Apple iTie Concept 1

Apple iTie Concept

With everyone focused on what the new Apple iPhone 6 will look like, designer Tomislave Zvonaric decided to dream up an entirely new device in the Apple iTie concept. Imagine all of that technology you love in your iPhone, hanging … Continue reading


Bottle Light- Rechargeable LED Cork 1

Bottle Light: Rechargeable LED Cork

Instead of tossing all of those discarded beer bottles into the trash can, why not give them a new purpose in your bachelor pad with BottleLight – a USB rechargeable light that transforms your used bottles into lamps. The Bottle … Continue reading


AeroBull iPhone Bluetooth Speaker 1

AeroBull iPhone Bluetooth Speaker

A slobbering waddling bulldog doesn’t exactly conjure up images of audio excellence—unless you define ‘audio excellence’ as that wheezing, panting thing most of them do. But this little guy is different. The AeroBull from Jarre Technologies brings you all the blue … Continue reading


Lumio Unfolding LED Book Lamp 1

Lumio Unfolding LED Book Lamp

Sounding a little bit like Mario and Luigi’s long lost brother, but thankfully with none of the extravagant facial hair, is Lumio: an LED lamp that looks like a book when it’s closed, but opens up to yield an impressive … Continue reading


No More Woof Dog Speech Translator 1

No More Woof Dog Speech Translator

Have you ever heard your dog bark a few times and thought, “Hey, that really sounded like Fido was discussing the complex moral structure involved with Breaking Bad!”? OK, probably not. But the larger point here is he might’ve been opining on … Continue reading


Pacemaker iPad DJ App With Spotify 1

Pacemaker iPad DJ App With Spotify

If you’re an iPad user and Spotify is your music streaming service of choice, this one’s for you. Pacemaker is the first iPad DJ app that syncs up your music collection with all of the tunes on Spotify. Might this mean hearing back-to-back Michael Bolton songs … Continue reading


FishHunter Portable Fish-Finding Sonar

FishHunter Portable Fish-Finding Sonar

With new statistics showing 67% of American fish go on to receive at least an associate’s degree, one thing is clear: fish are getting smarter. So now it’s time to step your game up, and the FishHunter may just be the … Continue reading


Hasselblad HV Full-Frame DSLR Camera 1

Hasselblad HV Full-Frame DSLR Camera

When you’re looking to make a fashion statement with your camera, there are few brands that compete with the Swedish design team at Hasselblad. Most known for their medium-format shooters, the company is expanding their lineup with the newly unveiled … Continue reading


Mark One Carbon Fiber-Printing 3D Printer 1

Mark One Carbon Fiber-Printing 3D Printer

Tired of reading about the latest ultra-high-end cars and their fancy carbon fiber parts? Make your own carbon fiber (then, um, go build a car) with the Mark One 3D printer from MarkForged. This beast is the world’s first 3D … Continue reading


Googles Build With Chrome- A LEGO Experiment

Google’s Build With Chrome: A LEGO Experiment

One never truly outgrows the fun of playing the LEGOs, does one? It’s just that damn adult peer pressure that leads most of us to stop collecting them by our teenage years. If you crave the block-building joys of LEGOs, but … Continue reading