Google Android Wear

Android Wear: Google’s Wearable Smart Devices

Rather than build the physical smartwatch itself, the folks at Google have decided to build software to help power the hardware. The search giant calls this new technology Android Wear. While it is applicable to more than just watches, the … Continue reading


PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer 1

PhoneSoap UV Smartphone Sanitizer

While you probably don’t think about it too often (if ever), your phone is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The PhoneSoap is a sanitizer built specifically for your smartphone, no matter the make or model. You use sanitizer … Continue reading


Analogue NT- Aluminum Crafted NES System

Analogue NT: Aluminum Crafted NES System

We are firm believers that the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) remains to be one of the greatest video game consoles of all time. If you are like us, and looking for a way to relive the NES in all … Continue reading


Booksto Me Turns Your Instagram Photos Into A Book 0

Booksto.Me Turns Your Instagram Photos Into A Book

If you think pictures of classic cars, amazingly filled-out sports bras, and perfectly aligned char marks on a sizzling steak deserve to be seen in more than just their digital forms, you’re right. Booksto.Me takes your digital pics and puts … Continue reading


Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 LED Lantern 1

Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 LED Lantern

Whether you’re going camping, building your emergency preparedness kit, or pinned under the Frosty machine inside an abandoned Wendy’s, there are certain must-haves. Light and phone power are right at the top of that list. The Lighthouse 250 Lantern from … Continue reading


LG Artcool Stylish Inverter V Air Conditioner 1

LG Artcool Stylist Inverter V Air Conditioner

Sitting on your sofa dripping sweat during those blistering hot summer months is far from fun. With no central AC, you’re stuck with purchasing a portable AC unit (see eyesore), and ruining your home’s decor in the name of comfort. … Continue reading


Soundwall Wireless Speaker Art 1

Soundwall Wireless Speaker Art

Walking by an art gallery and seeing a beautiful painting always leaves us wanting two things: 1) More cash to blow on art, and 2) Paintings that do more than just hang on a hook. No luck yet with #1, but finally, #2 is … Continue reading


Best Buds App

Best Buds App Finds Quality Weed

Everyone knows where to find the best selection of chips, Cheetos, and brownies—at the stoner’s house. But where does the stoner go to get the catalyst for all that snackin’? He goes to Colorado, and then he pulls up the … Continue reading


PonoPlayer Music Player by Neil Young

PonoPlayer Music Player by Neil Young

At first, the thought of 69-year-old Neil Young leading the charge on a new, upscale portable media player seems strange. But then, really, who else was gonna do it? 2 Chainz? Blake Shelton? Exactly. If anyone was going to hold … Continue reading


LIVR App 1

LIVR App: The Social Network for Drunk People

Imagine a social network that was reminiscent of your favorite local dive bar after last call – a social network that let you mingle/connect with other inebriated individuals. A “party” social network if you will. That’s exactly what you have … Continue reading