Sky Planter Upside Down Plants 1

Sky Planter Upside Down Plants

Need a little extra motivation to put a few (non Cannabis) plants in your home? Want that Boston fern to be more badass? Hang ‘em upside down. Sky Planter makes this gravity-defying dream a reality with its innovative mesh collar that keeps your plant or … Continue reading


Iorca Chic Bunker Bed 1

Iorca Chic Bunker Bed

The Iorca Chic is easily one of the coolest beds we’ve ever encountered. Crafted using nothing but high quality components and materials, this bed hides a huge secret underneath the mattress. What is that secret you ask? Well it could … Continue reading


Suspended Swingrest by Dedon 1

Suspended Swingrest by Dedon

While it’s probably not the best piece of furniture for the colder months that lie ahead, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Suspended Swingrest is a contender for best summer time seating. Created by French designer Daniel Pouzet … Continue reading


Kanz Tray Plus 12 Slim Beer Glasses

Kanz Tray Plus 12 Slim Beer Glasses

I know you’re probably not gonna believe this, but check it out: The Germans have a beer-tasting tradition. Yeah! The Germans of all people! We’re not sure if that tradition is simply treating every month like Oktoberfest or what, but that tradition … Continue reading


Booktree Book Shelf 1

Booktree Bookshelf

Bookshelves are an essential part to any home decor. Whether you’re an avid reader or not, chances are you do have some books, and it doesn’t take much to fill out the Booktree bookshelf. Designed by Kostas Syrtariotis, this bookshelf … Continue reading


Star Wars Yoda Holiday Lights 0

Star Wars Yoda Holiday Lights

While we love us some Darth Vader, sometimes we like to switch things up, and show some love for the good guys during the holiday season. These Star Wars Yoda Holiday Lights are the perfect way to decorate your Christmas … Continue reading


70 000 Stealth Ping Pong Table by Eleven Ravens 1

$70,000 Stealth Ping Pong Table by Eleven Ravens

Forrest Gump, a large section of China, and everyone who enjoys ping pon–sorry, table tennis, now knows what gaming perfection looks like. It looks like this. The Stealth Table from Eleven Ravens is valued at $70,000, and a big reason why … Continue reading


LEGO Architecture Marina Bay Sands 1

LEGO Architecture Marina Bay Sands Hotel

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore has always been one of our favorite resorts, so it really wasn’t all that surprising that the team at LEGO decided to introduce this marvel as the latest building in their ongoing LEGO … Continue reading


Rainbow Magic Narwhal Sculpture By Kozyndan 1

Rainbow Magic Narwhal Sculpture By Kozyndan

Some medieval Europeans believed narwhal tusks to be the horns from the legendary unicorn; it looks like Los Angeles-based artists Kozyndan subscribe to that theory too. In case you’re not familiar with narwhals, they’re similar to beluga whales, but narwhals are distinguished by their long tusks, which … Continue reading


Coolest LEGO Pop Culture Sets

The 33 Coolest Pop Culture LEGO Sets and Minifigures

Since 1949, LEGO building blocks have provided kids with countless hours of playtime. Hell, it’s provided us as adults with nonstop entertainment as well. LEGOs are one of the few toys you never really grow out of. In fact, as … Continue reading