Inklet Turns MacBook Trackpad Into A Sketch Tablet

Inklet Turns MacBook Trackpad Into A Sketch Tablet

When is a laptop like a tablet? When you have one of Apple’s new MacBooks and an app called Inklet. The new line of MacBooks features trackpad technology Apple is calling “Force Touch,” which offers a higher level of sensitivity … Continue reading


Twelve South HiRise for Apple Watch 1

Twelve South HiRise for Apple Watch

Let the Apple Watch accessories bonanza begin. With a release date set for April 24th, the Apple Watch is poised to be one of, if not the biggest tech release of the year. As with any Apple product release, you … Continue reading


Nike Plus Running App for Apple Watch 0

Nike+ Running App for Apple Watch

Apple unveiled a slew of details surrounding their Apple Watch earlier this week, and Nike saw this as the perfect time to announce their first app for the upcoming wearable – the Nike+ Running app. An app designed to be … Continue reading


Griffin Apple Watch Stand 1

Griffin Apple Watch Stand

Fans of Apple can hardly wait until the highly anticipated Apple Watch is released next month. Griffin knows this, and has decided to get the party started early with the release of the Griffin Apple Watch Stand. Charging your watch … Continue reading


2015 Apple 12-Inch Macbook 0

2015 Apple 12-Inch Macbook

The notebook industry hasn’t been a good one to be a part of the past 12 months – unless you’re Apple of course. The brand has seen a 21% increase in laptop sales year over year, while Apple’s competitor’s are … Continue reading


Apple Diverse Emjois 1

Apple’s Diverse Emjois

Ok, sure, realism is not priority #1 when sending an emoji-filled text message. But still, would it kill the powers that be to recognize the other flavors in the skin tone rainbow? No, apparently it would not kill anyone at all, because the … Continue reading


Apple Lightsaber 1

Apple Lightsaber

Star Wars fans now know that Apple designer Jony Ive gave J.J. Abrams very specific input on the new lightsaber designs, and this got us thinking about what an actual Apple lightsaber would look like. Behold the Apple iSaber. An … Continue reading


Aluminum Clamp USB 3 Hub by Satechi 1

Aluminum Clamp USB 3.0 Hub by Satechi

Admittedly, we do love the way the front of our iMacs look with no USB ports, but it isn’t the most useful design. Thankfully brands like Satechi have solved that annoying iMac “design flaw” with products like their Aluminum Clamp … Continue reading


Best iPad Air 2 Cases

The 25 Best iPad Air 2 Cases and Covers

When it first came out, the original iPad Air was received with mixed enthusiasm because the populace was suffering from what is known as TOD (Tablet Overload Disorder). The general feeling was that tablets really weren’t all that special or … Continue reading


iMacCompanion USB 3 0 Port 1

iMacCompanion USB 3.0 Port

Don’t get us wrong, we love our iMacs. The design of Apple’s latest iteration is second to none, but reaching around the backside of the monitor to plug in mobile devices/thumb drives can become quite annoying – not to mention … Continue reading