Off Road Tandem Bicycle 1

Off Road Tandem Bicycle

The traffic on Valentine’s Day this year is gonna be brutal. It’s on a Friday, first of all, and with all this Olympic figure skating on TV, estrogen levels are expected to be off the charts. We say stay off the highway … Continue reading


Kevlar Blast Boxers

Kevlar Blast Boxers

Bulletproof vests get all the publicity, but why haven’t bulletproof crotch protectors replaced ties as the standard stocking stuffer yet? Chest shmest… protect the jewels, man! Finally, someone has recognized this need. Blast Boxers from Silverman’s are ballistically-tested and blast-tested (How … Continue reading


Skull Doorknob 1

Skull Doorknob

If you’re gonna go all out with your man cave, you can’t have a $10 doorknob making the first impression into your kingdom of coolness. Set the tone right with this Skull Doorknob from Forever Fineness. Until you get around … Continue reading


Giant Stash Pillowcase 1

Giant Stash Pillowcase

If you find feather pillows to be too mushy, perhaps it’s time you give cannabis a try—as in a cannabis-stuffed ziplock baggie full of Colorado’s favorite pain reliever. OK, so the Giant Stash Pillowcase only looks like it came out … Continue reading

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Barocook Flameless Cooker 1

Barocook Flameless Cooker

Aside from Superman’s heat vision, this may be the best way to cook without fire, gas, or electricity. The Barocook Flameless Cooker uses non-toxic, self-heating pads to get the party started. All you do is put the pad in the container, add the right amount … Continue reading


Renault Kwid Concept with Traffic Checking Drone 1

Renault Kwid Concept with Traffic Checking Drone

Our iPhone navigation works quite well, but nothing beats seeing the traffic situation for yourself. That’s exactly what the Renault Kwid Concept vehicle does thanks to the included drone that docks to the roof of the vehicle. So how does … Continue reading


Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October 1

Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October

Kanye West’s ‘Red October’ Air Yeezy 2 sneakers were easily one of the most anticipated releases of 2013. Of course as we already know, a retail launch never saw the light of day – until this past weekend that is. … Continue reading


Bottle Light- Rechargeable LED Cork 1

Bottle Light: Rechargeable LED Cork

Instead of tossing all of those discarded beer bottles into the trash can, why not give them a new purpose in your bachelor pad with BottleLight – a USB rechargeable light that transforms your used bottles into lamps. The Bottle … Continue reading


The Cosmos Bed 1

The Cosmos Bed

As you already know, we love camping just as much as the next man, but we’ll take sleeping under the stars any way we can get it. Sometimes the weather just doesn’t allow for a night in the great outdoors, … Continue reading


Muskoka Lakes Boathouse in Canada 1

Muskoka Lakes Boathouse in Canada

If you’re in search of the ultimate boat house to get away for the weekend, we’ve got just the place for you. Designed by Christopher Simmonds, this contemporary abode is the perfect weekend retreat. Located in Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, Canada, … Continue reading