Marvel vs DC Superhero Chess Pieces 1

Marvel vs. DC Superhero Chess Pieces

Chess is considered a stately game. Played best by sophisticated, mature minds that enjoy a timeless battle of wits, its reputation is unmatched worldwide. So what happens to chess when you replace the traditional pieces with superheroes? In our humble … Continue reading


Batmobile Blueprints 1

Batmobile Blueprints

Pssst… Hey! You got connections with the Joker? Don’t tell Commissioner Gordon or anything, but we’ve managed to get our hands on the blueprints of the Batmobile (designed by Robert Lattin). Yes, the inner details of Batman’s iconic do-it-all ride … Continue reading


Batman 75th Anniversary Stamps 1

Batman 75th Anniversary Stamps

We’re not sure if Adam West ever pulled a roll of Bat Stamps out of his utility belt to mail a Bat Letter, but we’d put our money on yes, yes he did. And now you can too, as the … Continue reading


Batman Branding Iron On Lighter 1

Batman Branding Iron Lighter

If the bat signal strikes fear into the hearts of villains everywhere, shouldn’t you always have one handy? But because Commissioner Gordon isn’t fond of sharing, this awesome Batman Branding Iron looks like the next best thing. Of course, instead of … Continue reading


Nooka x DC Comics Justice League Watches 0

Nooka x DC Comics Justice League Watches

The New York based fashion label Nooka has teamed up with the team at Warner Bros for an officially licensed set of DC Comics watches, just in time for the spring season. While we enjoy a sophisticated timepiece just as … Continue reading


Superman GoPro Camera

Superman With A GoPro

Whether he’s fake dying in the comics or being crappily portrayed on screen, Superman’s been in a sizable slump since oh, about 1983—like an A-Rod-minus-the-roids kind of slump. So if you need a reminder that Mr. Kent is still worthy of … Continue reading


The Dark Knight Batman Armory With Collectible Figures 1

The Dark Knight Batman Armory With Collectible Figures

And you thought you were long done collecting action figures. Ha! Spend a few seconds peeping the amazing detail on this Dark Knight Batman Armory and we guarantee your inner 8-year-old will be magically guiding your adult hand to your adult … Continue reading


Geometric Superhero Series by Liam Brazier 1

Cubist Superhero Series by Liam Brazier

Can you ever have enough superhero art in the home? We don’t think so, but even if you do, it’s always a good idea to update the current collection with some fresh new pieces. Our current favorite comes to us … Continue reading


Superman and Batman Leg Lamps

Superman and Batman Leg Lamps

A Christmas Story and the world of DC Comics collide with these awesome Superman and Batman Leg Lamps, perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Aren’t these glorious? These indescribably beautiful leg lamps are modeled after the classic lamp from one … Continue reading


Supergirl Girl of Steel by Jeff Chapman 0

Supergirl ‘Girl of Steel’ by Jeff Chapman

Superman has always been the poster child for DC Comics (alongside Batman of course), and Zack Snyder’s recent ‘Man of Steel’ film adaptation certainly resurrected Superman’s popularity among the mainstream audience. DeviantArt illustration artist Jeff Chapman decided to create his … Continue reading