Confluence Tea Tray

“Undulating” sounds the kind of thing women talk about with their OB/GYNs, but no. If that were the case, we would not be telling you about a tea tray that undulates. Rather, undulating means to “move with a wavelike motion,” … Continue reading


Handvas Poster Holder 1

Handvas Poster Holder

Most people put all the thought into the actual poster, or piece of artwork they’re about to hang on the wall, with no thought leftover for the way they’re actually going to hang it. With Handvas, your method of hanging … Continue reading


Wooden Carpet 1

Wooden Carpet

On the list of boring sh*t, carpet ranks pretty damn high; we figure somewhere between vinyl siding and ice dancing. So if anyone is gonna put some effort into shaking up the carpet world, we’ll always applaud them. Put your … Continue reading


Sofista Modular Sofa 1

Sofista Modular Sofa

Living in a small space means you have to get creative when it comes to your furniture. When it comes to creative furniture designed for small spaces, it doesn’t get much better than Sofista. This modular furniture set was designed … Continue reading


Aluminum And Wood Fusion Furniture 1

Aluminum And Wood Fusion Furniture

Like raw fish and rice, aluminum and wood didn’t exactly sound like a match made in heaven when we first heard it; but that’s just us. Clearly Israel-based industrial designer Hilla Shamia knows much more than we do about such … Continue reading


The Simpsons Home of Springfield in LEGO Form 1

The Simpsons Home of Springfield Recreated in LEGO

Being a big fan of The Simpsons means you know the titles of at least a dozen episodes and can easily rattle off the names of the main voice actors and their corresponding characters. But what if you’re striving for … Continue reading


Stumble Upon Combination Rug-Coffee Table 1

Stumble Upon Combination Rug-Coffee Table

Yeah, this is some original thinking going on right here. Like, who would’ve ever seen a carpet unfurling in their living room and said, “Stop! What if we made a coffee table out of that unflattened section?” No one… until … Continue reading



Gun Concealment Furniture

As responsible gun owners ourselves, we know that storing your firearms can pose quite a problem. You want to keep you guns safe, but you’d also like them to be accessible in the event of an emergency. Well the team … Continue reading


Milk Desk 1

Milk Desk

Plunking down a grand or more on a computer shows you care about what the device you’ll be consuming and creating on. Shouldn’t your desk reflect that as well? If pressed board from a big box retailer leaves you feeling … Continue reading


Ulaelu Outdoor Kitchen 0

Ulaelu Outdoor Kitchen

No one likes to be confined to the indoor kitchen when cooking up their favorite meals. The Ulaelu outdoor kitchen ensures you never have to work up a sweat over an indoor stove again. This minimalistic outdoor kitchen is completely … Continue reading