Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa 1

Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa

When most people think of going on a safari, they think about pesky mosquitoes and a bad back after waking up in the morning. Lion Sands Game Reserve looks to completely revolutionize the experience, offering up resort amenities while still … Continue reading


Tucos Grill Paperweight 1

Tuco’s Grill Paperweight

Tuco’s long run as a drug kingpin in New Mexico came to an end well before AMC finished Breaking Bad, but his legacy always lived on through his iconic grill. Pay homage to one of the craziest television show characters … Continue reading


Volvo Estate Concept 0

Volvo Concept Estate

If Volvo’s recent rounds of concept models are indication of where the brand is heading – we are certainly excited to say the least. The Swedish auto maker unveils one of their more buzzed about offerings in the Volvo Concept … Continue reading


Superhero Winter Olympics 0

Superhero Winter Olympics

We loved the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, but how much more awesome would the events be if it were superheroes competing? That’s the concept behind graphic artist Francesco Francavilla’s Winter Super Olympics series. Superheroes make everything cooler, so why … Continue reading


Ben and Jerry's Core Blondie Brownie

Ben & Jerry’s Core Ice Cream Flavors

They may be a pair of peaceful Vermonters, but Ben and Jerry show no mercy when it comes to viciously attacking our taste buds. Their latest bold offensive comes in the form of a new ‘Core’ line of ice cream flavors, … Continue reading


Airsoft Grenade Launcher

Airsoft Grenade Launcher

When Canada finally invades – armed to the teeth with flaming hockey sticks, firing slapshots of Canadian bacon at 93 mph – will you be ready? Start practicing now with the ICS GLM Airsoft Grenade Launcher. This is a fully-functioning 6-round … Continue reading


Snake Massage Spa in Jakarta Indonesia 1

Snake Massage Spa in Jakarta, Indonesia

Just imagine the deep state of relaxation Indiana Jones would’ve experienced in Raiders of the Lost Ark had he loosened up a bit and let that nest of snakes slither over his array of achy, dust-covered muscles. Oh well. Indy’s … Continue reading


Inceptor- Board Game Based On Inception 1

Inceptor: Board Game Based On Inception

Back in 2010, when the rest of us were watching Inception, trying to figure out the hidden meanings behind that spinning top, Bruno Gervasi and Reid Cuddy were thinking, “Hey, that’d be a cool piece for a board game!” And now … Continue reading


3nder App- Tinder for Threesomes 0

3nder App: Tinder for Threesomes

If you’re the type of guy whose mind drifts off to naughtyville anytime he hears the word ‘threesome,’ even when discussing plans to play a round of golf with two other friends, then check this out. It’s an app called … Continue reading


The Furies Throwing Knives 0

The Furies Throwing Knives

Admittedly we’re not too talented in the art knife throwing, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love it. The Furies from Base Camp X are the latest set of throwing knives that have us considering leaving the guns behind on … Continue reading