Velo Sock Bicycle Cover 1

Velo Sock Bicycle Cover

The urban bicyclist faces a handful of obstacles that his suburban or rural counterparts do not. Chief among them is having to store the bike in an apartment. You know what could make that process easier? A sock. The Velo … Continue reading


Lishinu Hands-Free Dog Leash 1

Lishinu Hands-Free Dog Leash

Running with Fido is awesome. The retractable leash you’re currently using is not. The Lisihnu Hands-Free Dog Leash is your knight in shining armor, a simple yet ingenious leash for the runners out there with furry friends. The leash itself … Continue reading


SlideBelts Survival Belt 0

SlideBelts Survival Belt

Is it time to demand more from your belt? What’s that thing do anyway, besides hold up your pants? Heck, your girlfriend can do that (if you find the right one). SlideBelts is offering belts and buckles that can do … Continue reading


SureFire 2211 Luminox WristLight 1

SureFire 2211 Luminox WristLight

If you’ve ever played a survival horror video game, you know that holding a flashlight steady while hunting down a bad guy is darn near impossible—and that’s just a game. In real life, there’s an even slimmer margin for error. … Continue reading


Deejo Ultra Lightweight Knives 0

Deejo Ultra Lightweight Pocket Knives

When it comes to selecting a pocket knife for everyday carry, weight is an important part of the selection process. The French design team at Deejo has created one of the lightest lines of EDC knives without sacrificing quality. Luc … Continue reading


Wallet Ninja Multitool 1

Wallet Ninja Multitool

It’s time to make some space in that overstuffed wallet of yours. That Yankee Candle preferred member card can probably go; and yeah, that $10 gift card to Circuit City is, well… [bows head out of respect for the deceased] OK, … Continue reading


Disco Hammock 1

Disco Hammock

Could disco be making a comeback? Well, no, probably not. But the 70s’ over-criticized musical genre was revived a bit by Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories last year, and now we have – drumroll please – the Disco Hammock. Betabrand’s … Continue reading


Roomoon Hanging Tent 1

Roomoon Hanging Tent

Sometimes we daydream about chillin at the International Space Station; then we think about all the grueling training involved with getting to that point—no thanks. So, in aiming our sights a little lower, we’ve come across the lovely little roomoon … Continue reading


Jasper Wallet by Mr Lentz 1

Jasper Snap Wallet by Mr. Lentz

Our friend and neighbor Mr. Lentz is back to his old ways, rolling out a  beautiful new slim-profile wallet for the summer season. The Jasper Wallet is the latest creation to hit the scene from the San Diego cowboy, and it’s … Continue reading


Strike Cam Underwater Fishing Camera

Strike Cam Underwater Fishing Camera

Those fishing shows are great to fall in and out of sleep to on Saturday mornings, aren’t they? Good ol’ boy sitting in his boat, yammering about his “technique” for 20 minutes while the water remains calmer than the Dalai … Continue reading