Best Bike Racks For Cars

Mount Up: The 7 Best Bike Racks for Cars

Serious cyclists know that no matter how good the streets near your house are, no matter how sick the hills, there are still better paths over the horizon. Since shipping your bike is expensive, and carrying it around like a … Continue reading


Hinterher Bicycle Trailer 0

Hinterher Bicycle Trailer

Versatility is vital when you’re moving stuff, like say, your apartment to another place. And while this would seem like a weird place to inject a German language lesson, you’ll see why it makes sense to know that the word … Continue reading


Chrome Motor Tool Roll 1

Chrome Motor Tool Roll

The Colorado born (San Francisco based) Chrome Industries is second to no one when it comes to cycling gear. They’re continuously keeping us outfitted with the best gear for our daily cycling commutes and weekend excursions, and their Motor Tool … Continue reading


Sea Sucker Bicycle Rack 1

Sea Sucker Bicycle Rack

If “have bicycle, will travel (but not the entire way by bicycle, because, ya know, that’s really far)” is your life’s motto, you need a roof rack. But, like, these things are a pain in the ass, right? Well, yes. … Continue reading


Blackpack Cycling Backpack 1

Blackpack Cycling Backpack

After being fed up with what the market had to offer for cycling backpacks, designer William Root decided to do something about it. The Brooklyn-based creator put together a gorgeous backpack that also provides some nice utility in the Blackpack … Continue reading


Best Electric Bikes

Jump Start: The 6 Best Electric Bikes

If there is a hell then it isn’t a fiery inferno where guys dressed in fetish gear poke you with farm implements. Rather it is going to be a place where you are eternally stuck in rush hour traffic with … Continue reading


Best Fat Bikes

Wide Load: The 5 Best Fat Bikes

The first bicycles – or velocipedes as they were known at their advent in the early 1800’s – were created with wheels that were either metal or wood and were often used as road bikes, meant to clatter along cobblestone … Continue reading


smrtGRiPS Web-Connected Bicycle Grips 1

smrtGRiPS Web-Connected Bicycle Grips

If you left bicycling back in your youth, thinking you had seen it all and done it all, it might be time to come back. There’s really some terrific tech being woven into the industry. Case in point: the new … Continue reading


A GPS sensor inside lets you track your bike if it's been moved.

Connected Cycle Smart Pedal

The bicycle thief is surely one of the more rat-like creatures in the criminal universe; dirty, opportunistic, and sans morals. So we’re always happy to spotlight new ways to thwart such subhuman behavior, and if your bike gets swiped, Connected … Continue reading


Best Commuter Bikes

City Living: The 6 Best Commuter Bikes

Commuting is a necessary evil, but it needn’t be a complete waste of time. Rather than spending every day stuck in your car, idling away with every traffic jam, you could be shedding pounds and weaving through the morass on … Continue reading