Best Trail Running Shoes

Off The Path: The 5 Best Trail Running Shoes

An increasing number of runners are sacrificing streets and roads for something a little more thrilling. Trail running and the rise of competitions like the popular Spartan and Tough Mudder have more pavement pounders going further afield to chase down … Continue reading


RattlerStrap Flint Survival Shoe Laces 1

Flint Survival Shoe Laces

Just when you thought they have already thought of everything, think again. Introducing Flint Laces, a seemingly simple pair of bootlaces that could someday save your life if you’re stuck in the wilderness with no fire source. While they appear to be quite the … Continue reading


2015 Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard 0

2015 Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard

Usually, an armored anything is either packed to the brim with protective features but suffers in the cosmetics department, or looks great and doesn’t have quite enough in the way of armor. Until now. Introducing the Mercedes S600 Guard, an … Continue reading


Worst Pain Known To Man by Hamish Blake

‘Worst Pain Known To Man’ Bullet Ants Ritual

On last night’s season finale of Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year: South America, comedian Hamish Blake wanted to end the season with a dumb quite impressive stunt: intentionally get bitten by bullet ants. And, it went just like you would imagine–lots of … Continue reading


Will It Waffle

Will It Waffle? Cookbook

Mess around with a waffle iron enough, and you’ll no doubt find that these devices are capable of far more than churning out the breakfast staple one at a time. If you’re looking for a little bit of insight on … Continue reading


UNITI Stand for iMac 1

UNITI Stand for iMac and Apple Displays

Apple’s whole thing is “clean,” and anyone who owns their products knows that this is a big part of the appeal. Organization can easily fall by the wayside without a little help however, which is where products like the UNITI … Continue reading


2015 Range Rover Sport SVR 1

2015 Range Rover Sport SVR

The current generation Range Rover was already one of, if not our favorite high-end SUV on the market. Now that Land Rover has decided to roll out the beefed up 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR, we know exactly how we’d … Continue reading


KiraVan Expedition Vehicle 1

KiraVan Expedition Vehicle

When you’re really looking to set up a mobile base camp in the great outdoors, we’re not sure anything comes even close to competing with the Kiravan Expedition Vehicle. Based on the iconic Mercedes-Benz Unimog, this go anywhere monster is … Continue reading


Urban Cowboy Bed and Breakfast in Brooklyn 1

Urban Cowboy Bed & Breakfast in Brooklyn

New York is one of the most visited places in the world. The next time you’re looking to take a trip to Brooklyn, and would like something a little different than what you’re used to, be sure to check out … Continue reading


Alpine Slide at Whitefish Mountain Resort

Alpine Slide at Whitefish Mountain Resort

To help supplement their income during the summer months, the Whitefish Mountain Resort in beautiful Whitefish Montana has built the state’s only Alpine Slide – and it looks incredibly fun. Riders will have the chance to ride their own sled, … Continue reading