Marshall Major II Black Headphones 2

Marshall Major II Black Headphones

Since the 1960s, the team at Marshall has made some of the best amps on the market. Now the brand is really looking to expand their reach with their Major line of headphones. Following up on the successful 2010 release … Continue reading


T10i Stainless Steel Earphones 1

T10i Stainless Steel Earphones

Just the words “stainless steel” alone have been known to trigger many a man to reach for his wallet, no matter what the application. But… stainless steel earphones? Yes sir. British audio company RHA has unveiled its newest creation, the T10i … Continue reading


Best Headphones Under 200

Sound Off: The 8 Best Headphones Under $200

We’re living in a material world and nowhere is that clearer than in the headphone market. From budget earbuds that are practically disposable, to concert-level cups that make it sound like an orchestra is crashing on your couch, you can find … Continue reading


Best Headphones Under 50

Sound Investment: The 8 Best Headphones Under $50

It seems simple. You aren’t a studio professional who needs $400 DJ headphones. You’re just a person who wants a sturdy pair of private speakers that don’t make your music sound like it’s being played at the bottom of an … Continue reading


Best Headphones Under 100

Century Club: The 13 Best Headphones Under $100

Spending a Benjamin won’t get you too much these days. A nice dinner for two, a set of passable steak knives, or a couple of mixed drinks at the hot new club is about all you can expect if you … Continue reading


Best DJ Headphones

Spin Zone: The 7 Best DJ Headphones

Spinning out sick beats (can’t sue us for that one, Taylor) is hard enough by itself. Doing it while wearing the wrong DJ headphones is not just difficult, it’s painful, expensive, and can cause permanent damage. Without the proper pair … Continue reading


Best Cheap Earbuds

Save and Sound: The 6 Best Budget Earbuds

The personal audio industry has gone mad. Drunk on power they have begun churning out more and more expensive headphones crammed with ever-increasing features. True, this is nice for the alpha consumer who has loads of disposable income and wants … Continue reading


Audio-Technica ATH-R70x 1

Audio-Technica ATH-R70x

Someone somewhere at an Audio-Technica board meeting recently jumped up,  forcefully opened the windows, and simply said, “It’s time!” At least that’s the way we like to think the company went into production of its ATH-R70x, Audio-Technica’s first pair of … Continue reading


Glow Laser Headphones 1

Glow Laser Headphones

These are the world’s first smart headphones that glow with laser light, and had Darth Vader been a little more into music than violence, maybe we would’ve seen him holster his lightsaber and rock these earbuds instead. Using laser-driven Corning … Continue reading


Best Workout Headphones

Dynamic Sound: The 10 Best Workout Headphones

Audio is a harsh mistress when it comes to workout headphones. Some companies make earbuds and headphones that can take a beating, but they sound like coins being thrown down an aluminum drainpipe, suffer from volume issues, and reduce your … Continue reading