Jen Selter for Vanity Fair

Web Consumption: Jen Selter for Vanity Fair

We knew the internet could make you famous, but using Instagram shots of your backside to get a spread in Vanity Fair magazine? Now that’s something we didn’t see coming. Check out these stories around the web. 1. Jen Selter … Continue reading


Pyle Street Blaster 1000W Bluetooth Boombox 1

Pyle Street Blaster 1000W Bluetooth Boombox

For the most part, Bluetooth speakers ace the convenience test but fail miserably on  the party-power portion of the exam. The Pyle Street Blaster BoomBox is dead set on fixing that by churning out 1000 Watts of sound from its rugged … Continue reading


Reversysboat overview

Reversys Drop-Top Yacht

As countless Ivy League university studies have shown, owning a yacht is one of the fastest ways to get a woman to remove her bikini top. Now just imagine the avalanche of angel cakes that would spill your way with … Continue reading


Love Cloud Sex Flights 0

Love Cloud Sex Flights

Attaining one’s membership in the mile high club involves a lot of unsavory aspects: pissing off flight attendants; finding a workable position; and having to say “Sorry, that usually never happens to me” in front of dozens of strangers as … Continue reading


Walnut Record Frame

Walnut Record Frame

Comparing an Mp3 file to a vinyl record is like comparing Ke$ha to John Coltrane—slap-worthy. Whether it’s a 12” single, EP, or full length album, there’s just something special about vinyl, and we’re quite sure the cover art has something … Continue reading


Autodromo Prototipo Chronographs

Autodromo Prototipo Chronographs

OK, so there were no in-dash GPS systems or Big Gulp-accommodating cup holders with the cars of the 60s and 70s, but any buff worth his Armor All will tell you that era was a magical one for the auto racing … Continue reading


GoPro Dual HERO System 1

GoPro Dual HERO System

Since first stepping onto the scene in the early 2000s, GoPro has dominated the action sports camera sector. Of course you can’t stay top dog without introducing new products, which is exactly why the brand has debuted the GoPro Dual … Continue reading


2000 Horsepower Trion Nemesis American Supercar 1

2,000 Horsepower Trion Nemesis American Supercar

Boutique care makers are popping up on what seems to be a weekly basis these days. The latest one to surface comes to us from the California-based team at Trion Supercars, and they are looking to hit a home run … Continue reading


Spiegelau Stout Glass 1

Spiegelau Stout Glass

When you’re looking to get plastered, you could care less what your glass looks like. But, when you want to experience all of the flavors and aromas the brewery intended for their beer, you want the Spiegelau Stout Glass. Last … Continue reading


Recycled Shipping Container Guest House in Texas 1

Recycled Shipping Container Guest House in Texas

After exploring some of the best shipping container homes on the planet, we figured now was the perfect time to shine the spotlight one of our personal favorites – the Shipping Container Guest House. Nested in Stacey Hill’s backyard of … Continue reading