Casio G-Shock Rangeman Tactical Timepiece

Casio G-Shock Rangeman Tactical Timepiece

When you’re looking for a watch that can handle anything you can throw at it (without breaking the bank), there’s no better choice than G-Shock – specifically the brand’s Master of G series. The latest addition to the lineup comes … Continue reading


Murphy Pet Bed by Murphys Paw 0

Murphy Pet Bed by Murphy’s Paw

Murphy Beds first started appearing on the design scene back in the early 1900s, and are still quite popular in smaller urban spaces today. The folks at Murphy’s Paw Design decided it was time to apply this wall bed concept … Continue reading


Campfire Fishing Rod 1

Campfire Fishing Rod

There’s nothing like roasting a marshmallow over an open fire in the great outdoors. As many of you know though, this activity can lead to burnt hands and fingers, especially with the kids. The Campfire Fishing Rod is the perfect … Continue reading


Smart Baby Monitor by Withings 1

Smart Baby Monitor by Withings

Baby monitors have been around for years, but the Withings Smart Baby Monitor is looking to revolutionize the industry with their smartphone controlled monitor. More than just your typical camera or Walkie-talkie like device, this device will help ease the … Continue reading


Fusion Pool Tables

Fusion Pool Tables

We all want a pool table in the house, but many of us face the all too common problem of not having enough space. Well these ultra sleek Fusion Tables provide the perfect solution for any space, giving you that … Continue reading


Cardok Underground Parking System 0

Cardok Underground Parking System

A contender for the coolest invention of all time, the Cardok underground parking system allows you to create your very own Batcave inspired parking space. You better have a Bruce Wayne like bank account to afford this luxury item though. … Continue reading


Nexersys Boxing Training System 01

Nexersys Boxing Training System

As gym rats ourselves, we know just how monotonous the day in and day out gym routines can get. Skip the daily grind, and opt for the Nexersys Boxing Training System instead, helping you stay in shape while improving your … Continue reading

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Bass Guitars Replaced With Dogs 0

Bass Dogs: Guitars Replaced with Dogs

It’s not that the internet has created oddities, it’s just provided a vehicle for them to go viral, and literally become an overnight sensation. The latest “Bass Dogs” meme to take over the web in the last 24 hours is … Continue reading


Spitbank Fort Private Island Sea Hotel 0

Spitbank Fort Private Island Sea Hotel

So you’ve already toured all of London, and seen all there is to see? Then it might be time to head out to sea for a weekend stay at the Spitbank Fort private island sea hotel. Nestled just a mile … Continue reading


Iconic Movie Car Replicas by Jerry Patrick 1

Iconic Movie Car Replicas by Jerry Patrick

Custom Camaros and Mustangs are a dime dozen. That’s not to say we don’t love them, but these custom replicas of iconic cars from movies is a nice change of pace on the automotive scene. Georgia based auto enthusiast Jerry … Continue reading