Tactical Holiday Stocking

Tactical Holiday Stocking

If that yule log ever explodes and sets the tree on fire, you’re gonna need to make a hasty exit. But that hardly means you need to leave your stocking behind. The Tactical Holiday Stocking from ThinkGeek takes the traditional Christmas … Continue reading


Slate Mobile AirDesk 0

Slate Mobile AirDesk

Whether you’re a student, business professional, or gamer, the Slate Mobile AirDesk is the ultimate accessory for laptop users, offering up all the conveniences of a desktop workstation, from the comfort of your couch. Look, we get that mobility is … Continue reading


Bruce Lee Playing Cards 1

Bruce Lee Playing Cards

Poker night just got deep. These Bruce Lee Playing Cards will do that to your ‘guys night in’ or just look damn cool on your shelf of collectibles. The cards are from Dan & Dave and they’re made in conjunction with … Continue reading


Ultimate Tool Cabinet by Benchmark 1

Ultimate Tool Cabinet by Benchmark

Just like with candlemakers, blacksmiths, and Blockbuster movie associates, you don’t hear about many people being cabinetmakers these days. But perhaps that would change if the job came with this lavishly elegant tool cabinet. Handmade by Benchmark, this set features an extensive selection of tools, all housed in a … Continue reading


Skull Armchair by Harow 00

Skull Armchair by Harow

Maybe Skeletor would’ve been more successful had he gone into professional furniture design instead of He-Man antagonism, because this Skull Armchair is a thing of beauty. Made from resin with a steel internal frame and black gloss finish, it’s clearly the kind of seat that … Continue reading


Vintage Arcade Skeeball 1

Vintage Arcade Skeeball

Put on your cleanest pair of knickers and get ready to go back to the 1930s; a time when, if you referred to yourself as a hardcore gamer in public, after people finished looking at you funny, they’d probably find you at the … Continue reading

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Boomf Instagram Pictures On Marshmallows 1

Boomf Instagram Pictures On Marshmallows

We’ve entered hot cocoa season now, and everybody knows hot cocoa without whipped cream and marshmallows is illegal. However, putting your Instagram pictures on a marshmallow sounds like it’s illegal, but it’s totally not. We checked. It’s also a freakin’ fantastic idea by these crazy cats from … Continue reading


Candle by the Hour 80-Hour Vertical Candle 1

80-Hour Rope Candle by Candle by the Hour

Just when you thought candle technology had been extinguished, here comes something new and hot from the age-old frontier of burning wax. The 80-Hour Rope Candle by the team at Candle by the Hour is stylish for sure, but it’s the ‘self-timer’ function … Continue reading


Star Wars Death Star Wall Tiles 1

Star Wars Death Star Wall Tiles

Tom Spina Designs (yes the same guys responsible for the Han Solo Carbonite desk), are returning to the galaxy far, far beyond with this set of Star Wars Death Star Wall Tiles. As where the desk was designed specifically for … Continue reading


Breaking Bad Blue Sky Snow Globe 1

Breaking Bad Blue Sky Snow Globe

Breaking Bad ended months ago (we still can’t believe it), but that doesn’t mean we still aren’t keeping our eyes peeled for the best Breaking Bad gifts out there. Just put on the market as a limited time holiday release, … Continue reading