Super Mario Bros Themed Bedroom 1

Super Mario Bros Themed Bedroom

Growing up as kids Super Mario Bros. was easily our favorite Nintendo video game. The greatest gift our parents could give us would be to transform our room into a scene right from the game. While we were never so … Continue reading


Star Wars Prayer Candles

Star Wars Prayer Candles

It looks as though nothing is safe from the world of Star Wars, as the popular franchise invades our inner most thoughts with these Star Wars Prayer Candles. Whether you support Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire, or find yourself … Continue reading


Underground Spiral Wine Cellar Storage System 0

Underground Spiral Wine Cellar Storage System

So you’ve outgrown that little wine rack on the kitchen counter, and it’s time to start thinking about upgrading. If you’re looking for a wine cellar that will really add that “Wow” factor to your home, look no further than … Continue reading


Fishspace LEGO Fish Tank 0

Fishspace LEGO Fish Tank

Now your pet fish can get in on the LEGO action with Fishspace, the world’s first ever fish tank that can be completely customized using both LEGO and Megabloks building blocks. Constructed from a high quality, clear plastic, Fishspace features … Continue reading


Best Bike Racks

14 Best Space Saving Bike Rack Solutions for Apartments

Many urban dwellers have ditched the gas guzzler in favor of a more practical means of transportation – a bicycle. So you’re saving money on gas, getting around the city much more efficiently, but you’re faced with yet another challenge. … Continue reading


Zombie Lawn Flamingo

Zombie Flamingo Lawn Ornament

So your badass lawn gnome needs an equally badass pet, and what’s more badass than a zombie flamingo? That’s right – nothing. Standing at 18 inches tall, this life size flamingo has had all of his skin mauled right off … Continue reading


Steampunk Iron Man Costume 1

Steampunk Iron Man Costume

Iron Man still remains the most popular member of the Avengers superhero collective (at least among mainstream comic book fans). We have already seen several fans attempt to recreate Tony Stark’s suit of mass destruction, but a steampunk Iron Man … Continue reading


Waterproof Pool Table 1

Waterproof Pool Table

Pool tables are a must for any bachelor pad, and while most of the time we are looking for a place inside the home to situate the table, this waterproof pool table lets you plant your billiards setup right in … Continue reading


Galaxy Wallpaper Wall Mural 1

Galaxy Wallpaper Wall Mural

Oh how we love us some galaxy print. Like most grown men out there, we grew up with high hopes of one day becoming astronauts. While we may have not realized our dreams of space exploration, we still have an … Continue reading


Industrial Plumber Bookshelves 1

Industrial Plumber Bookshelves

Who would have thought those old industrial pipes would have any more life in them? The team at Stella Bleu Designs have found a new purpose for your old plumbing pipes, transforming them into Industrial Plumber Bookshelves. Industrial themed spaces … Continue reading