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Ratio Coffee Maker 1

Ratio Coffee Maker

We’ve seen a lot of complex coffee machines recently; many of them quite impressive too. But one doesn’t always need their joe-maker to have built-in Wi-Fi. From the simpler-is-better camp comes Ratio, a high-class, handmade machine that doesn’t need you to … Continue reading


Port Solar Charger 1

Port Solar Charger

Many of you will remember the team at XD Design introducing a concept for a solar powered window charger a few years back. Now that same team is back with the official retail version of the product dubbed the Port … Continue reading


Smarty Ring 1

Smarty Ring

Smart watches have been all the rage on the tech scene, but we’ve yet to see a smart ring. Well that’s exactly what Smarty Ring is, and seeing that they just surpassed their goal on IndieGoGo, this concept may soon … Continue reading


Solid Gold Apple iPhone 5S 1

Solid Gold Apple iPhone 5S

Unless you’re the Black Eyed Peas, acquiring a gold record usually requires singing talent. But acquiring a gold iPhone? No talent necessary; just $3,289.94. Make your next iPhone 5s the most dramatic Words With Friends conduit of all time with this 24-karat solid gold edition from Goldgenie; or go with rose … Continue reading

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Foodini 3D Pizza Printer 1

Foodini 3D Pizza Printer

“It’s not delivery, it’s Dih-I just printed this pizza out.” OK, so maybe that’s not the slogan the Foodini will go with, but anything is possible in a world where you can hit Print on your computer and get a robot to … Continue reading



Kittyo: Play With Your Cat While Away From Home

The first step to recovery from being a crazy cat lady (or cat man) is getting the hell out of your house. Drop the Cat Fancy magazine, put Catwoman on paws pause, and just leave. It’s OK now. You have … Continue reading


Goldee Smart Light Controller

Goldee Smart Light Controller

There’s probably no greater buzzkill than that first blast of harsh light in your eyes at 6am. Goldee, a smart light controller, aims to ease you into the day, comfort you at night, and even fake out some wannabe crooks when you’re away from … Continue reading


Gramophone For iPhone and iPad 0

Gramophone For iPhone and iPad

Would Thomas Edison still have invented the phonograph had he known it’d be used to play The Captain and Tennille decades later? Perhaps not. But that landmark invention forms the foundation here for this ultra-retro Gramophone for the iPhone (or iPad) … Continue reading


Grado Headphones Handmade From Whiskey Barrels 1

Grado Headphones Handmade From Whiskey Barrels

What’s so unique about these headphones is not just that they’re made from actual whiskey barrels, which is pretty amazing on its own, but the story behind them is also pretty fascinating. Actor Elijah Wood (yes, Frodo) is apparently quite the audiophile, and he and … Continue reading


Han Solos DL-44 Blaster For Sale 1

Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster For Sale

Times are tough for Han Solo. After that blowup he had with Chewie over college football’s BCS system (Chewie, for some reason, doesn’t want a playoff), Han hit the skids. He’s now looking to sell his prized DL-44 Blaster he used on … Continue reading