Cuddle Mattress 1

Cuddle Mattress

Often times falling asleep with your significant other’s head on your arm will quickly put your arms to sleep (not to mention it’s not very comfortable). Beds just weren’t designed for all night cuddling (and we thank the bed makers … Continue reading


Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Work Desk 0

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Work Desk

Star Wars has spawned a ton of merchandise over its multiple decades of popularity, but Han Solo’s infamous frozen in carbonite scene has become one that fans love to see in every shape and form. The latest design accessory taking … Continue reading


Animal Staple Removers by Jac Zagoory

Animal Staple Removers by Jac Zagoory

As we move towards a more paperless work environment, staplers (and therefore staple removers) are becoming more of a rarity. That didn’t stop Jac Zagoory from creating this ferocious set of chomping Animal Staple Removers. The self proclaimed “desk artist” … Continue reading


Recycled Wine Bottle Tiki Torches 1

Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

When it comes to setting the mood in the backyard, you already know that there’s no better choice than oil lamps, but not just any old tiki torch will do the trick. These recycled wine bottle tiki torches are the … Continue reading


Modern Record Console by Symbol Audio 1

Modern Record Console by Symbol Audio

As vinyl records continue to make a strong comeback amongst music fans, design companies like Symbol Audio are crafting modern day all-in-one players for those fans to enjoy both their vinyl and digital music collections. The New York based team … Continue reading


Dexter Blood Spatter Drink Coasters 1

Dexter Blood Spatter Drink Coasters

It’s hard to believe that after 8 seasons of greatness, Dexter is finally over. If you’re like us, you tuned in to last night’s season finale on Showtime with bitter sweet excitement. Excited to see how things turned out for … Continue reading


Star Wars Life-Size ST-ST Walker Replica 0

Star Wars Life-Size AT-ST Walker Replica

So you thought it couldn’t get any better than owning a 6 foot tall Storm Trooper replica huh? How about a life-size Star Wars AT-ST replica for all you science fiction fans out there? To be fair, although it’s called … Continue reading


Life-Size Stormtrooper Action Figure

Star Wars Life-Size Stormtrooper Action Figure

Do you want to prove to all of your friends that you’re the biggest Star Wars fan on the planet? Then you need to forget gifts for everyone else this holiday season, and pick yourself up one of these Life-Size … Continue reading


Talking Ron Burgundy Action Figure

Ron Burgundy Talking Action Figure

Typically only superheroes get their own action figures, but Ron Burgundy is kind of a big deal. This Ron Burgundy Talking Action Figure from Anchorman pays homage to the greatest newscaster San Diego has ever seen. Standing at 13 inches … Continue reading


Super Mario Bros Themed Bedroom 1

Super Mario Bros Themed Bedroom

Growing up as kids Super Mario Bros. was easily our favorite Nintendo video game. The greatest gift our parents could give us would be to transform our room into a scene right from the game. While we were never so … Continue reading