Best Kayaks

Water Gliders: The 8 Best Kayaks

Sure, the first time you slide yourself into a kayak, it’s going to feel strange and you’ll get a vague notion that everyone is laughing at you. Just relax. They almost certainly are. That doesn’t mean that you should quit, … Continue reading


Best Butcher Knives

Mince Meat: The 8 Best Butcher Knives

Any captain of the kitchen should already have his standard sidearm: The Chef’s knife. But a grillmaster will need something else: A butcher knife. The two are often confused by the layperson who believes that one can replace the other. … Continue reading


Best All Terrain Vehicles

Ridin’ Dirty: The 8 Best All-Terrain Vehicles

The All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and close cousin the Utility Vehicle (UTV) began their lives as clunky, awkward pieces of farm equipment which had about as much power as a Vespa. They were laughable things that no sportsman, outdoor enthusiast, or … Continue reading


Best Sunglasses For Men

Summer Essentials: 18 Best Sunglasses for Men

Summer’s around the corner, which means your calendar will soon be filled with beach vacations, backyard BBQs, outdoor weddings, and other social occasions that will (finally) place you in direct sunlight. But before the festivities heat up, you might want … Continue reading


Best Swim Goggles

Splash Guards: The 8 Best Swimming Goggles

Your eyes are one of the most delicate parts of your body, and yet they are constantly exposed to bombardment from the elements. As damaging as wind and sun can be, the toxic chemicals in water can be even worse. … Continue reading


Best Mens Watches Under 500

The 30 Best Men’s Watches Under $500

The world is overrun with clocks. They’re on our phones, our tablets, our computers, our magic boxes that cook, and in our cars. You have to go out of your way to not know what time it is. So why … Continue reading


Best Jump Ropes 0

Hop On: The 8 Best Jump Ropes

Sometimes getting fit means looking to unlikely places for inspiration. In the case of jump ropes, it means looking to little girls chanting as they play double dutch in the park. Sure, you’re a big, strapping man, but those lean … Continue reading


Best Pour Over Coffee Maker

Manual Mud: The 9 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

When it came to pass that electricity could be pumped into every home, the first thing we did (being rational human beings) was to throw away our manual coffee makers and seek out electric percolators in order to stop the … Continue reading


Best Eye Creams For Men

Nip & Tuck: The 9 Best Eye Creams for Men

Men used to be proud of their weathered skin. An aged face was distinctive, showing that a guy had really lived life in the hard winds, bright sun, and pounding surf of the world. Now, rather than giving you an … Continue reading


Best Weekender Duffel Bags

The 40 Best Duffel Bags and Weekenders For Men

In less enlightened times, men didn’t care too much for the bag he carried. In fact, displaying more than a passing interest in such matters might have lost him some serious masculinity points. But times change. The 21st century gent … Continue reading