Best Camping Knives

Outside Edges: The 10 Best Camping Knives

Survival knives are fine if you’re stuck in the wilderness, naked and afraid. Tactical knives will do the job if you’ve been air dropped behind enemy lines and need a combination weapon and rescue blade. Since most of us will … Continue reading


Best Camping Sleeping Bags

Wild Nights: The 8 Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

Take a good long look – and more importantly, a good long smell – at your current sleeping bag. Has it been moldering away, lo these many years, absorbing groundwater and being stuffed with your masculine musk again and again? … Continue reading


The Roadtrek Zion Camper Van 0

The Roadtrek Zion Camper Van

Roadtrek has launched the all-new Zion, a stylish compact camper built over the Ram ProMaster. This sizable camper van sits five and sleeps three, and is packed with useful features that are sure to make anyone a happy camper. Roadtrek hasn’t … Continue reading


Big Agnes mtnGLO Camping Tent 1

Big Agnes mtnGLO Camping Tent

The camping season is officially upon us, and while most of you are good to go on gear, there will inevitably be plenty of guys who still needs to scoop up a new camping tent. Every year tent makers roll … Continue reading


Best Suspended Tree Tents

Airborn: The 7 Best Suspended Tree Tents

Humankind was not meant to live only on the ground. Our genetic cousins are all apes, who live mostly in trees, free from the rigors of the earth and life in the mud. We should not only walk and crawl … Continue reading


Tribe Provisions Adventure Hammock

Tribe Provisions Adventure Hammock

The cold, wet days are finally in the rearview, and now we have nothing but warm days and outdoor adventures to look forward to. We can’t think of any better way to capitalize on the sunny seasons than to kick … Continue reading


Thermacell Repellent Camp Lantern 2

Thermacell Repellent Camp Lantern

The spring season brings about plenty of daytime camping fun, but who says the fun should stop after the sun goes down? The problem is, even the best lantern attract unwanted bugs. Thermacell plans to put a stop to all … Continue reading


Best Rooftop Camping Tents

Rolling Homes: The 7 Best Rooftop Camping Tents

Americans, for all their ruggedness, are a little behind the curve when it comes to camping. We seem to believe that camping can only be done in the traditional style: With a tent, a sleeping bag, a camping stove, a … Continue reading


Off The Grid Rentals 1

Off The Grid Rentals

Who doesn’t want to hit the backcountry in a teardrop trailer? Problem is, most of us don’t have an extra $20,000 laying around to scoop one up. The folks at the Off The Grid Rentals feel your pain, and decided … Continue reading


Burnie Portable Campfire Grill 0

Burnie Portable Campfire Grill

The campfire is such a heartwarming (and food-warming) institution, it’s a shame you can’t bring them with you. Wait, what’s that? Oh, OK. Now you can. Burnie is a self-contained, portable, single-use fire you can take with you. It’s 100% … Continue reading