LED Turn Signal Gloves (4)

LED Turn Signal Bike Gloves

We’ve discussed the dangers of riding at night in the past, and unfortunately things only seem to be getting worse for cyclists. Thankfully product innovators continue to look for ways to make your evening commute safer with inventions like these … Continue reading


Convertible Indoor Desk Table by Manoteca (4)

Convertible Indoor Desk Table by Manoteca

The Italian design team at Manoteca worked their wondrous craftsman skills once again to bring a second life to an old street door, recycling it into this beautiful ¬†Convertible Indoor Desk Table. The designers have created quite a name for … Continue reading


EMX Electric Motocross Bike (5)

EMX: Electric Motocross Bike

Back in 2010 Johannes Hoier, Andreas Hoier, Karl Maier, Armin Heimburg and Alex Steiner all joined forces in a garage located in Austria to create the EMX (Electric Motocross Bike). At first glance it may look a lot like some … Continue reading


Jabiru Bottle Top Stems (4)

Jabiru Bottle Top Stems

While cutting bottles may not be a new concept, the innovative design of the Kinkajou bottle cutter made it easy for anyone to chop the top of their favorite bottles to create an everyday drinking glass. If you thought the … Continue reading


2014 Mercedes-Benz Unimog (9)

2014 Mercedes-Benz Unimog

When you’re looking to haul some real heavy duty stuff, we’re talking trains and buildings here, there’s only one vehicle worth trusting, and that’s the 2014 Mercedes-Benz Unimog. Redesigned for the new year, the Mercedes-Benz Special Truck division is responsible … Continue reading


Hydraulic Storage Bed by BoConcept

Hydraulic Storage Bed by BoConcept

Storage space is one of those things we can never seem to get enough of. Apparently the designers at BoConcept felt the same way, and decided to do something about it, rolling out their Hydraulic Storage Bed. Available in three … Continue reading


ONDA Cycle

ONDA Cycle: Stunt Tricycle

Fellow San Diegans Tyler Hadzicki and Joe Hadzicki have decided to completely recreate the tricycle, creating the first ever stunt tricycle. Dubbed the ONDA Cycle, this innovative trike is equipped with 3 wheels, 2 pedals, and a small handle out … Continue reading


Silicone Wine Glasses

Silicone Wine Glasses

We all know what happens when we’ve had a bit too much to drink. While we can’t help you with all your drinking problems, we can prevent you from breaking all of your glasses with this set of unbreakable Silicone … Continue reading


St Pancras Bachelor Pad Penthouse in London (9)

St. Pancras Bachelor Pad Penthouse in London

The design firm at TG-Studio are responsible for this beautiful bachelor pad masterpiece. The 3 level penthouse renovation is located within the historic St. Pancras Chambers, which dates all the way back to 1873. The completely open, top floor master … Continue reading


Chefn Banana Slicer (3)

Chef’n Banana Slicer

Not all of us can cut perfect, razor thin banana slices, and that’s exactly what the Chef’n Banana Slicer was introduced for. Designed to make the task of slicing bananas a bit easier, and of course more fun, this nifty … Continue reading