Bacon Gift Guide

Bacon Buyer’s Guide: 21 Great Gifts For Bacon Lovers

Bacon is one of, if not the greatest creation known to man. Just the smell of bacon in the morning (or any time of day for that matter), gets our mouth watering uncontrollably. There’s no doubt that many of you … Continue reading


Grow Your Own Giant Redwood Tree Kit 1

Grow Your Own Giant Redwood Tree Kit

Planting trees is not only a fun activity, it’s also great for the environment. If you’re going to plant a tree though, why not skip all of the kid’s stuff, and grow your own giant redwood tree? This aptly titled … Continue reading


Marshall Stanmore Wireless Speaker 1

Marshall Stanmore Wireless Speaker

Marshall has built quite a name for themselves over the last 50 plus years building amplifiers. In recent years, the brand has opened up their product offerings to include not only headphones, but also home speaker systems like the Marshall … Continue reading


Realistic Walter White Hyperflesh Mask 1

Realistic Walter White Hyperflesh Mask

As you already know by now, Breaking Bad is officially coming to an end this Sunday. While this is a tragedy in itself, the event has sparked a ton of new merchandise inspired by the hit AMC television show, and … Continue reading


Quaffer Chaser Shot Glass 1

Quaffer Chaser Shot Glass

Shot glasses only hold a few ounces of liquor, but that certainly hasn’t limited product designers from creating an abundance of shapes and sizes. Originally featured on our list of the coolest shot glasses, the Quaffer Chaser Shot Glass kills … Continue reading


Superman and Batman Leg Lamps

Superman and Batman Leg Lamps

A Christmas Story and the world of DC Comics collide with these awesome Superman and Batman Leg Lamps, perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Aren’t these glorious? These indescribably beautiful leg lamps are modeled after the classic lamp from one … Continue reading


Petcube 1

Petcube: Smartphone Controlled Interactive Pet Toy

While you’re hard at work making money to pay the bills, what do you think your furry little friend is doing at home? Whether you have a cat or dog, there’s a pretty good chance he/she is tearing things up … Continue reading



Jagermeister Shotmeister

In what could be the greatest booze invention known to man, the Jagermeister Shotmeister will dispense an ice cold shot of German perfection right from the comfort of your own home. Making Jagerbombs has never been so easy. The innovative … Continue reading


Cuddle Mattress 1

Cuddle Mattress

Often times falling asleep with your significant other’s head on your arm will quickly put your arms to sleep (not to mention it’s not very comfortable). Beds just weren’t designed for all night cuddling (and we thank the bed makers … Continue reading


Game of Thrones House Sigil Shot Glasses 1

Game of Thrones House Sigil Shot Glasses

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Game of Thrones is quite possibly the best show on TV. Sure we love Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Mad Men and a handful of others, but something about the world that … Continue reading