Blackpack Cycling Backpack 1

Blackpack Cycling Backpack

After being fed up with what the market had to offer for cycling backpacks, designer William Root decided to do something about it. The Brooklyn-based creator put together a gorgeous backpack that also provides some nice utility in the Blackpack … Continue reading


Bootlegger Photo Series Modular Backpack System 1

Bootlegger Photo Series Modular Backpack System

After seeing a wave of support on Kickstarter in 2013 for their Bootlegger Modular Pack System, California-based Boreas Gear is back. The Photo Series on the Bootlegger Modular Pack System lets you swap different pack bodies depending on the activity … Continue reading


Ampl Smart Backpack 1

Ampl Smart Backpack

To some, the word “backpack” might conjure up images of the earth-conscious adventurer, trekking his way through the woods with a bag full of granola. But ya know what? Even that guy has a smartphone he needs charged. The Ampl … Continue reading


LowePro ProTactic Camera Backpack 1

LowePro ProTactic Camera Backpack

If you’re like us, you prefer to carry your camera and accompanying gear in a backpack. But not just any camera backpack, preferably one built by the team at LowePro. These guys have built a reputation for designing and developing … Continue reading


Boreas Waterproof Backpacks 0

Boreas Waterproof Backpacks

You never know where life’s adventures will lead you. That’s why we’re huge advocates of being prepped for anything, and that includes your hiking pack. Whether you plan on crossing streams or trekking through a rain storm, Boreas’ Waterproof Packs … Continue reading


Pro Light Camera Backpack by Manfrotto 0

Pro Light Camera Backpack by Manfrotto

Whether you’re a budding photographer, or a full-fledged professional, a good camera backpack is essential for shooting on the go. Manfrotto offers up the perfect solution in their Pro Light TLB-600 PL camera backpack. Pro Light offers up both form … Continue reading


Utility Shoulder Sling by Cargo Works 0

Utility Shoulder Sling by Cargo Works

Ever try to throw a briefcase over your shoulder as you rush out the door? Yes, it looks as ridiculous as it sounds. And heads up if anyone’s behind you. Sometimes you just want a simple little sack that can … Continue reading


Best Camera Bags and Backpacks

Lens Luggage: The 10 Best Camera Bags and Backpacks

A high-quality camera – be it a DSLR, a mirrorless, or even just a compact for travel photographs and snapping a few shots while in Amsterdam’s red light district – all deserve to be protected. They’re costly pieces of equipment, … Continue reading


Best Travel Backpacks

Sack Up: The 7 Best Travel Backpacks

Travelers have long felt a gap in their options for luggage. Backpackers had their hefty frames that let them go for days in the wilderness. Business travelers had their briefcases and cute little rolling suitcases, but what about the people … Continue reading


Best Hiking Backpacks

Baggage Claim: The 5 Best Hiking Backpacks

The Hike. Probably one of the most common tests of human endurance available. When a person pits themselves against the spirit of the hill and proves that he or she can climb up any mound of dirt on Earth just … Continue reading