Airblaster x Poler Ninja Suit 1

Airblaster x Poler Ninja Suit

Who says the upcoming winter season has to put your backcountry plans on hold? All you need is warm clothing to help get you through those chilly nights, and a good base layer is the perfect place to start. Airblaster … Continue reading


Scrubba Wash Bag 0

Scrubba Wash Bag

When it comes to hitting the backcountry, the old adage goes, “the lighter, the better.” We’re looking for every possible way to save room in our hiking backpacks, and that’s why the Scrubba Wash Bag is a must have for … Continue reading


Cam-O-Bunk 1

Cam-O-Bunk: Portable Camp Bunk Beds

If you’re expecting company for the holidays, and you’re not sure who’s had a baby in the past year and who hasn’t, we’ve found a way for you to be sleepover-ready: It’s called the Cam-O-Bunk, and it’s part cot, part … Continue reading


StakeLights- Tent Stakes with LED Lights 1

StakeLights: LED Tent Stakes

The folks at UCO know that staying safe in the backcountry is of the utmost importance. To help make navigation of your campsite both safe and easy, they’ve introduced the StakeLight. Seeing that every tent needs tent stakes, they figured … Continue reading


Adidas Outdoor Terrex Solo Stealth 1

Adidas Outdoor Terrex Solo Stealth

Sometimes you’re looking to explore the backcountry, but you need more versatility than what’s typically offered by your average hiking boot. That’s exactly where Adidas Outdoor comes into play with the introduction of their Terrex Solo Stealth. With some help … Continue reading


Morning Views From The Tent by Oleg Grigoryev 1

Morning Views From The Tent by Oleg Grigoryev

There’s nothing like being in the great outdoors, but let’s face it – it’s nearly impossible to spend every waking moment enjoying everything Mother Nature has to offer. So what’s the next best thing? Live it vicariously through someone else … Continue reading


Hummingbird Hammocks 1

Hummingbird Hammocks

Relaxing in a hammock is the perfect way unwind after a long day hiking in the backcountry, and while there are few options to choose from in the world of portable hammocks, Hummingbird Hammocks is looking to take the top … Continue reading


GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set 1

GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set

When you’re looking to set up base camp in the great outdoors, you’re going to need a good kitchen set. The Destination Kitchen Set from the team at GSI Outdoors is up for the task. This kit sees over 24 … Continue reading


Best Bug Zappers

Go Into The Light: The 6 Best Bug Zappers

Human beings declared electrocution to be too cruel a way to kill someone, but it is almost too good for insects. The obnoxious little blood suckers seem to have almost no point or purpose beyond ruining your picnic, bothering your … Continue reading


Best Camp Chairs

Better for the Rest: The 7 Best Camp Chairs

Sitting. We do it all the time without even thinking about it, yet when we get put into an environment where there is no good place to settle, it becomes everything. When out in the woods without a good camp … Continue reading