Lexdray Mont Blanc Pack 1

Lexdray Mont Blanc Pack

Remember the bindle? That was the old-time stick-and-cloth carrying contraption that you’d see in cartoons anytime the main character had to hit the road. It was cute for its time, but if you’re serious about hiking, you’re gonna need something … Continue reading


Best Daypacks for Outdoor Adventures

Fast Bags: The 8 Best Daypacks for Outdoor Adventures

The daypack is quintessential to the life of every thrill seeker, hiker, climber, mountain bike rider, and anyone else who gets their excitement out in the wilds of this wonderful world. It is your go-to resource for food, first-aid, clothing, and … Continue reading


Mountain Pack by Topo Designs 1

Mountain Pack by Topo Designs

Topo Designs has been bringing us some of the best bags for our outdoor adventures, but this spring, the Colorado-based crew wanted to build the perfect “do it all” pack. We think it’s safe to say they succeeded with the … Continue reading


Timberland City Premium Backpack 1

Timberland City Premium Backpack

Timberland is best known for their unbeatable work boots, but offerings like the City Premium Backpack show that they know how to build high quality gear across the entire spectrum. A multi-purpose pack in every sense of the word, this … Continue reading


Black Ember Modular Urban Backpacks 1

Black Ember Modular Urban Backpacks

Sometimes you just need space for a tablet and a bagged lunch in your backpack, and sometimes you need three days’ worth of gear. Black Ember has you covered when it comes to both versatility and style with its second-generation … Continue reading


Best Waterproof Backpacks

Wet Totes: The 8 Best Waterproof Backpacks

On the road, whether just riding your commuter bike to work, or heading up the side of Mount McKinley, your gear is your life. When the snow flies or the rain starts to fall, you must protect your equipment at all … Continue reading


Best Hydration Packs

Waterbearers: The 8 Best Hydration Packs

When it comes to diet, medical science can’t seem able to reach an agreement. Protein might be good, but it might also be killing you. Carbohydrates are both the key to weight loss and to finding yourself in an early … Continue reading


Blackpack Cycling Backpack 1

Blackpack Cycling Backpack

After being fed up with what the market had to offer for cycling backpacks, designer William Root decided to do something about it. The Brooklyn-based creator put together a gorgeous backpack that also provides some nice utility in the Blackpack … Continue reading


Bootlegger Photo Series Modular Backpack System 1

Bootlegger Photo Series Modular Backpack System

After seeing a wave of support on Kickstarter in 2013 for their Bootlegger Modular Pack System, California-based Boreas Gear is back. The Photo Series on the Bootlegger Modular Pack System lets you swap different pack bodies depending on the activity … Continue reading


Ampl Smart Backpack 1

Ampl Smart Backpack

To some, the word “backpack” might conjure up images of the earth-conscious adventurer, trekking his way through the woods with a bag full of granola. But ya know what? Even that guy has a smartphone he needs charged. The Ampl … Continue reading