Ostrich Pillow Light 1

Ostrich Pillow Light

After the Ostrich Pillow experienced a ton of success through Kickstarter, the team at Studio Banana Things have decided to iterate their revolutionary napping pillow with a more portable version dubbed the Ostrich Pillow Light. With people all around the globe … Continue reading


The New 52 Joker Mask 0

The New 52 Joker Mask

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and many of you still can’t decide what you’re going to be this year. There are a ton of great costume options out there, but few rival  the awesomeness of this New 52 … Continue reading


Alice in Wonderland Restaurant in Tokyo Japan 1

Alice in Wonderland Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan

Like something right out of Tim Burton’s movie, this whimsical Alice in Wonderland restaurant was designed by the team at the Japan based creative studio Fantastic Design Works. Opened by the folks at Diamond Dining, this is actually the fourth … Continue reading

Design, Food

2013 Whiskey Advent Calendar

2013 Whisky Advent Calendar

Christmas is our favorite holiday of the year – hands down. With that being said, we couldn’t think of a better way to count down the days until the big holiday than with this 2013 Whisky Advent Calendar. Operating just … Continue reading


Cloud Based LEGO Calendar 1

Cloud Based LEGO Calendar

The UK design team at Vitamins created an interactive LEGO calendar that will automatically sync with Google Calendar or iCal by simply taking a photo with your smartphone. Bridging the gap between the digital and the physical world, this revolutionary … Continue reading


Star Trek Captain Kirk Command Chair 1

Star Trek Captain Kirk Command Chair

Every man cave needs a captain’s chair. You know the chair that’s reserved for the man of the house.  This badass Star Trek Captain Kirk Command Chair fits the bill nicely. Designed to look just like the command chair Captain … Continue reading


Zombie Apocalypse Disney Princess Dolls 0

Once Upon A Zombie Dolls

The recently featured Zombie Disney Princesses print series still remains one of our favorite collections to date, and now that same concept of transforming princesses into zombies has been applied to this collection of dolls. Forget happily ever after, these princesses … Continue reading


Micro Pod Garden Office Studio 1

Micro Pod Garden Office Studio

While working from home is still a huge luxury, the amount of people actually working from home has increased quite a bit a bit over the years thanks largely in part to new technologies. When it comes time to design … Continue reading


Breaking Bad Heisenberg Air Freshener 1

Breaking Bad Heisenberg Air Freshener

Let the legacy of the almighty drug kingpin Heisenberg live on with this officially licensed Breaking Bad Heisenberg Air Freshener. Waking up this morning, we felt kind of empty inside. The thought of no more Sunday evenings with Breaking Bad … Continue reading


Grow Your Own Giant Redwood Tree Kit 1

Grow Your Own Giant Redwood Tree Kit

Planting trees is not only a fun activity, it’s also great for the environment. If you’re going to plant a tree though, why not skip all of the kid’s stuff, and grow your own giant redwood tree? This aptly titled … Continue reading