The Simpsons LEGO Set 1

The Simpsons LEGO Set

It looks like LEGO has finally decided to team up with America’s favorite family for an officially licensed The Simpsons LEGO set. All we have to say is, it’s about time. After two plus decades of success (25 seasons), it’s … Continue reading


Curved Apple iPhone 6 Concept

Curved Apple iPhone 6 Concept by Lewi Hussey

Every year product designers and Apple fanatics alike speculate what the tech giant has up its sleeves for the next generation iPhone. For 2014 Dutch designer Lewi Hussey thinks Apple will opt for a curved screen on their iconic touchscreen … Continue reading


Aqua Dome Thermal Resort in Austria 1

Aqua Dome Thermal Resort in Austria

If you’re in search of a truly unique vacation experience during the winter season, then the Aqua Dome Thermal Resort in Austria is right up your alley. Rather than finding ways to escape the snowy weather conditions the winter season … Continue reading


Bugatti Belt Buckle By Roland Iten 1

Bugatti Belt Buckle By Roland Iten

“OK, guys, it’s been 15 years since rappers started wearing their pants down their asses. How oh how can we finally kill this trend?” And that (I’m guessing) is how the $84,000 Bugatti belt buckle was born. Meant to appeal to stadium-filling MCs and people … Continue reading


Toyota ICON Land Cruiser FJ40 1

Toyota ICON Land Cruiser FJ40

Want your FJ40 to come with a little more handmade goodness? Check out the ICON FJ40, ICON’s spin on Toyota’s famous off-roader. Looking to make a faster and more modern vehicle, the experts at ICON 4×4 undertook a meticulous mission to remake the FJ40 and … Continue reading


Uberpong Thunderbirds Ping Pong Paddle 1

Uberpong Thunderbirds Ping Pong Paddle

Ping Pong’s hipness factor rarely flickers above a 5 (out of 10), and that’s usually only during those amazing Olympic highlights. But dammit, table tennis is fun and intense and deserves better! The first step towards amping up the coolness … Continue reading


2014 Honda Valkyrie 1

2014 Honda Valkyrie

The original Honda Valkyrie, with its 1996 – 2003 run, was unique; sort of a muscle cruiser mash-up thanks to its horizontally-opposed flat-six engine being housed in a V-twin segment. Now Honda’s ready to mash a little more. The new Valkyrie is based around a Goldwing-sourced … Continue reading


The Rock Restaurant In Zanzibar 1

The Rock Restaurant In Zanzibar

When we first heard about The Rock Restaurant, we pictured waiters with bad Sean Connery accents serving up gruel on Alcatraz. Thankfully, that is not the case. Whether you want to enjoy fresh seafood in a stunningly unique environment, or just … Continue reading


Chuck Norris Epic Split

Web Consumption: Chuck Norris’ Epic Split

Consider this the last short week before the real work year kicks off. Enjoy the first weekend of the new year with some stories from around the web. 1. Van Damme created quite a buzz when he performed his epic … Continue reading


Rolling Huts Accomodations In Washington 1

Rolling Huts Accommodations In Washington

As time marches it on, it appears the definition of ‘roughing it’ is softening up a bit. A blanket and bottle opener may have been enough to hike into the woods with 50 years ago, but these days much more is … Continue reading