iPad Air Keyboard Case

To this day one of the only complaints we’ve heard from Apple fans about the beloved iPad is its lack of an optional keyboard. Thankfully there are plenty of brands producing great third party offerings, and the BrydgeAir is among … Continue reading


Apple iPad Air 2 1

Apple iPad Air 2 And iPad Mini 3

The wow-worthy tech breakthroughs are coming at a slower pace now for Apple’s iPad, but if you crave the newest and thinnest version of this king of the tablet hill, the iPad Air 2 is where you need to be. … Continue reading


Orange Chef Cos Smart Food Scale- The Prep Pad 1

Prep Pad Smart Food Scale by Orange Chef Co

Just when you thought you had every kitchen gadget you could ever want, we’ve stumbled upon another one for you to add to your culinary homebase: The Orange Chef Co’s Smart Food Scale, the Prep Pad, the perfect invention for … Continue reading


Mikey Digital Studio-Quality Mic For iPhone 5 1

Mikey Digital Studio-Quality Mic For iPhone 5

Sometimes that brilliant jam session happens with no mics around, and explaining it to someone the next day is about as effective as holding your hands apart to describe the fish you almost caught. Be ready to capture anything – … Continue reading