Fktionary Card Game 1

F**ktionary Card Game

Well, we’re just 65 days away from Thanksgiving, and that seems like the right amount of time to prep your family members for a very different kind of board game this year. “Grandma, we figured we’d give Monopoly a rest … Continue reading


Bull Terrior Illustrations by Rafael Mantesso 0

Bull Terrior Illustrations by Rafael Mantesso

It’s possible dogs might be even more than just “man’s best friend,” because how many best friends would let you dress you up with a bikini top on your head for an Instagram picture? Or with your head sticking out … Continue reading


Jason Paul Arcade Run- Freerunning In 8bit

Jason Paul Arcade Run: Freerunning In 8bit

Since its inception in 2003, Freerunning has gone on to become the perfect way for countless individuals to express themselves through their environment without limitation of movement. There are literally no constraints to the young martial discipline, and ‘Arcade Run: … Continue reading


Where Are They Now- Cartoon Characters

Where Are They Now?: Cartoon Stars

Ya ever wonder what happened to your favorite cartoon characters from the 80s? If you thought they were frozen in time just as you remembered them, you are sadly mistaken. Illustrator and animator Steve Cutts has created an amazing and … Continue reading


Best Thrillers Suspense Movies

The 25 Best Thrillers & Suspense Movies Of All Time

Sure, we can pretend to understand that not everyone enjoys having their insides twisted like the twistiest of Twizzlers when watching a movie, but really, we don’t get it. The feeling that a superb thriller leaves you with is unlike … Continue reading


Best Sports Movies Ever

The 25 Best Sports Movies Of All Time

Not rooting for the underdog is kind of like rooting for the dealer in Blackjack (or the Yankees)—what’s the point?  If you love sports movies, you have to love a good underdog story, because that’s what most of them are. That’s … Continue reading


Underwater Puppies 1

Underwater Puppies by Seth Casteel

We imagine there might be a few things more capable of turning a frown upside down than pictures of puppies underwater, but we just can’t think of any right now. So that’s why award-winning photographer Seth Casteel was very wise … Continue reading


Run Walter RUN GoPro Dog Video

‘Run Walter, RUN’ GoPro Dog Video

It’s almost as if someone yelled “Last one in the water is a poodle!” or “First one in gets the last package of Beggin Strips!”, but no; no one had to prod the pooch in this awesome 35-second clip of … Continue reading


Batman- The Ride 4D Roller Coaster

Batman: The Ride 4D Roller Coaster

Nervous about Ben Affleck as Batman? Don’t be. Save your Batman-themed anxiety for your trip to San Antonio’s Six Flags Fiesta Texas next year when Batman: The Ride promises to excite both the brave and the bold. Six Flags is pretty … Continue reading


Living With Jigsaw

Living With Jigsaw

No matter how many lame roommates you’ve had to endure over the years, you’ve never had one as bad as Jigsaw. OK, so technically Jigsaw is the sick old dude from the Saw movies, and the puppet’s name is actually … Continue reading