Futurama in 3D

Futurama in 3D

Matt Groening’s ‘Futurama’ may have gotten axed (for the 2nd time) last year, but that hasn’t stopped fellow fan and artist Alexey Zakharov from creating this amazing Futurama 3D intro. Fans of the show will instantly recognize the 30-second video … Continue reading


Gerber Gearstrike Knife Series 0

Gerber Ghostrike Knife Series

We never hit the backcountry without our survival knife, but for everyday carry, it’s much too bulky. Sure there are plenty of pocket knives that will get the job done nicely, but Gerber is looking to innovate – and we’re … Continue reading


Nido Micro-Cabin in Finland 1

Nido Micro-Cabin in Finland

If we were to ever build a tiny house, it would most certainly be a secluded cabin in the middle of the woods. Somewhere we could get away from all the nose and distractions of our daily lives, and really … Continue reading


2015 Smart Fortwo and Forfour 1

2015 Smart Fortwo and Forfour

The Smart car brand is continuing its takeover as Daimler pulls the curtain back on both the 2015 Fortwo and Forfour. The tiny, economical vehicles have seen a slew of upgrades, from performance to aesthetics. Both the 2-door and 4-door … Continue reading


Star Wars Minecraft

Minecraft Star Wars Trailer

Star Wars first debuted all the way back in 1977, and has since gone on to become the biggest movie franchise of all time. We’ve seen all kinds of fans pay homage to the science-fiction franchise, but nothing like this. … Continue reading


Best Leaf Blowers

In The Wind: The 5 Best Leaf Blowers

Sure, it’s the peak of summer and the sun is shining, trees are blooming, and dogs are in heat, but that is soon to change. Given the schizophrenic nature of the weather thanks to climate change, autumn could hit at … Continue reading


Star Trek Original Series Phaser Universal Remote Control 0

Star Trek Phaser Remote Control

Prepare to go into… your best… Captain Kirk… impression. Because with this highly detailed Star Trek Original Series Phaser Universal Remote Control, you might be tempted to beam up your best Shatner, Nimoy, or even that guy who played Scotty. … Continue reading


Aer Duffel Pack Gym And Work Bag 1

Aer Duffel Pack Gym And Work Bag

It’s safe to say that, if people really wanted laptops that smelled like gym socks, Apple would’ve invented the Mac Pungent Air by now. But no, keeping your work stuff separate from your workout stuff is vital, and that usually … Continue reading


Dutch Artist Recreates Childhood Pictures 20 Years Later 1

Artist Recreates Childhood Pictures 20 Years Later

It’s a good thing moms have low expectations, otherwise they’d constantly be depressed by their toddlers’ awful depictions of them in their homemade Mother’s Day cards. We once drew our mom with three breasts, but it wasn’t a mistake. Perhaps … Continue reading


Nike Vapor 360 Fielding Glove With No Break-In Time 1

Nike Vapor 360 Fielding Glove With No Break-In Time

So it’s goodbye Derek Jeter after this season, and what the hell, while we’re at it, maybe it’s time to make some other changes in baseball too. While the commissioner mulls over our topless umpires idea, it seems Nike has … Continue reading