Best Action Cameras

Into the Fray: The 7 Best Action Cameras

Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or just a sports enthusiast who wants to document every painful dirt bike crash you will ever go through, the one must-have item on your list is an action camera. While many shoppers will immediately … Continue reading


Best Stout Beers

Darkly Delicious: The 15 Best Stouts

Stouts come in many different varieties, such as imperial stouts, milk stouts, and coffee stouts – all of which have their own unique characteristics. But if you’ve never ventured away from the common brews–like Guinness–you’re missing out on a world … Continue reading


Best Desktop Speakers

Make Your Computer Sing: The 10 Best Desktop Speakers

When it comes to the audio that comes out of a desktop computer, many people are content to use the simple, basic speakers that come with their machine. They plug in these cheap parodies that no true fan of music … Continue reading


Best Overwater Bungalow Vacation Spots

The 12 Best Overwater Bungalow Vacation Spots on the Planet

What do we love most about overwater bungalow vacation spots? The morning wake up. You crawl out of bed, step outside, and cannonball off the front porch into crystal clear waters. It’s how we man-up to the morning, a return … Continue reading


Best Double IPA Beers

Hopped Up: The 12 Best Double IPAs

In recent years a trend has emerged in which craft brewers – who once put out a standard of “something light, something dark, and something hoppy” – are challenging the idea that the human tongue can only conceive up to … Continue reading


Best In-Ear Headphones Earbuds

Playing By Ear: The 12 Best Earbuds

If you like tinny music with no soul, then most iPods and other digital music players come with a set of earbuds that you can use. These headphones are usually cheap bits of plastic that will fall out at all … Continue reading


Best Porsches

Accept No Substitute: The 10 Best Porsches Of All Time

Ask a hardcore Porsche guy what the 10 best Porsches of all time were, and you’ll probably get a list of serial numbers of individual 959 race cars, none of which could be had at auction even for several million … Continue reading


Best Summer Beers

The 20 Best Beers for the Summer Season

There’s a reason that we’re beginning to see summer beers hit grocery stores earlier and earlier every year, and it’s because people can’t get enough of summer! Whether you’re at a barbecue slinging meat from the grill or you’re sitting … Continue reading


Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones 0

The Sound of Silence: The 12 Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones

10-cylinder cars, phones that talk back, and screaming at football games are what make civilization great. They also make it loud. All this noise pollution is enough to drive a person mad. In order to shut it all out and … Continue reading


Best Tactical Pens

If Pens Could Kill: The 12 Best Tactical Pens

There’s a good chance you already include a nice writing pen as part of your every day carry, so why not opt for one that could help save your life in an emergency? Tactical pens are sturdy writing tools that … Continue reading