Best Car Bluetooth Kits

Hands Off: The 6 Best Bluetooth Car Kits

Not everyone can afford to have a hands-free kit built into their car. Others realize that many of the factory systems leave much to be desired and so they seek out their own aftermarket in-car Bluetooth kit. The advantage to … Continue reading


Best Winter Boots

Out In The Cold: The 12 Best Winter Boots

Winter is weird and unpredictable at the best of times and given the odds that a repeat performance of the Polar Vortex is likely, expect the cold months to be unusual in the most unpleasant way possible. What this means … Continue reading


Best Ice Scrapers

De-Frosted: The 6 Best Ice Scrapers

It’s soon going to be that time of the year where men and women shall be forced to leave their warm homes to spend time digging their cars out of snow,¬†thermal socks¬†and boots working overtime as they curse the deadly … Continue reading


Best Thermal Socks

Frost Fighters: The 7 Best Thermal Socks

The onset of winter used to be a cute notion. It promised hours of sipping whiskey, the smell of a roaring fire, and trying to break your neck stringing lights all over your house while some crooner sang about Jack … Continue reading


Worlds Most Famous Streets

29 Of The World’s Most Famous Streets

If a city is defined by its streets, then it should follow that our most famous streets will be situated in the greatest cities. To test this, we went looking for the best known streets we could find. With just … Continue reading


Best HD Camcorders

Moving Pictures: The 7 Best HD Camcorders

The word “camcorder” has fallen into serious disuse. Those of us who once owned parachute pants or can still cough up all the words to “Ice, Ice Baby” still think of them as massive devices that could only be lifted … Continue reading


Best Hammers

Crushing It: The 7 Best Hammers

True, you can slap any hunk of metal, wood, or hide on the end of a stick and call it a hammer, but such rudimentary inventions have no place on a job site or even hanging from the belt of … Continue reading


Best Hiking Socks

Ascendance: The 7 Best Hiking Socks

Hikers often face the biggest variety of challenges of any outdoor sportsman. On any given day they could find themselves fording a stream, scrambling over rocks, trekking through deadly snowpack, or days of heat that would drive desert dwellers to … Continue reading


Greatest Buildings On Earth

23 Of The Greatest Buildings In The World

For the past three thousand years or more, people across the world have been designing and constructing amazing buildings. They are built for many different reasons: in homage to loved ones, as tombs for the dead, as homes to live … Continue reading


Best Bug Zappers

Go Into The Light: The 6 Best Bug Zappers

Human beings declared electrocution to be too cruel a way to kill someone, but it is almost too good for insects. The obnoxious little blood suckers seem to have almost no point or purpose beyond ruining your picnic, bothering your … Continue reading