Furtif Evercut Knives 0

Furtif Evercut Knives

Whether you’re the Michael Myers type looking for something new this Halloween, or the Michael Symon type looking for a reliable way to slice a lamb shank, these Furtif Evercut Knives by TB Groupe could be the last knives you … Continue reading


Cycloc Endo Bicycle Mount 1

Cycloc Endo Bicycle Mount

The apartment dweller might think he can offer up the “But I have no room” excuse for not having a bicycle, but really, he can’t. Not when there’s products like Endo, a stylish little wall mount that holds your bike … Continue reading


Memobottle Slim Water Bottle 1

Memobottle Slim Water Bottle

It’s estimated that we go through more than 50 billion water bottles each year, with 36% getting recycled and 3% being used for 2rd graders’ arts and crafts projects. That leaves, well, damn, a lot of extra bottles out there. … Continue reading


Best Reusable Water Bottles

Age of Aquarius: The 8 Best Reusable Water Bottles

Disposable water bottles are for suckers. There is nothing better about buying your water from a store rather than getting it out of your tap. Bottled water only has to pass the barest of FDA regulations to be considered safe … Continue reading


Best Camera Bags and Backpacks

Lens Luggage: The 10 Best Camera Bags and Backpacks

A high-quality camera – be it a DSLR, a mirrorless, or even just a compact for travel photographs and snapping a few shots while in Amsterdam’s red light district – all deserve to be protected. They’re costly pieces of equipment, … Continue reading


Best Throwing Knives

Slice of Life: The 6 Best Throwing Knives

21 feet. An attacker can move 21 feet in the time it takes a professionally trained person to reach for a firearm, draw, aim, and fire it. For someone who is not trained by the police or the military, it … Continue reading


Compact Folding Survival Bow 1

Compact Folding Survival Bow

Wondering how you can impress your town’s local Pocahontas? Getting handy with a bow and arrow is a great place to start, and here’s one that you can keep on you without much hassle. The Compact Folding Survival Bow from … Continue reading


Das Can-in-Stein 1

Das Can-in-Stein

If the answer is “Oktoberfest,” the question is then clearly “What comes before Halloween but is equally as awesome?” But perhaps your bank account isn’t ready for a trip to Germany this year, or even a stop at your local German … Continue reading


S-Lab Light Jacket by Salomon 0

S-Lab Light Jacket by Salomon

The folks at Salomon make some of the best outdoor gear on the market (particularly their hiking boots). Their latest offering, the S-Lab Light Jacket, was designed to be the ultimate jacket for both trail runners and hikers. When hitting … Continue reading


Best Bike Locks

Chain Gang: The 5 Best Bike Locks

Bicycles are a serious investment and they need to be protected as such. Don’t trust a bicycle that cost you hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars to a $20 piece of tin that a penny-ante thief can blow … Continue reading