Best Yoga Mats

Twist and Shout: The 5 Best Yoga Mats

As men, we’ve all had a moment when we thought that yoga didn’t look like exercise. It doesn’t even really look like warming up. Then, we tried it and discovered to our horror how hard it was to contort into … Continue reading


Best Machete Knives

Hack and Slash: The 6 Best Machetes

When we think of machete’s in modern day we either envision jungle adventurers cutting through thick vines on their way to uncover ancient Mayan ruins where there is legendary amounts of gold or we picture Danny Trejo dispensing his special … Continue reading


Must See Movies 2015

The 30 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

Good news bad news time. The bad: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens doesn’t hit theaters until December 18. And that’s if there are no setbacks. The good news? There are a ton of potentially powerful movies to … Continue reading


Best Winter Beers

The 15 Best Winter Beers To Drink This Season

Winter is really cold. In fact, it can be downright unpleasant. The image of fall, for example, is romanticized by the falling of multi-colored leaves and warm apple cider. The image of winter however, is more like a sober person … Continue reading


Valentines Day Gifts For Him

Men’s Wishlist: 35 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day has become a savage, mercenary commercial holiday that is all about materialism. Which. Is. Great. News. A commercial holiday means a chance to both give and receive stuff, which is always fun. If you’re like many people in … Continue reading


Best Electric Bikes

Jump Start: The 6 Best Electric Bikes

If there is a hell then it isn’t a fiery inferno where guys dressed in fetish gear poke you with farm implements. Rather it is going to be a place where you are eternally stuck in rush hour traffic with … Continue reading


Best Carabiners

Strongest Links: The 6 Best Carabiners

Life is all about connections. The connections you have to your family and friends offer joy and purpose. Your connections in business create opportunity and riches. And your physical connections to your gadgets, gear, or the cliff you are scaling … Continue reading


Best Snowboard Boots

Goofy Feet: The 6 Best Snowboard Boots

The rumor mill has been in overdrive of late claiming that the snowboard boot industry is going to hell in a handbasket. Big names like Nike and Vans are bailing out of the business and with more innovations being made … Continue reading


Best Tactical Combat Knife

Close Combat: The 8 Best Tactical Knives

When the Boy Scouts say “Be Prepared” they mean make sure you can tie knots, know what plants are edible, and can lead group sing-a-longs in tune. When we say it, we mean you need to get yourself the best … Continue reading


Best Fixed Blade Knives

Hard Cuts: The 8 Best Fixed Blade Knives

Multi-tools and folding pocket knives are great for their purpose, but no matter how stiff their locking mechanism or how strong their handle, they’re never going to match up to a good fixed blade knife. Whatever your purpose, be it working … Continue reading