Best Canned Beers

Pop The Top: The 15 Best Canned Beers

There’s no denying that cans are more convenient than bottles. Cans are lighter, less breakable, and they’re also better for the environment.  But canned beers come with a stigma–that they all taste metallic and are, therefore, inferior to bottled brews. … Continue reading


Ryan And The Gosling Beer

Ryan And The Gosling Beer

If a lobster dinner, walk on the beach, and cuddled-up viewing of The Notebook on DVD (note: girls prefer standard def) doesn’t get you some, then there’s one last Hail Mary to throw: Ryan and the Gosling Beer. Sure, she … Continue reading


Best Stout Beers

Darkly Delicious: The 15 Best Stouts

Stouts come in many different varieties, such as imperial stouts, milk stouts, and coffee stouts – all of which have their own unique characteristics. But if you’ve never ventured away from the common brews–like Guinness–you’re missing out on a world … Continue reading


Flying Dog Mint Chocolate Stout 0

Flying Dog Mint Chocolate Stout

The explosion of craft beer in recent years has led to a lot of experimentation on the brewing scene, and we’re definitely not complaining. The latest creation comes to us in the form of Flying Dog’s Mint Chocolate Stout. The … Continue reading


Best Double IPA Beers

Hopped Up: The 12 Best Double IPAs

In recent years a trend has emerged in which craft brewers – who once put out a standard of “something light, something dark, and something hoppy” – are challenging the idea that the human tongue can only conceive up to … Continue reading


Best Summer Beers

The 20 Best Beers for the Summer Season

There’s a reason that we’re beginning to see summer beers hit grocery stores earlier and earlier every year, and it’s because people can’t get enough of summer! Whether you’re at a barbecue slinging meat from the grill or you’re sitting … Continue reading


Spiegelau Stout Glass 1

Spiegelau Stout Glass

When you’re looking to get plastered, you could care less what your glass looks like. But, when you want to experience all of the flavors and aromas the brewery intended for their beer, you want the Spiegelau Stout Glass. Last … Continue reading


Craft Check Beer App

Craft Check Beer App

If you think buying a bottle of Shock Top, Blue Moon, or Redd’s Apple Ale is throwing some money to the underdogs in the industry, think again. Those three beers, and many others, appear to be craft beers, but nope; … Continue reading


Gnomegang 2014 sell sheetv3b

Ommegang Gnomegang Blonde Ale

The dictionary describes a gnome as “one of a species of diminutive beings, usually described as shriveled little old men, that inhabit the interior of the earth and act as guardians of its treasures.” Not exactly flattering stuff. But the … Continue reading


Mini Beer Pong 1

Mini Beer Pong

Not everyone has a big table, ping pong ball, and array of red cups ready to go. But the urge for beer pong? That’s omnipresent. Mini Beer Pong takes the classic party drinking game and zaps it with a shrink … Continue reading