Chef Holiday Gift Guide 2014

The Wishlist: The Chef’s Holiday Gift Guide

Every perfect meal begins with a well-equipped kitchen. When you have someone in your life who can whip up a crème brûlée, spends his weekends smoking endless cuts of meat or mixing up his own barbecue sauce, he needs the … Continue reading


Herb- Gourmet Cannabis Cookbook 0

Herb: Gourmet Cannabis Cookbook

As marijuana tries to break free from its legal shackles in the US, there’s an unlikely place that might provide a boost: the kitchen. Yes, if you thought pot brownies were as far as it could be go, you were … Continue reading


Sriracha Seasonings Shakers

Sriracha Seasonings

Sriracha continues its culinary takeover as the rooster sauce we all know and love is now available in spicy seasoning form – now nothing is off limits. While the flavor of Sriracha makes just about any food taste better, there … Continue reading


GoSun Solar Stove

GoSun Solar Stove

Grilling season has officially come to a close, so why not tell the sun to get off its lazy ass and do the cooking? GoSun Stove is a solar oven that takes as little as 20 minutes to prepare a … Continue reading


Best Slow Cookers

Easy Does It: The 7 Best Slow Cookers

The world is a fast place full of fast food, fast cars, and fast-acting antibiotics to fight off infections that can be caught from fast women. This doesn’t leave a lot of time for the modern gentleman to spend slaving … Continue reading


EcoZoom Zoom Dura Rocket Stove 1

EcoZoom Zoom Dura Rocket Stove

Smoking some fresh-caught fish on a wood stove outdoors is the kind of alluring image that makes us forget about the insane amount of bugs involved with a camping trip. And EcoZoom’s Zoom Dura Rocket Stove might be the one … Continue reading


Best Camping Stoves

Fire Walk With Me: The 6 Best Camping Stoves

A warm meal is one of the basic human rights. It shows up in the Constitution right after life or liberty or something. Well, even if no one had the foresight to write it down, being able to heat up … Continue reading


Steaklocker Dry Aged Steaks At Home 1

Steaklocker Dry Aged Steaks At Home

While some people might point to say, Betty White, as a fine example of dry aging, we beg to differ. Nothing tops a perfectly dry aged steak. Up until now, dry aged steaks were generally only available at upper tier restaurants, … Continue reading


Best BBQ Grills

Into the Fire: The 8 Best Grills

Any holiday that takes place during the warmer months mean two things: Grilling and beer. Be it Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Easter, Father’s Day, Flag Day, or Satur Day, the best way to celebrate is by charring some … Continue reading


Poler Cast Iron Skillet 1

Poler Outdoor Cast Iron Skillet

The makers of the Poler Outdoor 12″ Cast Iron Skillet might simply tout their product’s cooking prowess, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t also note its substantial self-defense capabilities. But first, the food… This hardy pan comes pre-seasoned, so it’s … Continue reading