Sidewinder Dune Buggy by Gray Design 1

Sidewinder Dune Buggy by Gray Design

Gray Design is looking to end the debate, creating what could be the absolute best vehicle for the zombie apocalypse. Meet the Sidewinder, an insane dune buggy designed for whatever you can throw at it. The project was spearheaded by … Continue reading


Lexus LF-C2 Convertible Concept 1

Lexus LF-C2 Convertible Concept

It seems like, design-wise, everything Lexus is touching these days turns to gold. And now the next logical step: a golden car. The golden yellow Lexus LF-C2 convertible concept made its debut at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show last … Continue reading


Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Concept

2015 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

Chevrolet shows that coupes and sedans aren’t the only vehicles they have up their sleeves during this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show as they unveil the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 to the world. Powered by a 2.8-liter Duramax diesel engine, … Continue reading


Audi Prologue Concept 1

Audi Prologue Concept

We’ve long been fans of Audi, and with Marc Lichte now at the helm of design, we expect bigger and better things from the beloved German auto maker. If his first offering is any indication, we can expect a longstanding … Continue reading


Volkswagen Golf R 400 Concept 1

Volkswagen Golf R 400 Concept

Fans of the Golf will instantly recognize the R 400 concept. The brand first unveiled the 2-door back at the Beijing Auto Show earlier in the year, but now the Volkswagen Golf R 400 Concept makes it official debut in … Continue reading



Mercedes-Benz Solar-Powered Vision G-Code Concept

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled their latest concept car, the solar-powered Vision G-Code concept. The concept vehicle was shown at the opening of Mercedes’ new Research and Development center in Beijing. The concept looks like a sports utility coupe and is 161 … Continue reading


Toyota FT-1 Graphite Concept 1

Toyota FT-1 Graphite Concept

It would be a downright lie if we said we weren’t impressed by the red Toyota FT-1 concept that debuted at the top of the year. That thing was gorgeous, but this? This thing is just ridiculous. Say hello to the … Continue reading


Mini Superleggera Vision 1

Mini Superleggera Vision

Admittedly, we’ve never been huge fans of the current Mini Roadster. So when we heard the German auto maker was presenting a new iteration of the drop-top, we weren’t overly excited. That is, until we actually saw it. The Mini … Continue reading


Audi A3 clubsport quattro concept

Audi A3 Clubsport Quattro Concept

The Audi A3 Clubsport Quattro is based on the S3 sedan and yet another example of how the word “concept” reminds us how it also means “patience.” Replacing the S3’s 2.0 liter TFSI engine with a five-cylinder turbocharged power version, this … Continue reading


Trident Iceni Diesel Sports Car 1

Trident Iceni Diesel Sports Car

When you think sports car, you tend to think of a few things: fast; nimble; girl getter. You don’t really think diesel engines. But Trident plans to change that with what it’s calling “the world’s fastest and most fuel efficient … Continue reading