Best Drama Movies

The 50 Best Drama Movies Of All Time

Of course every movie technically features some drama in it, but that doesn’t make it a drama per se. Wikipedia calls it a “film genre that depends mostly on in-depth development of realistic characters dealing with emotional themes.” To us, that … Continue reading


Action Movie Kid- Volume 2

Action Movie Kid: Volume 2

The dad of the decade is back! DreamWorks animator Daniel Hashimoto is one of those guys who brings his work home with him (and we sincerely hope he continues to do so). He turns cute home movies of his toddler son into … Continue reading


Daredevil Selfie Atop The Centre Skyscraper in Hong Kong

The Centre Skyscraper ‘Daredevil Selfie’ in Hong Kong

No matter how many daredevils we encounter during our daily internet browsing, there always seem to be one that stands out from the crowd. This knee-weakening video of a group of kids having a picnic atop The Centre skyscraper in … Continue reading


Shower Thoughts Read By Nick Offerman

Genius Shower Thoughts Read by Nick Offerman

The Internet comes up with some brilliant stuff, no doubt. One of the latest batches of comedy gold has emerged on reddit, and it’s called Shower Thoughts; think Stephen Wright’s comedy, only crowdsourced. They’re both impressively clever and funny. But … Continue reading


Jeep- The Adventure Never Stops

Jeep: The Adventure Never Stops

Since our childhood days, we’ve had an affinity for Jeeps, and it’s only grown stronger into our older years. That’s exactly why we’d pick ‘Jeep: The Adventure Never Stops’ as one of our favorite coffee table books to date. Over … Continue reading


Jardines de la Reina - CUBA

Goliath Grouper’s Shark Dinner

It’s not the first time we’ve ever seen it, but this amateur footage capturing a Goliath Grouper swallow a 4-foot shark whole is some of the best we’ve ever witnessed. Anyone who’s ever tried reeling in a 4-foot shark knows … Continue reading


Every Single Death From Quentin Tarantinos Films

Every Single Death From Quentin Tarantino’s Films

A Quentin Tarantino film without somebody getting shot is like an episode of The View without a migraine; it’s par for the course. But while we’re not really interested in counting up the migraines, we wouldn’t mind seeing all the viciously violent … Continue reading


Street Speed Painter Surprise

Speed Painter Surprise

Speed painting is always fun to watch. Anytime we see a street artist doing his thing, we make a point to check it out – and this video shows exactly why. The 2-minute video sees a masked artist putting on … Continue reading


LEGO Ghostbusters Short Film

LEGO Ghostbusters Short Film

If you’ve been holding your breath for a Ghostbusters 3, you surely passed out a long time ago. Instead of dwelling on the ifs, let’s focus on the here and now, because there’s a nifty new Ghostbusters movie out. The catch … Continue reading


Stylist Gives Free Haircuts To Homeless in New York 1

Stylist Gives Free Haircuts To Homeless in New York

Most people spend their days off relaxing, catching up on much needed rest and sleep – but not Mark Bustos. The New York based hair stylist spends his Sunday (his only day off from work) giving free haircuts to the … Continue reading