X2 Resort On The River Kwai in Western Thailand 0

X2 Resort On The River Kwai in Western Thailand

The Bridge on the River Kwai is one of the greatest war movies of all time, but up until now, even the most fervent of fans probably had no desire to go see the sights that inspired the film in … Continue reading


Worlds Best Museums

The 26 Best Museums In The World

We’re not recommending this as a project, but if you were to spend the rest of your life visiting all the museums in the world, it would take you… well, we don’t actually know how long it would take you, … Continue reading


Bambu Indah Hotel in Bali Indonesia 0

Bambu Indah Hotel in Bali, Indonesia

Once again our search for the greatest hotels and resorts on the planet brings us to the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali. Welcome to paradise, or as it’s technically crowned, the Bambu Indah hotel. This eco-luxury boutique hotel is the … Continue reading


Dogfish Inn 2

Dogfish Inn

If you’re any kind of a fan of Dogfish Head beer, it’s time to clear some space on that bucket list. There’s a new must-see destination for you, and it’s called the Dogfish Inn. Yes, the Delaware-based brewer has now opened … Continue reading


Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Iceland 1

Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Iceland

Whenever anyone mentions anything about a blue lagoon, all we can think about is that creepy Randal Kleiser film from the 80s–you know, the one with a young Brooke Shields. But, this blue lagoon on the shore of Iceland looks more like … Continue reading


Hotel Escondido Surf Lodge in Mexico 0

Hotel Escondido Surf Lodge in Mexico

Located in beautiful Oaxaca port town of Puerto Escondido, Hotel Escondido is a dreamy surf lodge just steps away from Mexico’s surfing mecca. This boutique hotel was designed by architect Federico Rivera Rio, and was built specifically for those of … Continue reading


Alpine Slide at Whitefish Mountain Resort

Alpine Slide at Whitefish Mountain Resort

To help supplement their income during the summer months, the Whitefish Mountain Resort in beautiful Whitefish Montana has built the state’s only Alpine Slide – and it looks incredibly fun. Riders will have the chance to ride their own sled, … Continue reading


Best City Parks

The 14 Best City Parks In The World

What would we do without our urban city parks? They provide an oasis from the rush of train and traffic, an escape from the sirens and horns that are an indelible part of life in the metropolis. In stark contrast … Continue reading


Foresta Lumina Enchanted Forest Light Show In Quebec 1

‘Foresta Lumina’ Enchanted Forest Light Show In Quebec

In case you haven’t heard, Disney has $500 million worth of plans for Avatar land at the Animal Kingdom park in Orlando. But before it opens in 2017, we suggest they take a good look at the magic cooked up … Continue reading


The Eisbach River Wave In Munich Germany

The Eisbach River Wave In Munich, Germany

“The Wave of Munich” sounds like some kind of dangerous punk rock band, but no, this is an actual wave in the heart of Germany that lures surfers from all around. And yes, your geography is correct; Munich has no … Continue reading