Best Cable Modems

Wired for Fire: The 5 Best Cable Modems

When you have a cable internet connection it is very common to just pay a monthly rental cost to the provider so they can stick you with one of their shabby, third-rate hunks of equipment which may or may not … Continue reading


Personal watercraft ready to make a splash with billionaires

Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod Luxury Jet Ski

How can one flaunt thyself on a jet ski? One-hand it while waving your iced-out wrist to the world? No. That’ll just make the sea gods angry, likely resulting in a stray flounder to the face. Instead, opt for luxury … Continue reading


Kickflip Laptop Kickstand 1

Kickflip Laptop Kickstand

While those amusingly complex Rube Goldberg machines are always fascinating to watch, sometimes the most important inventions are the simplest. Case in point: the kickstand. Just an ordinary piece of metal, but can you imagine not having one on your … Continue reading


Jibo- The Worlds First Family Robot 00

Jibo: The World’s First Family Robot

Want your very own WALL-E? We sure as hell do. And that’s why we’re pretty stoked by this Indiegogo project that promises to bring a friendly, playful, and helpful robot into your homes by late next year. Meet Jibo, billed … Continue reading


Frame Folio Bicycle Portfolio by Hard Graft 1

Frame Folio Bicycle Portfolio by Hard Graft

Can you remain a classy gentleman while bicycling? It depends. Are there baseball cards between your spokes? If not, you’ve got a chance. And you can boost those chances with the Frame Folio by Hard Graft. This is a stylish … Continue reading


Sorapot See-Through Teapot by Joey Roth 0

Sorapot See-Through Teapot by Joey Roth

In the UK, people often stop what they’re doing in the middle of the afternoon to enjoy a spot of tea. Mid-afternoon in America, people stop what they’re doing to watch Maury. Let’s work on this, people. Perhaps we just … Continue reading


Futurama in 3D

Futurama in 3D

Matt Groening’s ‘Futurama’ may have gotten axed (for the 2nd time) last year, but that hasn’t stopped fellow fan and artist Alexey Zakharov from creating this amazing Futurama 3D intro. Fans of the show will instantly recognize the 30-second video … Continue reading


Gerber Gearstrike Knife Series 0

Gerber Ghostrike Knife Series

We never hit the backcountry without our survival knife, but for everyday carry, it’s much too bulky. Sure there are plenty of pocket knives that will get the job done nicely, but Gerber is looking to innovate – and we’re … Continue reading


Nido Micro-Cabin in Finland 1

Nido Micro-Cabin in Finland

If we were to ever build a tiny house, it would most certainly be a secluded cabin in the middle of the woods. Somewhere we could get away from all the nose and distractions of our daily lives, and really … Continue reading


2015 Smart Fortwo and Forfour 1

2015 Smart Fortwo and Forfour

The Smart car brand is continuing its takeover as Daimler pulls the curtain back on both the 2015 Fortwo and Forfour. The tiny, economical vehicles have seen a slew of upgrades, from performance to aesthetics. Both the 2-door and 4-door … Continue reading