Bob Burnquists Floating Skate Ramp On Lake Tahoe

Bob Burnquist’s Floating Skate Ramp On Lake Tahoe

Up until today, lakes had primarily been known for fishing, swimming, and giving people the willies when their feet touched the slimy bottom. We’re happy to report you can now add skateboarding to the list. In collaboration with Visit California, … Continue reading


SlatePro Personal TechDesk 1

SlatePro Personal TechDesk

The Slate Mobile Airdesk was one of our favorite solutions for people who work from home, and now the same design team is back with a new device – the SlatePro. As Airdesk was to “couch workers,” SlatePro is to … Continue reading


DeskPal 0

DeskPal Workspace Organizer

Clutter is such a productivity killer. For years on our desk we used to keep a pin cushion, stress ball, Furby, jar of olives, autographed picture of Carlos Beltran, and – for some weird reason – a test tube of … Continue reading


Decorpro Kaskade Fireburner 00

Decorpro Kaskade Fireburner

While we’re not exactly suffering from WOWS (Winter Olympics Withdrawal Syndrome), we do kind of miss that Olympic flame, though. That’s why Decorpro’s Kaskade fireburner caught our eye and has us ready to roll the curling stone one more time. … Continue reading


Bellagio Pool Table 0

Bellagio Pool Table

Barely missing our list of the coolest pool tables for the man cave, the Bellagio contemporary pool table is the perfect finishing piece for your bachelor pad. Just like the previously featured Fusion tables, this innovative design fuses your dining … Continue reading


Stamp Yo Face 1

Stamp Yo Face: Custom Single Portrait Stamp

Simple verbal endorsements don’t carry much weight these days: “Hey, so I saw ‘Gravity’ last night. Totally gets my stamp of approval.” At that point you’re either looking at a shrug or a downward-facing head that’s checking its Twitter feed. This … Continue reading


Forms In Nature Chandelier Projects Tree Shadows 0

‘Forms In Nature’ Chandelier Projects Tree Shadows

We can see a ton of cool uses for this tree shadow light entitled “Forms in Nature” by Hilden & Diaz. Of course the first one that pops into our heads involves terrifying the toddlers in our lives, but no, that … Continue reading


Recycled Jean Label Rug

Recycled Jean Label Rug

Rugs are a great way to tie any room together, but when you’re really looking to make a statement in your bachelor pad, opt for this recycled jean label rug. We’ve seen a ton of different household items made from … Continue reading


LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler 1

LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler

Star Wars and LEGO continue their longstanding partnership to pump out yet another impressive set. This time around, the world’s most popular toy maker has decided to recreate one of our favorite scenes from ‘Star Wars Episode IV: A New … Continue reading


Best Pool Tables

12 Must Have Pool Tables for the Man Cave

It’s a well known fact. A man cave is not a man cave without a pool table. Sure you and your boys can still hang out and watch the fights, but a pool table is the solidifying piece to any … Continue reading