iRobot Create 2 Programmable Robot

iRobot Create 2 Programmable Robot

After all the nasty high-profile hacking happening lately, it’s high time we started training a future generation of noble hackers. Like, let’s get some whiz kids with the smarts to crack the Pentagon’s net code, just with Mother Teresa ethics. … Continue reading


Brough New Superior SS100 Motorcycle 1

Brough New Superior SS100 Motorcycle

OK, it’s trivia time: Name the real-life “Lawrence of Arabia.” Oooh, sorry, we were looking for T.E. Lawrence. Yes, Lawrence was the British Army officer who rose to fame for his exploits in the Middle East, and he was also … Continue reading


Akrapovic Full Moon Concept Motorcycle 1

Akrapovic Full Moon Concept Motorcycle

Is this a motorcycle or a piece of modern art from some creative alien life form? While we wouldn’t blame you if guessed the latter, it is indeed the new Akrapovič Full Moon concept motorcycle, just unveiled at the Bad … Continue reading


The Porthole Infuser 0

The Porthole Infuser

Ever see the term “infused” on a menu and wonder exactly what that is or how the process takes place? Now you can answer those questions in your very own home with a pretty cool tool. It’s called, The Porthole. … Continue reading


Mad Max- Fury Road Theatrical Trailer

Mad Max: Fury Road Theatrical Trailer

Sometimes a trailer is all the proof you need that certain people did their jobs extremely well on a movie. After seeing this visually spectacular preview for Mad Max: Fury Road, we can safely say the people involved with the stunts, … Continue reading


Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

Now that it’s been around for decades, Krazy Glue isn’t, well, just that crazy anymore. So our need for a bizarre adhesive substance – the kind that draws “oohs” and “ahhs” from our friends – has been very real for … Continue reading


Photoluminescent Resin Glow Tables by Mike Warren 1

Glow Table by Mike Warren

Ready to blow your friends’ minds at the next poker night? Or maybe turn your next family dinner into a psychedelic sit-down? Take a gander at these tables. Woodworking wizard Mike Warren has unveiled his guide to creating glow tables … Continue reading


Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Splash Zone: The 10 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Your life deserves a soundtrack. Every room you walk into should be pumping you up and letting everyone know that you have arrived. Of course, it can be difficult to do that if you don’t put speakers in every single … Continue reading


Iron-On Micro Fiber Patches 1

Iron-On Micro Fiber Patches

We’ve been guilty of using just about everything other than a micro fiber cloth to clean the smudges off our smartphone’s screen, and that’s because micro fiber cloths just aren’t something we have readily availably. That’s exactly why these Iron-On … Continue reading


Athletes Brand Baseball Glove Scented Soap

Athletes Brand Baseball Glove Scented Soap

There’s nothing like the smell of leather baseball gloves. It brings us back to a simpler time of back alley baseball games during the summer season with the neighborhood kids. You can get that nostalgic rush each and every morning … Continue reading