Worlds Best Museums

The 26 Best Museums In The World

We’re not recommending this as a project, but if you were to spend the rest of your life visiting all the museums in the world, it would take you… well, we don’t actually know how long it would take you, … Continue reading


Best Camp Chairs

Better for the Rest: The 7 Best Camp Chairs

Sitting. We do it all the time without even thinking about it, yet when we get put into an environment where there is no good place to settle, it becomes everything. When out in the woods without a good camp … Continue reading


Best Trekking Poles

Walkin’ Sticks: The 7 Best Trekking Poles

Anyone that thinks walking is easy is doing it wrong. Sure, any schlub can mosey around the block, but you’re looking to do more than that. You’re looking to scale peaks, to climb miles into the sky and knock at … Continue reading


Best Tennis Rackets

Courtship: The 7 Best Tennis Rackets

Never let it be said that tennis is not a manly game. Sure, there isn’t a lot of bone crunching going on, but there is Maria Sharapova and Daniela Hantuchova grunting and groaning the day away, which you can’t beat … Continue reading


Best Travel Backpacks

Sack Up: The 7 Best Travel Backpacks

Travelers have long felt a gap in their options for luggage. Backpackers had their hefty frames that let them go for days in the wilderness. Business travelers had their briefcases and cute little rolling suitcases, but what about the people … Continue reading


Best Bike Helmets

Brain Buckets: The 7 Best Bike Helmets

As kids, most of us zipped around the streets at breakneck speeds on crummy little pieces of tin. It’s a miracle we’re not all eating through a straw. As adults, we (hopefully) know better than to take to the streets … Continue reading


Best Concert Halls

The 14 Best Concert Halls In The World

We don’t think about it when we’re camped out overnight in line for a Stones or Springsteen concert, but a big part of the sound we can hardly wait to wrap our ears around is down to the acoustics at … Continue reading


Best Hedge Trimmers

Lawn Sculpting: The 6 Best Hedge Trimmers

No one likes to shave and that includes dealing with the stubble that your hedges develop. If you’re still out there hacking off stragglers and cleaning up branches by hand, then you, my friend, are living in the dark ages. … Continue reading


Best Pressure Washers

Hose Down: The 6 Best Pressure Washers

Ever changed your oil in your driveway only to see spots later? Ever looked up to see spider webs under your eaves? Ever actually swabbed a deck? Then you know what it is like to want a pressure washer. The … Continue reading


Best Camping Lanterns

Take Back the Night: The 6 Best Camping Lanterns

Since mankind first crouched in filthy groves, unwashed and grunting – so, like last Thursday – it has sought to conquer its environment. It wanted to travel to strange lands and not get eaten by all the bigger, scarier animals … Continue reading