LIFX Wi-Fi LED Light Bulbs 1

LIFX Wi-Fi LED Light Bulbs

Light bulbs aren’t something we normally get too excited about, but that’s because we had never seen anything as awesome as the LIFX Wi-Fi LED Light Bulbs. Since its inception in the 1800s, the light bulb hasn’t changed much. LIFX … Continue reading

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X-Fire LED Bike Lane 1

X-Fire LED Taillight Laser Lane for Bikes

Riding your bike at night can be extremely dangerous. Thankfully product designers and engineers have been working around the clock to create safety products like the X-Fire LED Taillight laser lane for bikes. The product is simple in design, but … Continue reading


Martin Jetpack 0

Martin Jetpack

When we were kids, we used to dream about one day flying around in our own personal jet pack. Not much has changed these days. We are now grown men, with the same dreams of flying to work instead of … Continue reading



Fliike: Facebook Like Counter

While it would be a little obsessive to pick up a Fliike for your personal Facebook account, it’s a great idea for small businesses out there looking to showcase their virtual influence through a real world device. Created by the … Continue reading


iDoorCam 0

iDoorCam: Wi-Fi Camera Doorbell

Front door cameras have been around for ages, but a Wi-Fi enabled doorbell camera? Now that’s something entirely new, and that’s exactly what we have with the iDoorCam. This ultra sleek device easily replaces your current doorbell (even attaches to … Continue reading


Swingbyte 1

Swingbyte: Real Time Golf Swing Data

We’re not saying we don’t love the game of golf (because we absolutely do), but let’s be real for a second – the game is extremely challenging. We are constantly looking for ways to give ourselves an edge on the … Continue reading


Filip GPS Locator Smart Watch for Kids 0

Filip GPS Locator Smart Watch for Kids

Smart watches have been taking the tech scene by storm as of late, but the Filip is a smart watch designed specifically for kids – but with parents in mind. Equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS systems, the Filip … Continue reading


Smart Baby Monitor by Withings 1

Smart Baby Monitor by Withings

Baby monitors have been around for years, but the Withings Smart Baby Monitor is looking to revolutionize the industry with their smartphone controlled monitor. More than just your typical camera or Walkie-talkie like device, this device will help ease the … Continue reading

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Coravin 1000 Wine Preserving Bottle Opener 1

Coravin 1000 Wine Preserving Bottle Opener

We all know how difficult is to preserve wine once the cork has been popped. There are a ton of products out there that claim to prevent the wine from oxidizing once the bottle has been opened, but the Coravin … Continue reading


Trace Action Sports Activity Monitor 1

Trace Action Sports Activity Monitor

Until now there was no real way for action sports athletes to track and monitor their sessions, but the Los Angeles based team at ActiveReplay looks to change all that with Trace. There are an abundance of monitoring gadgets and … Continue reading