Best Bug Zappers

Go Into The Light: The 6 Best Bug Zappers

Human beings declared electrocution to be too cruel a way to kill someone, but it is almost too good for insects. The obnoxious little blood suckers seem to have almost no point or purpose beyond ruining your picnic, bothering your … Continue reading


Best Waterproof Socks

Submergence: The 5 Best Waterproof Socks

Socks are one of those accessories that often get overlooked by adventurers. No matter how good your water shoes are or how well your hiking boots can grip the slippery rocks in a stream bed, soaking socks can stop you … Continue reading


Best Thrillers Suspense Movies

The 25 Best Thrillers & Suspense Movies Of All Time

Sure, we can pretend to understand that not everyone enjoys having their insides twisted like the twistiest of Twizzlers when watching a movie, but really, we don’t get it. The feeling that a superb thriller leaves you with is unlike … Continue reading


Best Slippers

Hot Foot: The 7 Best Slippers

Summer has died and cold snaps are striking across the country like unwelcome guests creeping around in the dead of night and chilling your toes and causing your girlfriend to shove her frozen feet against you as you lounge on … Continue reading


Best Sports Movies Ever

The 25 Best Sports Movies Of All Time

Not rooting for the underdog is kind of like rooting for the dealer in Blackjack (or the Yankees)—what’s the point?  If you love sports movies, you have to love a good underdog story, because that’s what most of them are. That’s … Continue reading


Best Crossbows

Bolt Throwers: The 7 Best Crossbows

Crossbows have been getting some bad press lately. Even purists have taken to calling the once beloved flat bows “overrated,” “clumsy,” and “awkward.” Such lies should not be tolerated. Ever since compound longbow makers have found new ways to add … Continue reading


Worlds Best Temples

The 23 Most Amazing Temples In The World

According to some estimates, there are around four thousand different religions in practice around the world. The exact number depends on your definition of religion. Once you get into the thousands, your definition can be said to be fairly loose. … Continue reading


Worlds Most Expensive Hotels

11 Of The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

For most of us, price is a significant factor when choosing a hotel. We’re looking for comfort, location and amenities, but we don’t want to go crazy with the bill. Rarely do we find ourselves saying, “I don’t care what … Continue reading


Best Compound Bows

Drop the Gun: The 6 Best Compound Bows

The bow was the first true projectile weapon that man invented. They changed the game when it came to both hunting and warfare. To this day the bow is still a formidable killing device that is more elegant than a … Continue reading


Best Wire Strippers

Taking It Off: The 5 Best Wire Strippers

Everyone knows that you can’t beat a really good stripper. Sadly, if you’re doing electrical work, rewiring, or just trying to add an outlet to your home, you might be forced to settle for a wire stripper rather than the … Continue reading