Volvo LifePaint

Volvo LifePaint

As the original developers of the three-point seatbelt, it’s safe to say that Volvo knows a thing or two about safety. The Swedish automotive maker proves that safety is still a top priority for the brand as they introduce LifePaint. … Continue reading


Best Fixed Gear Bicycles

Rebel Riders: The 7 Best Fixed Gear Bikes

It’s easy to discount the fixed gear bicycle (or “fixie” as they are known by street youths) craze as hipster drivel. Ok, sometimes it is, but riding a fixie can be a fun and liberating experience. If you’ve never done … Continue reading


Litelok Bicycle Lock 1

Litelok Bicycle Lock

As our bicycles get lighter, shouldn’t our bike locks as well? That’s the sensible theory at play with Litelok, a new lightweight, flexible, and super secure bike lock. The MVP here is something called Boaflexicore, a newly created composite material … Continue reading


Trefecta DRT Electric Bicycle 1

Trefecta DRT Electric Bicycle

You might think electric bicycles represent a luxury market—not necessarily. In fact, with the new Trefecta DRT, we’re learning just how wide the gamut can run in the world of e-bikes. This $25,000 bicycle features a foldable 20” military-spec aluminum … Continue reading


Noke U-Lock Smart Bicycle Lock 1

Noke U-Lock Smart Bicycle Lock

Billed as the “world’s first smart pad lock,” the Nokē U-Lock uses your phone’s Bluetooth connection and the Nokē app (iOS, Android, or Windows Phone) to let you easily unlock or set an alarm on your bicycle lock, with no … Continue reading


Kryptonite WheelNutz

Kryptonite WheelNutz

Bicycle thieves are shifty, crafty sorts. They’re the kind of guys who invest way too much time and effort into stealing things they could’ve saved up a few bucks for and bought on their own. So the war against them … Continue reading


Titanium Samurai Bicycle 1

Titanium Samurai Bicycle

We must’ve missed that scene in Seven Samurai where the ronins come riding in on their Schwinns to battle the bandits and save the village. OK, it never happened, but if they had been riding the Samurai Bike by Kyoto-based … Continue reading


Worlds Largest Indoor Underground Bike Park 1

World’s Largest Indoor/Underground Bike Park

Previously, abandoned limestone mines were only good for one thing: low-budget horror movies. But some resourceful types in Louisville, Kentucky, have come up with an even better idea: build the largest indoor bike park in the world. The Louisville Mega … Continue reading


Helix Titanium Folding Bike 1

Helix Titanium Folding Bike

Bicycling to work is a great way to stay in shape, but what if you’re tired at the end of the day and just wanna take the bus home? With Helix, the self-billed “world’s best folding bicycle,” that’s no problem. … Continue reading


Best Bike Racks For Cars

Mount Up: The 7 Best Bike Racks for Cars

Serious cyclists know that no matter how good the streets near your house are, no matter how sick the hills, there are still better paths over the horizon. Since shipping your bike is expensive, and carrying it around like a … Continue reading