Hunting Trophies Bicycle Racks 1

Hunting Trophies Bicycle Racks

When you’re done with your work day commute, you need a place to hang your bicycle, and these Hunting Trophies are the perfect way to do so. Created by Australian designer Andreas Schieger, the bicycle racks were created as part … Continue reading


Bloody Kitchen Chopping Board 1

Bloody Kitchen Chopping Board

Quirky home products used to be nothing more than novelty items to laugh and gawk over, but these days they have become a more serious business. Years ago, we don’t know that there would have ever be a place for … Continue reading


Balkonzept Balcony Desk 1

Balkonzept Balcony Desk

While some of us require a complete desk setup with multiple monitors for work (ourselves included), there are many of you out there who need nothing more than a small space to put a laptop. For those of you, this … Continue reading


Shoes Books and a Bike Shelf

Shoes Books and a Bike Storage Shelf

As the cycling trend continues up and to the right, product designers are looking to create new ways to not only store your 2 wheeled companion, but also display it. Shoes Books and a Bike is the perfect way to … Continue reading


Ostrich Pillow 1

Ostrich Pillow

Originally the Ostrich Pillow began making rounds on the web as nothing more than a novelty, a quirky looking product that we liked to share with our family and friends. The viral effect of the invention was enough to help … Continue reading


Nintendo Game Boy Towel 0

Nintendo Game Boy Towel

It’s only July, and that means you still have plenty of beach days ahead of you this summer season. Next time you hit the sand show off your love for retro gaming with this Nintendo Game Boy Towel. Dubbed the … Continue reading


Desktop Jellyfish Tank 1

Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Everyone’s had a fish tank in their home at one point or another, but a jellyfish tank? Now that’s something unique. The team at Jellyfish Art have now made it possible for you to have one right in your home … Continue reading


Batman Brake Light Decal

Batman Brake Light Decal

There’s no denying that Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy continued to propel Batman’s popularity to new heights. Along with this never ending surge in popularity, came plenty of Batman inspired goods. Now you can add some Dark Knight to your … Continue reading


Aqua Farm 1

Aqua Farm: Self Cleaning Aquaponics Garden & Aquarium

After a successful product launch with Mushroom Garden,  Oakland based Nikhil & Alejandro decided to continue their mission to inspire more people to grow their own food with their latest product – the Aqua Farm. This Aquaponics Garden is a … Continue reading


Starry Light Night Lamp 1

Starry Light Constellation Lamp

Do you love to stare up at the starry night sky every evening before bed? Well what if we told you could bring that same experience right into your bedroom? Now you can with the Starry Light night lamp. These … Continue reading