ClockONE E-Ink Wall Clock by Twelve24 1

ClockONE E-Ink Wall Clock by Twelve24

Want some more fun infused into your time-telling process? Aside from having Kate Upton whisper “It’s 12:24, big boy,” in your ear, the Twelve24 ClockONE might be the best way to do it. This is the world’s first E-Ink wall clock; … Continue reading


Stage Interactive Shelf by Spell 1

Stage Interactive Shelf by Spell

While cutting the cord (as in getting rid of cable TV) is a trend that’s steadily growing, cutting other types of cords will just leave you with a dead electronic device. And yet, our desires for less clutter remain as strong … Continue reading


iSkelter Caddy 1

iSkelter Caddy

As anyone with negative firsthand experience can tell you, smartphones and tall glasses of lemonade don’t mix well. With the modern day desires of having your mobile device next to you at all times, and the ancient desires of having … Continue reading


The Abyss Table by Dufffy London 1

The Abyss Table by Duffy London

After covering Greg Klassen’s beautiful wooden coffee tables embedded with rivers, one of our readers turned us on to the work of Duffy London. Sporting a similar theme, the Abyss table was inspired by the ocean. Duffy London is a … Continue reading


Wood Tables Embedded with Glass Rivers by Greg Klassen 1

Wood Tables Embedded with Glass Rivers by Greg Klassen

Coffee tables are the perfect way to help liven up any living room. While there are a ton of options to choose from out there, nothing really comes close to these amazing wood tables embedded with glass rivers and lakes. … Continue reading


Sway Rocking Chair by Markus Krauss 1

Sway Rocking Chair by Markus Strauss

When you think of rocking chairs, you traditionally think of a senior citizen, whittling away the time on their front porch, lemonade in one hand, last will and testament in the other. But we now have proof that rocking chairs … Continue reading


Big Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag 1

Big Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag

Copping a squat on a live grizzly bear’s back is right up there with French kissing a beehive in terms of foolish moves with nature. But if riding bear-back is something you really need in your life, check out this … Continue reading


Jake Phipps Shell Stool 1

Jake Phipps Shell Stool

Looking for an extra dose of realism for your Call of Duty or Battlefield sessions? Try sitting on a stool shaped like a spent ammo cartridge. Or, if your accuracy hovers in the sad 12-14% range like ours does, make … Continue reading


Focal Locus Seat 1

Focal Locus Seat

We all know just how unhealthy sitting in an office chair all day, every day is. Which is why we strongly encourage you to not only take breaks every so often, but to also invest into an ergonomic seating solution. … Continue reading


Convertible Shelf Table

Convertible Shelf Table

There’s a reason you never see furniture stores advertise their big holiday sales on “shables” or “telfs.” That’s because shelf-table combos don’t exist. Correction: didn’t exist, until now. The Convertible Shelf Table from Dot & Bo lets you decide what … Continue reading