Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

Jack Daniel’s is sick and tired of standing by idly while Fireball “whisky” asserts its dominance on the bar scene. Fireball has quickly become the go-to shot choice for twenty somethings everywhere, andJack Daniel’s Tennesse Fire looks to change all … Continue reading


Guinness Marshmallows 1

Guinness Marshmallows

St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t always have to be about getting plastered. What’s that? Hold on… we’re getting a bulletin here… OK, yes, apparently it does always have to be about getting plastered. But, it can also incorporate other fun things, … Continue reading


Best Coffees Youve Never Heard Of

Experimental Brews: 15 Coffees You’ve Never Heard Of

Around our office, we run on 2 things: coffee and beer. We tend to keep the latter on hold until 5 o’clock rolls around, but we don’t start a single morning without a cup of joe. While we tend to … Continue reading


Gnomegang 2014 sell sheetv3b

Ommegang Gnomegang Blonde Ale

The dictionary describes a gnome as “one of a species of diminutive beings, usually described as shriveled little old men, that inhabit the interior of the earth and act as guardians of its treasures.” Not exactly flattering stuff. But the … Continue reading


Tovolo Ice Sphere Mold 0

Tovolo Ice Sphere Mold

Ice cubes may not seem like an interesting topic, and normally they aren’t. But you wouldn’t believe how many times we get asked the question, “Where’d you get that?” when it comes to our Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds set. It’s … Continue reading


Double Decker Mac and Cheese Stuffed Bacon Weave Taco

Double Decker Mac & Cheese Stuffed Bacon Weave Taco

We’ve seen a lot of uses for bacon, but actually physically weaving bacon slices together is one of those brilliant ideas that we’re surprised Einstein didn’t focus on instead of that E=mc2 nonsense. Instead, it’s Nick of DudeFoods who will likely … Continue reading


Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots

Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots

The current Jedi master of confectionery creations, Dominique Ansel, has done it again. Not satisfied with creating last year’s highly sought-after Cronut, Dominique has now morphed the chocolate chip cookie with the requisite glass of milk. This is a shot … Continue reading


Worlds Largest Snickers Bar

World’s Largest Snickers Bar

If a Snickers bar satisfies, what does the World’s Largest Snickers Bar do? As far as we see it, it removes the need for trivial things like “lunch” and “dinner” and “sanity.” Weighing in at 450g, measuring almost a foot … Continue reading


Best Whiskey Drinks

Essential Cocktail Recipes: 30 Best Whiskey Drinks

For the most part, we prefer to drink our whiskey neat. Whether it be our favorite single malt Scotch, or a good ‘ole American Kentucky bourbon. Pour a finger’s width or two of pretty much anything good, and we’re happy … Continue reading


Ben and Jerry's Core Blondie Brownie

Ben & Jerry’s Core Ice Cream Flavors

They may be a pair of peaceful Vermonters, but Ben and Jerry show no mercy when it comes to viciously attacking our taste buds. Their latest bold offensive comes in the form of a new ‘Core’ line of ice cream flavors, … Continue reading