Fietsklik Modular Bike Accessories 1

Fietsklik Modular Bike Accessories

Going green is often tougher than the two-word phrase implies; especially when it comes to grocery shopping. There’s just no smooth or safe way to pedal back to the crib with a six pack and box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. … Continue reading


Leaos Carbon Fiber Urban Electric Bike 1

Leaos Carbon Fiber Urban Electric Bike

We often see the use of carbon fiber in high-end sports cars, but why not let electric bikes get a sniff too? The Leaos Carbon Urban E-Bike is a technological marvel, with a carbon fiber monocoque body and an impressive … Continue reading


Rungu All Fat-Tire Bullfrog Trike

Rungu All Fat-Tire Bullfrog Trike

Sometimes it’s good to be fat. Like at the gentlemen’s club when the hottest stripper is looking for the most comfortable lap to dance in. Or, when you’re a tire trying to traverse sand, snow, steps, and rocks. That’s the … Continue reading


Lumen Reflective Bicycles 0

Lumen Reflective Bicycles

No matter how progressive your city is, bicycling at night is still dangerous. You’ve got cars and trucks whizzing by you, and expecting them all to be courteous and alert drivers is like expecting your porn to have a plot. … Continue reading


Shelfie Bicycle Wall Mount 1

Shelfie Bicycle Wall Mount

If your bicycle is your baby and not just some two-wheeled wagon you treat like yesterday’s recycling, then maybe it’s time to show you care. Hanging it on the wall will definitely accomplish that. The Shelfie, by inventor Jurgen Beneke, lets you … Continue reading


State Bicycle Co Galaxy Series 1

State Bicycle Co. Galaxy Series

We’re liking the moxie of this State Bicycle Co., an Arizona-based crew that seems to be all about doing innovative things on two wheels with fixed gears. The company’s new “Galaxy” series features a ton of funky touches, and if … Continue reading


Adidas x Bombtrack Fixed Gear Bicycle 1

Adidas x Bombtrack Fixed Gear Bicycle

Fixed gear bicycles are a great way to get around the city, and when it comes to beautifully crafted 2-wheelers, the team at Bombtrack are some of the best in the business. For their latest effort, Bombtrack teamed up with … Continue reading


Element Wide Grip Electric Fat Bike 1

Element Wide Grip Electric Fat Bike

Electric bikes are from uncommon, but we’ve yet to find one with the balls to tackle everything the great outdoors has to offer – until now that is. Meet the Element Wide Grip Electric Fat Bike. Created by the Vancouver … Continue reading


Alfa Romeo x Compagnia Ducale IFD 4C Carbon Fiber Road Bike 1

Alfa Romeo x Compagnia Ducale IFD 4C Carbon Fiber Road Bike

If you’re looking for a bicycle that’s lighter than an Olsen twin and more Italian than Tony Danza, it’d be tough to beat the IFD 4C, a joint venture between Alfa Romeo and Compagnia Ducale Inspired by the 4C, Alfa … Continue reading


AnalogOneOne Bicycle by Grainworks 1

AnalogOne.One Bicycle by Grainworks

Wooden bicycles have become somewhat of a normal thing on the 2-wheel scene, but that doesn’t mean they still can’t be special. The fine folks at Granworks Wood Art show exactly what we mean with the AnalogOne.One wooden bike. Handcrafted … Continue reading