AlumaSki Aluminum Jet Ski 1

AlumaSki Aluminum Jet Ski

You’ve probably never seen someone on Jet Ski, making waves in a shallow river or stream, and with good reason: That’d be a few thousand bucks flushed down the drain. But the AlumaSki from Alaska-based Mackinnon Marine Technologies’ promises to … Continue reading


Kormaran Concept Luxury Convertible Boat 1

Kormaran Concept Luxury Convertible Boat

If you’re going to create a luxury convertible boat, there’s really no excuse to not leave it all out on the floor and exhaust every possibility you can come up with. Designed by a small Australian company, the Kormaran concept … Continue reading


Maxi Dolphin MD51 Power 1

Maxi Dolphin MD51 Power

So you own a Ferrari (let’s just pretend), and after parking it at the marina, you need to step into something equally as awesome for your ocean-based journey. May we recommend the Maxi Dolphin MD51 Power? The Italian boatyard specializes … Continue reading


Mastercraft X20- The Boat for Wakesurfing 1

2015 Mastercraft X20: The Boat for Wakesurfing

It can be tough to find great waves for your surfboarding pleasure, as many of us don’t live right on the beach. So those looking to ride some waves have taken up wakeboarding, taking advantage of rivers and lakes by … Continue reading


Alen 55 Yacht 1

Alen 55 Yacht

At what length does a boat become a yacht? 55 feet is certainly on the smaller side, but if any stuffy yacht club type looked down on the Alen 55, they’d be making a huge mistake. The luxuriosity is something … Continue reading


Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float Tube with Backpack Straps 1

Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

Most of want to spend our days fishing, but let’s face it – life tends to get in the way. Not to mention the fact that not all of us have enough room in our apartments for a fishing kayak. … Continue reading


TIWAL Inflatable Sailboat 1

TIWAL Inflatable Sailboat

Christopher Cross’ 1980 hit “Sailing” may be on a permanent loop in half of the nation’s elevators, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not an awesome song. It is. OK, off the soapbox now, but still on the topic of … Continue reading


Wider 42 Transformer Yacht 1

Wider 42 Transformer Yacht

Yacht builders are constantly having to innovate in order to meet the demands of their clients. Typically this involves building a bigger boat, but Wider Yachts decided to think outside of the box designing a yacht that can actually expand … Continue reading


Alen 68 Superyacht 1

Alen 68 Superyacht

When is a 68 better than a 69? When it’s Alen 68, the new superyacht from the Turkish boatyard, Alen Yacht. It’s 68 as in 68 feet long, and the renowned design office of Foster + Partners made sure there … Continue reading


Custom Made Viking Ships 1

Custom Made Viking Ships

Pillaging and plundering in your Ford Focus just never seems to work out right, does it? To cause the kinda mayhem you desire, you need an actual Viking ship of your own. The Viking Ship Museum will build you one. … Continue reading