Toyota FT-1 Graphite Concept 1

Toyota FT-1 Graphite Concept

It would be a downright lie if we said we weren’t impressed by the red Toyota FT-1 concept that debuted at the top of the year. That thing was gorgeous, but this? This thing is just ridiculous. Say hello to the … Continue reading


Mini Superleggera Vision 1

Mini Superleggera Vision

Admittedly, we’ve never been huge fans of the current Mini Roadster. So when we heard the German auto maker was presenting a new iteration of the drop-top, we weren’t overly excited. That is, until we actually saw it. The Mini … Continue reading


Audi A3 clubsport quattro concept

Audi A3 Clubsport Quattro Concept

The Audi A3 Clubsport Quattro is based on the S3 sedan and yet another example of how the word “concept” reminds us how it also means “patience.” Replacing the S3’s 2.0 liter TFSI engine with a five-cylinder turbocharged power version, this … Continue reading


Trident Iceni Diesel Sports Car 1

Trident Iceni Diesel Sports Car

When you think sports car, you tend to think of a few things: fast; nimble; girl getter. You don’t really think diesel engines. But Trident plans to change that with what it’s calling “the world’s fastest and most fuel efficient … Continue reading


McLaren Special Operations 650S Coupe Concept 1

McLaren Special Operations 650S Coupe Concept

The supercar market has exploded in recent years, causing supercar makers to hit the drawing boards for even more powerful, more exclusive options for their already limited and prestigious models. This desire to create even better high end vehicles has … Continue reading


Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupé SUV

Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupe SUV

Mercedes looks to challenge long-time rival BMW’s X6 with a crossover of their own. Say hello to the Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupe SUV. Fusing the best traits from both sport utility vehicles and sporty coupes, this 4-door model was designed to … Continue reading


BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept 1

BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept

BMW has busted out its crystal ball, looking into the future of its next generation 7-Series sedan, and the future looks good. Unveiled just a few days ago in Beijing, the BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept promises to take interior … Continue reading


Volkswagen Golf R 400 1

Volkswagen Golf R 400

Volkswagen shows that they are ready for the big leagues with the official unveiling of their Volkswagen Golf R 400, a German-built hatchback concept that’s ready to run with the best of them. The German auto makers at VW made … Continue reading


Peugeot Exalt Concept 1

Peugeot Exalt Concept

They must’ve had a helluva brainstorming session at the Peugeot offices when they came up with the EXALT concept. The French manufacturer has left very few stones unturned when it comes to unique materials used, and it all adds up … Continue reading


Bentley Hybrid Concept 1

Bentley Hybrid Concept

The British car makers at Bentley have decided to join the hybrid movement as they debut their aptly titled Bentley Hybrid Concept. Details on the electric vehicle are rather sparse at the moment, but if the “6 3/4 Litre” badge … Continue reading