Sony LED Bulb Bluetooth Speaker 1

Sony LED Bulb + Bluetooth Speaker

Are you looking for a little music and mood lighting? Sony’s about to offer them both in one tidy package. The company’s newest LED bulb also functions as a Bluetooth speaker, letting you stream music from your light source. The … Continue reading


JBL Charge 2 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 1

JBL Charge 2 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to wireless speakers, you typically have to choose between sound quality and portability. The more portable you’d like your speaker, the less performance you can expect. The JBL Charge 2 is looking to change all that. The … Continue reading


Sound Blaster Roar SR20

Creative Sound Blaster Roar SR20

When you’re, say, an NFL running back, defying the law is not a good thing. But when you’re the maker of a new Bluetooth wireless speaker, defying the “laws of acoustic engineering” is actually a big selling point. And that’s … Continue reading


Fugoo Tough Bluetooth Wireless Speaker 1

Fugoo Tough Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The tech scene is flooded with different options when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. But when it comes to rugged wireless speakers, there’s only one choice – the Fuguoo Tough. As the name would indicate, this tiny speaker was built … Continue reading


Pelty Fire-Powered Bluetooth Speaker 1

Pelty Fire-Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Historians note that, centuries ago, when man first invented fire, he did so with the simple intent of heating up a few marshmallows on a stick. You’ve seen the smores diagrams on cave walls, you know what we’re talking about. … Continue reading


AeroSkull HD Wireless Speaker 1

AeroSkull HD Bluetooth Speaker

The team at Jarre Technologies first popped onto our radar at the top of this year with their French Bulldog inspired AeroBull speaker. This time around the brand has tapped human anatomy for the inspiration behind their AeroSkull HD Speaker. … Continue reading


MIPOW PLAYBULB LED Light And Bluetooth Speaker 0

MIPOW PLAYBULB LED Light And Bluetooth Speaker

Tired of hearing your upstairs neighbors repeatedly “consummate their relationship” while you’re trying to watch House of Cards? Drown ‘em out with a combination light bulb-Bluetooth speaker. Or, if you enjoy that kind of thing, crank up the Marvin Gaye. … Continue reading


Timbre Bluetooth Speakers by Bruns Acoustics 0

Timbre Bluetooth Speakers by Bruns Acoustics

When it comes to Bluetooth wireless speakers, the options are seemingly endless. When it comes to handmade, beautifully designed speakers that perform as good as they look, few compare to the Timbre speaker. The Australian based design team hand-builds these … Continue reading


JBL Voyager Bluetooth Speaker System 0

JBL Voyager Bluetooth Speaker System

Like Jim Carrey doing drama or Michael Jordan nailing 3s, JBL is throwing a little versatility into its portable Bluetooth speaker game with the new Voyager, a combination portable speaker and subwoofer docking system. The main dock’s dual drivers and subwoofer promise to … Continue reading


Best Bluetooth Speakers

The 18 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

No one wants to hear their music through those scratchy sounding smartphone speakers. It’s time to invest some money into a nice set of speakers for your mobile device, and seeing that connectors are continuously changing, wired speakers are quickly … Continue reading