DIY Lighted Pipe Shelves 1

DIY Lighted Pipe Shelves

Particle board and steel pipes. That doesn’t exactly sound like the makings of an awesome exercise in steampunk-style shelving, but Walter Warren of Warren & Goodin, Inc. has proven anything is possible with a little imagination… and a lot of … Continue reading


LEGO Carbon Fiber Tiles 1

LEGO Carbon Fiber Tiles

Not content with simply creating the Lincoln Memorial out of LEGO pieces? OK, fine, perhaps Honest Abe does deserve better. If you’re the type who wants to inject a little adult flair into his childhood hobby, these Carbon Fiber Tiles … Continue reading


The Bomb Drinks Cabinet 1

The Bomb Drinks Cabinet

This thing is The Bomb. No, we’re not resurrecting mid-90s slang, it’s actually called The Bomb, and if we were still saying “it’s all that,” we might be inclined to utter that phrase too right now. UK-based Fallen Furniture specializes … Continue reading


BackJoy SitSmart Posture Plus Seat 0

BackJoy SitSmart Posture Plus Seat

They say you should take care of your back, because you only get one. While it would be ideal to invest in a good ergonomic office chair, we understand that not everyone can afford such a luxury, which is what … Continue reading


LEGO Architecture Lincoln Memorial 1

LEGO Architecture Lincoln Memorial

Perhaps you’ve built some beautiful towers, tunnels, and weird, what-the-hell-is-that-anyway structures in your days as a LEGO architect, but you’ve surely never built a fitting structure for probably America’s greatest president. Now you can. Yes, the iconic Lincoln Memorial in … Continue reading


1000 COLOURS Puzzle 1

1000 COLOURS Jigsaw Puzzle

Think of Clemens Habicht’s 1000 COLOURS puzzle as the hobby equivalent of digging a hole out of jail with a teaspoon: It’ll be unbelievably painstaking and patience-testing, but when you’re finally done you’ll be a free man. A free man … Continue reading


11 Plus World Desk Clock 1

11+ World Desk Clock

“It’s 5:00 somewhere” goes the saying, and hey, if that’s all you need to give yourself permission to throw back the first brewskie of the day, then you need the 11+ World Desk Clock. Korean–based design firm 11+ brings us … Continue reading


Wall Ride by Zanocchi and Starke 1

Wall Ride by Zannochi & Starke

We all have had some pretty awesome skateboards throughout our lifetime, some of them we wish we could have displayed on our bedroom wall (for example, some of our World Industries boards). Now, there’s a solution for that. Introducing the Wall … Continue reading


The Dr Dreidel 1

The Dr. Dreidel

Yep, we’re getting closer and closer to almost every idea that has ever existed being put into actual production. How do we know? Because we just found the Dr. Dreidel. But yeah, perhaps the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah does need … Continue reading


Heckler Design OneLess Desk

OneLess Desk

If your apartment space is tighter than Santa’s boxer briefs, you can’t really afford to give up a lot of real estate for a big computer desk. Enter OneLess Desk, Heckler Design’s slim and stylish desk that promises a tiny … Continue reading