Cloud 9 Floating Bar in Fiji 1

Cloud 9 Floating Bar in Fiji

We’ve encountered are fair share of amazing bars. We’ve also highlighted some of the best turquoise water resorts on the planet. But this is definitely the first time we’ve featured an amazing bar floating in turquoise waters. Cloud 9 is … Continue reading


19th Century Sea Fort Luxury Hotel 1

19th Century Sea Fort Luxury Hotel

In one of the most ambitious hotel projects we’ve encountered years, the folks at AmaZing Venues have converted an old sea fort into a new luxury resort for guests to enjoy. No Man’s Land is an old 19th century sea … Continue reading


Clayoquot Wilderness Resort 0

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Sometimes you just want to get away from it all, unplug, and sit atop a mountain somewhere in a tent. Of course, setting up tents can be a tiresome task, and the whole sitting on the ground thing just isn’t … Continue reading


Silolona Sojourns Indonesian Luxury Cruises 0

Silolona Sojourns Indonesian Luxury Cruises

Cruises are great, but sometimes the experiences on the big-name ships can kinda all blur together. If you’re looking to sail the open seas in a totally unique way, Silolona Sojourns has your ticket. A throwback to the traditional Indonesian … Continue reading


Amilla Fushi Resort in Maldives 1

Amilla Fushi Resort in Maldives

It’s been quite some time since we’ve highlighted some tropical getaways, and we figured with spring around the corner, now’s the perfect time to start showcasing some sunshiny paradises. First stop, the Amilla Fushi Resort in Maldives. Maldives has no … Continue reading


Leonardo DiCaprios Palm Springs Rental Home 1

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Palm Springs Rental Home

You’ll never hook up with Rhianna, take home 20 girls from a nightclub, or have Martin Scorcese on speed dial, but there is one way you can live like Leonardo DiCaprio: rent his Palm Springs getaway. 432 Hermosa sits on 1.3 acres … Continue reading


Worlds Largest Indoor Underground Bike Park 1

World’s Largest Indoor/Underground Bike Park

Previously, abandoned limestone mines were only good for one thing: low-budget horror movies. But some resourceful types in Louisville, Kentucky, have come up with an even better idea: build the largest indoor bike park in the world. The Louisville Mega … Continue reading


Icehotel 25th Edition in Sweden 1

Icehotel 25th Edition in Sweden

Ready for some serious Mr. Freeze role-playing? Pack your glass helmet and ray gun, you’re headed to Sweden. The destination: Icehotel. Nestled in the tiny northern village of Jukkasjärvi, this first and largest hotel built from snow is created with … Continue reading


Candlewood Cabins in Wisconsin 0

Candlewood Cabins in Wisconsin

With the holiday season in full effect, dreams of wood cabin vacations are on the mind 24-7. While there are plenty of places to fulfill this desire, few rival the Candlewood Cabins in Wisconsin. Nestled in the Ocooch Mountains of … Continue reading


The Pantone Hotel 1

The Pantone Hotel

If you’re gonna go and make the trip to Brussels, the last thing you wanna do is homogenize the experience by staying in some ho-hum chain motel. We say double-down on the uniqueness of it all and wow your eyeballs with … Continue reading