Giant Stash Pillowcase 1

Giant Stash Pillowcase

If you find feather pillows to be too mushy, perhaps it’s time you give cannabis a try—as in a cannabis-stuffed ziplock baggie full of Colorado’s favorite pain reliever. OK, so the Giant Stash Pillowcase only looks like it came out … Continue reading


The Cosmos Bed 1

The Cosmos Bed

As you already know, we love camping just as much as the next man, but we’ll take sleeping under the stars any way we can get it. Sometimes the weather just doesn’t allow for a night in the great outdoors, … Continue reading



The Big Lebowski Dream Rug

If you’ve seen The Big Lebowski, you know that a rug — a pissed upon rug, to be precise — is a key player in the film. No, it didn’t get any credits (Pissed On Rug – As Itself), but this 1998 … Continue reading


TogetherFarm Blocks LEGO Garden Bricks 1

TogetherFarm Blocks: LEGO Garden Bricks

After a successful fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, the Portland based team behind TogetherFarm Blocks looks to bring their sustainable, LEGO inspired garden bricks to the retail market. Built from recycled food grade plastic, this modular garden block system lets you … Continue reading


Timbertop Desk by Rail Yard Studios 1

Timbertop Desk by Rail Yard Studios

There are two types of distressed—one good, one bad. Bad distressed is the way you feel after your pet Yeti gets quarantined by the government. But good distressed can be seen right here in these distressed timbers on this magnificently … Continue reading


Industrial Steel Pipe Toilet Paper Holder 1

Industrial Steel Pipe Toilet Paper Holder

Somewhere along the way, women took control of the bathroom. The place where the dirtiest of man’s deeds is done in private became an ill-conceived cocoon of potpourri, untouchable hand towels, and plaques full of clichéd inspirational sayings. Let’s take … Continue reading


Sprout Pencils- Plant Your Pencil 0

Sprout Pencils: A Pencil That Grows Herbs

What happens when your pencil gets used all the way down to a tiny little stub? You throw it away of course. Well what if we told you that you could grow herbs from that discarded pencil, and never have … Continue reading


SMEG Fiat 500 Fridge 1

SMEG Fiat 500 Fridge

Maybe a Fiat might be too small for you zip around town in, but its size is borderline perfect for a retro fridge. Smeg has unveiled a fire engine red version of its SMEG500, a refrigerator made from a Fiat 500. Now that’s what you call recycling. Construction of … Continue reading


Railroad Tie Bike Racks 1

Railroad Tie Bike Racks

Using your bike to get around town is always a great choice, but you need a place to store your 2-wheeled companion once you’ve reached home base. While we’ve detailed some of the best bike storage solutions out there, the … Continue reading


Skullis Carved Crystal Geode Skull 0

Skullis Carved Crystal Geode Skull

Don’t let the underwhelming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull negatively influence your opinion of all crystal skulls; this one here is well worth a gander. The skulls are made from Brazilian agate, a grounding stone that’s said to … Continue reading