Gerber Downrange Tomahawk 1

Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

After recently releasing their impromptu tactical pen, the team at Gerber is back at it again, this time with something a bit more damaging in the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk. Seeing that we’re in the Call of Duty spirit leading up … Continue reading


Hammerhead Bike Navigation System 1

Hammerhead Bike Navigation System

The market is already filled with navigation products to get you safely from Point A to Point B, but the Hammerhead bike navigation system is something a bit different than what you’re used to. Most GPS devices require riders to … Continue reading


JBL Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

There’s no shortage of wireless Bluetooth speakers on the market, but that doesn’t mean we don’t welcome new offerings with open arms. The innovative audio team at JBL introduces their beautiful JBL Pulse. Sure this thing provides wireless streaming capabilities … Continue reading

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BitLock Smartphone Controlled Bike Lock

BitLock Smartphone Controlled Bike Lock

You need a solid lock to keep your bike safe from thieves, but who needs any more keys on that cluttered key ring? BitLock fuses the old school bike lock with 21st century technology, using your smartphone to unlock the … Continue reading


See Sense Intelligent Bike Light 1

See Sense Intelligent Bike Light

Looking to create the perfect light to help bikers be seen, United Kingdom based engineer and bicycle commuter Philip McAleese spent 2 years developing his innovative See Sense. More than just your average blinking bike light, the See Sense is … Continue reading

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Heineken Sub 1

Heineken Sub: Tabletop Beer Chiller

Whether you like Heineken beer or not, you have to commend them on their innovation within the booze department as of late. Their newest offering, the Krups Heineken Sub, is bringing chilled draft beer right to your own kitchen countertop. … Continue reading


Apple iPad Air 0

Apple iPad Air

As we already expected, the Cupertino based team at Apple debuted their next generation iPad. Seeing that it’s the most powerful, lightest model to date, Apple decided to call the current iteration the iPad Air. This new iPad weighs in … Continue reading


FlyKly Smart Wheel 1

FlyKly Smart Wheel

Electric bikes are all the rage these days, and while there are a ton of options to choose from, there aren’t any options that let you transform your current pedal powered bicycle into an electric bike.  New York based FlyKly … Continue reading

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Anki DRIVE 1

Anki DRIVE: AI Robotics Racing Game

Many of you may have grown up playing with slot car sets, but these days, kids have computers and smartphones to keep them occupied every waking moment of the day. Anki DRIVE fuses modern technology with the slot car sets … Continue reading


Adidas miCoach SMART RUN SmartWatch 1

Adidas miCoach SMART RUN SmartWatch

After powerhouse footwear label Nike announced their Nike+ FuelBand SE earlier this week, the beloved 3-stripe label has debuted their latest initiative in the Adidas miCoach SMART RUN SmartWatch. Operating independently from your smartphone, the miCoach SMART RUN is powered … Continue reading