Triumph Scrambler The Dirt Bike 1

Triumph Scrambler ‘The Dirt Bike’ By British Customs

Known as one of the top worldwide suppliers of parts for Triumph motorcycles, the enthusiasts at British Customs also like to build their own bikes. They’re fond of using pre-existing Triumph models and putting their own touches on them, as is the case with … Continue reading


Ducati 999VX by Venier Customs 1

Ducati 999VX by Venier Customs

A 2003 Ducati 999s Testastretta has been given a massive overhaul by the New York based team at Venier Customs, and the result is this 999vx, a café racer that’s clearly ready to run. This modified race bike features a STM EVO clutch, rapid … Continue reading


1974 Honda CB550K Lucy by Hot Sake Cycles 1

1974 Honda CB550K ‘Lucy’ by Hot Sake Cycles

Hot Sake Cycles in Orlando, Florida, and more specifically, a slick biology teacher named Shannon Hulcher, are behind this custom café racer. Shannon calls her ”Lucy,” and she’s an ultra lightweight bike that’s probably a blast and a half to ride. The project started with a stock ’74 Honda CB550K … Continue reading


Custom 68 Yamaha XS650 By Thrive Motorcycles 1

Custom ’68 Yamaha XS650 By Thrive Motorcycle

Seeing as it is kinda witch-tata cold out there, it’s only fitting that we feature a motorcycle that was actually inspired by a wood-burning stove. Whereas other people see a wood stove and think warmth, Barata Dwiputra, lead builder of Thrive Motorcycle, … Continue reading


Yamaha Virago XV920 by Colin Darling 1

Yamaha Virago XV920 by Colin Darling

No this isn’t a bike built by the Virginia based customizers at Classified Moto. In fact, this 1982 Yamaha Virago XV920 wasn’t built by any specialty shop. It was hand built by an engineering student by the name of Colin … Continue reading


Ducati Monster 900 by Hazan Motorworks 1

Ducati Monster 900 by Hazan Motorworks

Most people would be happy with a completely stock Ducati, but Max Hazan is not most people, and decided to custom build this Ducati Monster 900 motorcycle. Taking a minimalistic approach to the build, Hazan replaced quite a few components … Continue reading


Sibling Rivalry Motorcycles by Deus Ex Machina 0

Sibling Rivalry Motorcycles by Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina‘s team in Venice, California, has given birth to a pair of twins: Boodaak and Dakdaak. Mercifully, these names haven’t been slapped on human babies, but instead on a pair of new custom Honda motorcycles. Both bikes are hand-built with motocross … Continue reading


Honda Nighthawk Custom by Classified Moto 1

Honda Nighthawk Custom by Classified Moto

Classified Moto is a shop we’ve become quite familiar with over the years. It looks like the brand has every intention of extending their reach into the new year opening a brand new shop in Richmond, Virginia, and unveiling their … Continue reading


Norman Reedus Yamaha XV920R Motorcycle 1

Norman Reedus’ Yamaha XV920R Motorcycle by Classified Moto

Daryl Dixon is easily the most badass character on The Walking Dead, and someone that badass deserves an equally badass motorcycle. That’s why Norman Reedus teamed up with John Ryland of Classified Moto to build this custom work of art. … Continue reading


Triumph Thruxton Steampunk Racer 1

Triumph Thruxton Steampunk Racer By Benjie’s Cafe Racers

The custom kings at Benjie’s Cafe Racers have applied their considerable talents to the legendary Triumph Thruxton, turning it into a steampunk racer that looks like it could equally come soaring out of the sky as much as roaring down the highway. … Continue reading