Batman 75th Anniversary Stamps 1

Batman 75th Anniversary Stamps

We’re not sure if Adam West ever pulled a roll of Bat Stamps out of his utility belt to mail a Bat Letter, but we’d put our money on yes, yes he did. And now you can too, as the … Continue reading


Horizontal Shower by Dornbracht 1

Horizontal Shower by Dornbracht

Have you ever had trouble mustering up enough energy to take a shower after a long, hot day at work? Well, the fine engineers at Dornbracht have a solution: the Horizontal Shower. The Horizontal Shower was unveiled at a trade … Continue reading


Giant Vintage Aluminum Chess Set 1

Giant Vintage Aluminum Chess Set

While chess is a great game, many individuals purchase chess sets as an art display – as oppose to actually playing. If that’s something that interests you, there are few better options than this Giant Vintage Aluminum Chess Set. Brought … Continue reading


Ferrari x LEGO Collection 0

Ferrari x LEGO Collection

Ferrari and LEGO have teamed up to release a limited collection of iconic cars in toy brick form to help promote Shell V-Power. With all of the collaborations LEGO has been involved in over the years, we were impatiently waiting … Continue reading


Iron Vault Desk 1

20th Century Iron Vault Desk

The folks at Restoration Hardware are constantly churning out furniture inspired from a simpler time (although the price tag wouldn’t always suggest something simple). Introducing the 20th century inspired Iron Vault Desk. Inspired specifically by the stalwart safes that were … Continue reading


LEGO 1969 Chevrolet Corvette 1

LEGO 1969 Chevrolet Corvette

You don’t see many ’69 Vettes on the road anymore, but thanks to one spirited enthusiast, you could see one on your shelf soon. As you may know, LEGO lets its fans pitch their own projects to the company, and … Continue reading


Hunting Lodge Man Cave Project 1

Hunting Lodge Man Cave Project

Think you can’t achieve an amazing atmosphere in your basement? Redditor Kelhans loves hunting and refused to not have a room in his home that immersed him in the age-old art of slaying beasts. The craziest part about the whole … Continue reading


The Beer Tree Home Brewer 00

The Beer Tree Home Brewer

Thinking of all the meaningful trees we’ve discovered in our lives, like The Giving Tree and The Joshua Tree, we realized there was one glaring absence: The Beer Tree. But now it’s here, and life just feels better already. This … Continue reading


Cooking Blocks LEGO Utensils 0

Cooking Blocks LEGO Utensils

When you were a kid you created buildings, bridges, and entire cities with LEGOs. Good times. But that was also back when mom had your dinner ready every night like clockwork. These days, you are often the one who has … Continue reading


Pantone Beer Cans by Txaber 0

Pantone Beer Packaging by Txaber

The true beer connoisseur will almost always have an idea of what color the actual beer is inside the darkened bottle or opaque can he’s about to open, but what about the casual drinker? Spanish designer Txaber has created a … Continue reading