Bentley Hybrid Concept 1

Bentley Hybrid Concept

The British car makers at Bentley have decided to join the hybrid movement as they debut their aptly titled Bentley Hybrid Concept. Details on the electric vehicle are rather sparse at the moment, but if the “6 3/4 Litre” badge … Continue reading


Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle 00

Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle

If you threw Tron and Leave It to Beaver into a blender, aside from getting a neon glowing June Cleaver, you might also get the Johammer J1, an electric motorcycle out of Austria that is styled like nothing else on … Continue reading


Honda CX500 Motorcycle by Kustom Research 0

Honda CX500 Motorcycle by Kustom Research

Typically, if we were to say Honda CX500 custom, you would probably continue scrolling. But what Thomas Parrish (owner/operator of Kustom Research) has done with this 2-wheeler may lead to a change of heart. Considered by many to be one … Continue reading


Wooden Canoe Kit

Wooden Canoe Kit by Pygmy Boats

Stun your fellow pleasure crafters twice with the Taiga Wilderness Tripper Wooden Canoe Kit. The first shock will come when they see the exquisite wood veneer beauty of this 17’ specimen slicing through the water. The second shock will come … Continue reading


Yamaha SR250 By Auto Fabrica 1

Yamaha SR250 By Auto Fabrica

Like transforming a can of tuna into a gourmet meal, turning a 1982 Yamaha SR250 into something to savor takes a lot of talent and determination. We don’t know how good they are with Chicken of the Sea, but the crew at … Continue reading


Verrado Electric Drift Trike 1

Verrado Electric Drift Trike

When Suri Cruise is older than your sport, you know you’ve only just begun. And that’s the case with trike drifting, a new pastime that appears to have originated in New Zealand a few years back, and involves gutsy adventurers … Continue reading


2014 KTM 450 Dakar Rally Replica 1

2014 KTM 450 Dakar Rally Replica

Previously, the closest we ever came to winning the Dakar Rally was splashing on a handful of Drakkar Noir and popping a half-second wheelie. Pretty sad, actually. But that’s all about to change, thanks to the 2014 KTM 450 Rally Replica. … Continue reading


DIY Sauna Raft 1

DIY Sauna Raft

Imagine how Jaws would’ve been different if Chief Brody, Hooper, and Quint didn’t go after the shark on the rickety old Orca, but instead took their sweet time with the expedition aboard this homemade sauna raft. For starters, Quint would’ve … Continue reading


2015 BMW M4 Convertible 0

2015 BMW M4 Convertible

BMW is dropping a new drop-top on the world, and it promises to be yet another temptation to go topless. The 2015 BMW M4 Convertible is right in line with the M3 sedan and M4 with its new twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter … Continue reading


Reversysboat overview

Reversys Drop-Top Yacht

As countless Ivy League university studies have shown, owning a yacht is one of the fastest ways to get a woman to remove her bikini top. Now just imagine the avalanche of angel cakes that would spill your way with … Continue reading