1974 Honda CB550K Lucy by Hot Sake Cycles 1

1974 Honda CB550K ‘Lucy’ by Hot Sake Cycles

Hot Sake Cycles in Orlando, Florida, and more specifically, a slick biology teacher named Shannon Hulcher, are behind this custom café racer. Shannon calls her “Lucy,” and she’s an ultra lightweight bike that’s probably a blast and a half to ride. The project started with a stock ’74 Honda CB550K … Continue reading


Authentic Raptor Cage Prop From Jurassic Park 1

Authentic Raptor Cage Prop From Jurassic Park

Maybe you’ve got plans to capture 6’7 Toronto Raptors forward DeMar DeRozan, or maybe you just really enjoy movie props; either way, this authentic velociraptor crate used in Jurassic Park is now up for bids on eBay. Of course if you’re … Continue reading


Honest Slogans 0

Honest Slogans

Truth in advertising. It almost sounds like an oxymoron, right? Counting on the companies that make the products we buy to be 100% truthful about them is obviously asking too much, but here comes Honest Slogans to the rescue with … Continue reading


Bang Bang Solar-Powered Tents 1

Bang Bang Solar-Powered Tents

If you’ve ever camped out at a music festival, you already know just how frustrating it can be locating your base camp in a sea of tents. Former MTV festival presenter Rob Bertucci was sick of it, and decided to … Continue reading


Steve McQueens 1968 Ford Mustang Bullit Replica 1

Steve McQueen’s 1968 Ford Mustang ‘Bullit’ Replica

If you’re an automotive enthusiast, there’s no doubt you’re a fan of the the 1968 classic ‘Bullit.’ Sure Steve McQueen is the man, but let’s be honest for a second, it’s that iconic Mustang that had us drooling through the … Continue reading


DinghyGo Inflatable Sailboat 1

DinghyGo Inflatable Sailboat

Everyone wants to own a sailboat, but not everyone has the space (or money) to acquire one. Thankfully the team at DinghyGo knows the feeling, and have introduced their solution in the Inflatable Sailboat. Outfitted with a 9-foot sail, this … Continue reading


The Tranquility Nap Pod 1

The Tranquility Nap Pod

Just when you thought all power naps were the same, the Tranquility Pod was born. When you’re looking from some real rest and relaxation during a stressful work day, this contraption fits the bill perfectly. This next level, high-tech sleeping … Continue reading


Indigo 180 Degree Visor 1

Indigo 180 Degree Visor

A good pair of goggles is a must when it comes to hitting the slopes this winter season, and no other pair offers panoramic visibility quite like the Indigo 180 degree visor. As the name suggests, this detachable lens offers … Continue reading


Audi A1 quattro /Fahraufnahme

2014 Audi S1

Hot hatch. To the auto enthusiast, the term means a high-performance hatchback vehicle. To the uninformed, it probably sounds like sexual innuendo. And to Audi, up until now, it’s meant virtually nothing. But the all-wheel drive lovin’ German manufacturer is finally ready to enter the … Continue reading


Custom 68 Yamaha XS650 By Thrive Motorcycles 1

Custom ’68 Yamaha XS650 By Thrive Motorcycle

Seeing as it is kinda witch-tata cold out there, it’s only fitting that we feature a motorcycle that was actually inspired by a wood-burning stove. Whereas other people see a wood stove and think warmth, Barata Dwiputra, lead builder of Thrive Motorcycle, … Continue reading