LowKey iMac USB Stand (3)

LowKey iMac USB Stand

As we creep closer to the new year, we are constantly scouring the web to find products that will help declutter your workspaces leading to much more productive work environments in 2013. Featured here is the latest product in the … Continue reading


Kancha Headphone Stand for iMac (4)

Kancha Headphone Stand for iMac

Although it may be subtle in design, the Kancha Headphone Stand for Apple iMac computers is extremely convenient for those of you that like to listen to music through your headphones. Made from a sturdy, high quality methacrylate, the Kancha … Continue reading


Space Bar iMac Desktop Organizer (5)

Space Bar iMac Desktop Organizer

If you were a fan of the recently featured U-Board, then you will absolutely love the new Space Bar designed for iMacs. Designed by Michael Cavada, this sleek workstation takes on many of the same attributes as the U-Board, but … Continue reading


Apple iMac HiRise (5)

Apple iMac HiRise Adjustable Stand

The design team at Twelve South are constantly introducing wonderful products for Apple devices, and their latest creation in iMac HiRise is definitely a must have for Apple iMac users. Although it’s rather simple in design, the concept is quite … Continue reading