Best Cordless Drills

Bits and Pieces: The 8 Best Cordless Drills

A hammer, a roll of duct tape, a cordless drill, and a suitcase of Pabst is all that is required for most home repairs. Whether you’re hanging a picture frame, building a deck, or fixing your marriage, those tools will … Continue reading


Best BBQ Smokers

Country Flavor: The 6 Best Smokers

If you were not fortunate enough to ever visit one of those rustic western towns where they had a true, honest-to-god smokehouse, then you don’t even realize that your nose and mouth haven’t even come close to experiencing all that … Continue reading


Hunters Camouflage Party Cups

Hunter’s Camouflage Party Cups

Swigging a sip from a red Solo cup while staking out your big game in the woods is not only uncouth, but the bright red will probably also get you spotted by an already jittery caribou. Hunter’s Camo Party Cups will … Continue reading


Peter Baetens Got Chess Flat Chess Set 1

Peter Baeten’s Got Chess? Flat Chess Set

The only way going to the park once a week to play an old guy in chess while the two of you sip Yoo-hoos could be cooler, would be to go with Peter Baeten’s Got Chess? chess set tucked under your … Continue reading


Dish Whiskey Sink Soap

Dish Whiskey Sink Soap

So they can make whiskey-flavored BBQ sauce, bacon, and cigars, but they can’t make whiskey sink soap? Hold on there, Accusatory Alex. They can and they just did. From the creative and testosterone-fueled minds at Archer (the guys behind Hunting … Continue reading


Sustainable Wooden Surfboards by Grain Surfboards 1

Sustainable Wooden Surfboards by Grain Surfboards

Growing up here in San Diego, we’ve always had a love for surfing. While we don’t see a ton of innovation within the industry, the team at Grain Surfboards could be on to something with their sustainable surfboards. While we … Continue reading


Unbreakable Rhino Laces 1

Rhino Laces: Unbreakable Shoe Laces

The saying goes, “Your boots are only as strong as your laces,” and if you have Rhino Laces running through your eyelets, then it’s safe to say your setup is damn near indestructible. Anyone that’s ever experienced a busted shoe … Continue reading


Zoobells Kettlebells 0

Zoobells Kettlebells

We believe “Eye of the Tiger” might’ve been an inspirational workout song at some point, but that was years before it was used in Starbucks commercials and corporate training videos. For present day motivation, the eye of the lion is where … Continue reading


Water Hoverboard 1

Water Hoverboard

Enough with the hoverboard concepts, this here is the real deal. Sure it’s not everything Marty McFly predicted for 2015, but it is here a year earlier than expected. Say hello to the world’s first Water Hoverboard. With the summer … Continue reading


Best BBQ Grills

Into the Fire: The 8 Best Grills

Any holiday that takes place during the warmer months mean two things: Grilling and beer. Be it Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Easter, Father’s Day, Flag Day, or Satur Day, the best way to celebrate is by charring some … Continue reading