Custom Video Game Book Covers 2

Custom Video Game Book Covers

We all know those copies of Madden  and Call of Duty on the shelf are not going to help you win any points with that female friend on her way over. Fret not fellow gamer, JamesBit has come up with … Continue reading


Nintendo NES Console Lunch Box 1

Retro Nintendo Console Lunch Box

The Nintendo Entertainment System was the end all be all when it came to video game consoles back in the late 1980s and early 90s. Although the system has been around for 30 years, and we have come a long … Continue reading


Ultimate Record Player Console 1

Ultimate Record Player Console

Sure we all use iTunes these days to store and organize our music collections, but there’s still a lot to be said when it comes to our old vinyl collection. We still even buy some of our favorite current day … Continue reading


Coolest Bookends

15 Coolest Bookends For Your Home Library

For many of us growing up in the digital age, books are quickly becoming more of an antique than a common find in our homes – at least in their physical format. Hungry for more knowledge, we are constantly searching … Continue reading


Non-Conformist Garden Gnome 1

Non-Conformist Garden Gnome

While there are  a small handful of badass garden gnomes out there, for the most part, these lawn statues were designed to attract and welcome visitors with their friendly smiles. The Non-Conformist Garden Gnome is most certainly the black sheep … Continue reading


The Living Cube- Apartment Storage System 00

The Living Cube: Apartment Storage System

We all know the drill when it comes to living in the city. Sure there is a ton of stuff to do downtown; bars, restaurants, parks, entertainment literally surrounds you. The problem is that you often sacrifice space for living … Continue reading


Fish Tank Aquarium Sink

Fish Tank Aquarium Sink

Every home needs a fish tank, but not all of have the space required to accommodate one. The Moody Aquarium Sink is perfect for these situations, as it fuses your bathroom sink with a full-fledged fish tank. This fish tank … Continue reading


Bean Bag Hammock Chair 0

Le Beanock: Bean Bag Hammock Chair

What’s better than lounging poolside in the hammock? How about laying by that same pool in a bean bag hammock? Le Beanock is a UK designed and built bean bag hammock chair that will eventually find its way into our … Continue reading


Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Refrigerator

Star Wars Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Refrigerator

The Han Solo frozen in carbonite scene from Star Wars has been transformed into nearly every product imaginable from ice cube trays to light switches, but we have never seen a Han Solo frozen in carbonite refrigerator. Dubbed “Hanasonic,” this realistic … Continue reading


Shrine Shoe Rack 1

Shrine Shoe Rack

Those of you out there that love your sneakers the same way we do will appreciate the awesomeness of the Shrine Shoe Rack. We’ve got a place to store our shoes, but there are very few options that allow to … Continue reading