Symbol Audio Desk 1

Symbol Audio Desk

If you appreciate clean design, and anti-cluttered work spaces, then you’ll love the Symbol Audio Desk – a desk with a built-in audio system. Designed by the New York based team at Symbol, the desk features sliding doors that open … Continue reading


Graffiti Coffee Table 1

Graffiti Coffee Table By Vans the Omega

While this is technically a coffee table, we somehow can’t see putting a mug on the Graffiti Coffee Table by Australian artist Vans the Omega. The thought of coffee rings mussing up the brilliant design and vibrant colors is enough … Continue reading


Tornado Ejector Seat Bar Stools 1

Tornado Ejector Seat Bar Stools

Looking for the ultimate gentleman’s bar stool for your bachelor pad? We’d be hard pressed to find anything more awesome than these Tornado Ejector Seat Bar Stools. The perfect way to finishing off any home bar setup, the team at … Continue reading


PodPad Wall-Mounted Workstation 0

PodPad Wall-Mounted Workstation

Working from home is great, but when you live in an apartment in the city, it can be a bit difficult to find some dedicated space for a home office. Inspired by the design of the old-school Murphy Bed, the … Continue reading

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AudioOrbs Cocoon Speaker 0

AudioOrbs Cocoon Speaker

The Wall of Sound was one of our favorite projects from 2013, and it looks like the the same design team responsible for that ambitious gadget is back with another one for the new year in the AudioOrbs Cocoon Speaker. … Continue reading


Mexican Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Wallpaper 1

Mexican Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Wallpaper

To the uninitiated, Mexico’s Day of the Dead holiday sounds like the kinda thing you’d wanna bring a bulletproof vest to; but to those who know it well, it’s a cherished day that’s even worthy of its own 24/7 presence in … Continue reading


The Simpsons LEGO Set 1

The Simpsons LEGO Set

It looks like LEGO has finally decided to team up with America’s favorite family for an officially licensed The Simpsons LEGO set. All we have to say is, it’s about time. After two plus decades of success (25 seasons), it’s … Continue reading


LEGO NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover 1

LEGO NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover

LEGO building bricks are one of the toys that you learn to appreciate more as you grow older. This has been fueled by the toy maker’s decision to not only continue to license childhood favorite brands, but also offerings that … Continue reading


The Workbed Desk 1

The Workbed Desk

With all the grueling hours you put in at the office, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to take a power nap (or two) to help get the creative juices flowing again. The Workbed concept lets you easily transform your … Continue reading


MK1 Mini Transforming Coffee Table 1

MK1 Mini Transforming Coffee Table

Here’s a real nice option for the bachelors out there who occasionally actually successfully lure a woman into their living spaces. The MK1 Mini Transforming Coffee Table can be your coffee table (OK, beer table) 90% of the time, then when a lady … Continue reading