Best Cruiser Bikes

Beach Day: The 8 Best Cruiser Bikes

There’s a whole culture of people that make bicycling look like work. They’re out there day after day with their sleek bodies and spandex outfits, working up a sweat on a road bike┬áthat looks far too thin to be useful. … Continue reading


Best Pomades For Men

Beyond Dapper: The 8 Best Pomades for Men

The word “Pomade” can conjure up notions of 50’s greasers with combs tucked into their jean pockets and cigarettes rolled up in their sleeves. It might also bring back memories of that tin of stuff your grandfather had next to … Continue reading


Best Headphones Under 200

Sound Off: The 8 Best Headphones Under $200

We’re living in a material world and nowhere is that clearer than in the headphone market. From budget earbuds┬áthat are practically disposable, to concert-level cups that make it sound like an orchestra is crashing on your couch, you can find … Continue reading


Best Spring Season Beers

The 15 Best Beers To Drink This Spring Season

Spring means that leaves are coming back, your first round of cleaning is underway, and baseball is about to start. That doesn’t mean that you need to shelve your beer habit, however. Despite not being known for the high gravity … Continue reading


Best Boxing Gloves

Yo, Adrian: The 8 Best Boxing Gloves

To the naked eye, boxing gloves all look alike. Some have pretty colors or interesting designs, but it’s tough to tell from afar what sets these mitts apart. That is, until you have to swing them around for twelve rounds. … Continue reading


Best Mens Face Wash

Mug Scrubs: The 8 Best Face Washes for Men

Guys tend to neglect their skin. This leads to clogged pores, breakouts, flaking, and a prematurely aged look from using the harsh chemicals found in bar soaps on the relatively delicate skin of your face. Unless you want to prematurely … Continue reading


Best Headphones Under 50

Sound Investment: The 8 Best Headphones Under $50

It seems simple. You aren’t a studio professional who needs $400 DJ headphones. You’re just a person who wants a sturdy pair of private speakers that don’t make your music sound like it’s being played at the bottom of an … Continue reading


Best Bike Racks For Cars

Mount Up: The 7 Best Bike Racks for Cars

Serious cyclists know that no matter how good the streets near your house are, no matter how sick the hills, there are still better paths over the horizon. Since shipping your bike is expensive, and carrying it around like a … Continue reading


Best Deodorants For Men

Musk Masks: The 8 Best Deodorants for Men

Women might be able to convince the world that they glow with a lustrous sheen, but men sweat. We don’t sweat pretty either. We dump out buckets of the stuff. Working up a good sweat on the job or at … Continue reading


Best Penlights

Pinpoints: The 7 Best Penlights

When you’re out working search and rescue in the pitch darkness of the Yukon territory or trying to catch escaped fugitives, then you need an LED flashlight that is as bright as the sun. The rest of the time, having … Continue reading