Best Fishing Rods

Casting Call: The 6 Best Fishing Rods

Before mankind had high-powered rifles with night vision capabilities for hunting down The World’s Deadliest Duck, we had to get much of our food from the ocean. The bounty of the sea – as well as rivers and lakes – … Continue reading


Leatherdos Hair Clip Multi-Tool 0

Leatherdos Hair Clip Multi-Tool

The current trend in the world of multi-tools has definitely been, “the smaller, the better.” And when it comes to portability, it doesn’t get any better than the Leatherdos Hair Clip Multi-Tool. Sure this thing won’t be able to tackle a … Continue reading


Best Hiking Backpacks

Baggage Claim: The 5 Best Hiking Backpacks

The Hike. Probably one of the most common tests of human endurance available. When a person pits themselves against the spirit of the hill and proves that he or she can climb up any mound of dirt on Earth just … Continue reading


Horror Movie Action Figures 0

Horror Movie Action Figures

Guess what’s only three months away? OK, we’ll tell you—it’s Halloween; the one time of the year when you can sadistically conduct mental and emotional torture on another human being and (as long as you do it briefly and follow … Continue reading


Best Water Shoes

Wetter is Better: The 6 Best Water Shoes

Aqua Socks. Those hideously tacky things you would wear while walking along the beach wearing your Rude Dog tee-shirt and listening to Ice, Ice Baby on your Walkman. Well, get ready to crank the wayback machine up to 88 miles … Continue reading


Soto Pocket Torch 0

Soto Pocket Torch

Lightweight, compact, and easy to use, the Soto Pocket Torch lets you turn any disposable lighter into a portable blow torch in a matter of seconds. When you’re exploring the backcountry, sometimes you need more fire power than a little lighter can … Continue reading


Bunch O Balloons 0

Bunch O Balloons

We’ve seen a lot of great products make their way to Kickstarter, and Bunch O Balloons easily ranks among our all time favorites. This awesome new “bunch of balloons” lets you fill and tie a hundred water balloons in just … Continue reading


Best Barefoot Minimalist Running Shoes

Less is More: The 6 Best Barefoot Minimalist Running Shoes

We’ve all seen them. The strange and moderately creepy barefoot running shoes with their anatomically correct toes. We’ve also seen their cousins, the minimalist running shoes which barely have a sole. They have gone in and out of vogue with … Continue reading


Icybreeze Portable Air Conditioning Cooler 1

Icybreeze Portable Air Conditioning Cooler

Would you keep your girlfriend around if she was a one trick pony? Probably not. The same principle should hold true for your cooler. The IcyBreeze earns its keep by keeping your stuff cold, then, also like a good girlfriend, … Continue reading


Brooks England Toolkit MT21 Bike Multi-Tool 1

Brooks England Toolkit MT21 Bike Multi-Tool

Since 1866, the good folks at Brooks England have been crafting leather bicycle saddles for 2-wheeled commuters. After nearly 150 years of working with bikes, we think it’s safe to assume these guys know a thing or two. The brand … Continue reading