Best Bike Computers

Ride Regulators: The 8 Best Bike Computers

Strapping on a fitness tracker will help you monitor your heartrate, but they aren’t built with the cyclist in mind. Whether you’re a street savvy road warrior or a hearty fat bike enthusiast, to keep true track of your two-wheeled workout, … Continue reading


SPA Bicicletto Electric Bike 01

SPA Bicicletto Electric Bike

The electric bicycle market is definitely a small niche, so the best way to grab a piece of that smaller market share is to design an electric bicycle that really stands out from the pack. Introducing SPA (Societa Piemontese Automobili) Bicicletto, … Continue reading


Vintage Electric Cruz E-Bike 1

Vintage Electric Cruz E-Bike

Take a good look at Vintage Electric’s new Cruz e-bike and then act fast if you like it, because only 50 units were made, and they’re going on a first-come, first-served basis. There’s a lot to like here too, as … Continue reading


RadRover Electric Fat Bike

RadRover Electric Fat Bike

Versatility with an electric bike is pretty important. No one wants their fun or commute to get stymied by sand or snow, and the RadRover Electric Fat Bike promises to never let that happen. This ebike features a Samsung 48 … Continue reading


Best Single Speed Bikes

One Good Turn: The 8 Best Single Speed Bikes

You can go out onto the roadways and mountain trails of the world with a dozen gears to make pedaling easier, or you can learn to train your body to cope with a solitary single speed (SS) bike for a … Continue reading


Faraday Porteur Electric Bike 1

Faraday Porteur Electric Bike

There are few better commuter vehicles than the electric bike. The problem is many brands ditch aesthetics in pursuit of the e-technology. Faraday has followed in the footsteps of brands like Tesla, creating an innovative bike that puts design at … Continue reading


Limited Edition BMW Cruise M-Bike 0

Limited Edition BMW Cruise M-Bike

No matter how much you love your BMW, there are some places it just can’t go with you. For those nooks and crannies, may we recommend the limited edition BMW Cruise M-Bike? This is legitimate usage of the term “limited … Continue reading


Y-Shaped Multi Tools by Crank Brothers 1

Y-Shaped Multi-Tool by Crank Brothers

Trouble can strike at any time while mountain biking, whether it’s an unseen rock finding the inner tube of your tire, or a mountain lion cutting your brake line. That’s why having a tool on you is always smart. Crank … Continue reading


Halfbike II 1

Halfbike II

The original Halfbike hit the scene late last year, and made quite a splash during its debut. Now the creative time is back with the first iteration of the fan favorite. Introducing the Halfbike II. With one large wheel up … Continue reading


Mercedes-AMG x Rotwild GT-S Bicycle 1

Mercedes-AMG x Rotwild GT-S Bicycle

No one designs products quite like the Germans. Their attention to detail is unrivaled, and this all German collaboration shows exactly what we’re talking about. The team at Mercedes-AMG has teamed up with Rotwild to build the GT-S bicycle. This … Continue reading