Shark Gun Sculptures By Christopher Schulz 0

Shark Gun Sculptures By Christopher Schulz

Suffering from Shark Week hangover? Us too. But allow us to pick your spirits up off the sandbar with some impressive shark-related art now on display at San Francisco’s CK Contemporary gallery. The brilliantly warped mind of artist Christopher Schulz … Continue reading


Snoop Dogg Hip-Hop Pillow 1

Snoop Dogg Hip-Hop Pillow

If your dog came in one day from doing his backyard business with a gold chain on, his hair in braids, and a sticker that said “I Love Bitches,” what would you do? Well that apparently happened to someone, and … Continue reading


Taku-Tanku Mobile Shelter by Sterotank 1

Taku-Tanku Mobile Shelter by Sterotank

The New York based team at Sterotank is capitalizing on the tiny house movement as they unveil Taku-Tnaku, a portable tiny house that can be towed by your bicycle. The lightweight shelter was created as part of of design competition, and … Continue reading


Han Solo Blaster Made From LEGOs

Han Solo Blaster Made From LEGOs

We’re not sure if J.J. Abrams has picked out all of his props yet for Star Wars: Episode VII, but we’re putting our two cents in for Harrison Ford to use this LEGO DL-44 blaster in the new movie. It’s … Continue reading


The Mountain 2 Million Pool in Utah

$2 Million ‘The Mountain’ Pool in Utah

We’ve seen a ton of cool swimming pools in our day, but when it comes to residential pools, nothing even comes close to the aptly titled “The Mountain.” Located in Springville, Utah, The Mountain is unlike anything we have ever … Continue reading


Nike House of Mamba LED Basketball Court 1

Nike RISE House of Mamba LED Basketball Court

Remember the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and how China blew the doors off the joint with the opening ceremonies? Yeah, we remember that too. It was awesome. Anyways, yes, a smidgen of that same magic is now on display in … Continue reading


Edible Chocolate LEGO Bricks 1

Edible Chocolate LEGO Bricks

At least 17% of the fun in building a LEGO city is going Godzilla on it once it’s done, knocking over towers and crunching town halls under your feet. But what if you could take your role playing one step … Continue reading


LIFT Adjustable Desk For Sitting And Standing 1

LIFT Adjustable Desk For Sitting And Standing

We all do way too much sitting. Sitting at work. Sitting on the recliner at home. Sitting through Hercules. If you want to keep chiseling away at that spare tire and keep your core in better shape, experts say you … Continue reading


Geek Chic Luxury Board Game Tables 1

Geek Chic Luxury Board Game Tables

If your Magic: The Gathering gathering is consistently happening around a Mountain Dew-stained card table that grandma also uses for Bridge with her blue-haired buddies, it’s possible you might not be taking your hobby seriously enough. You can change that … Continue reading


Yosemite Coat Rack 2

Yosemite Coat Rack

Repurposed goods are all the rage these days, and for the Mangosteen tree, that’s great news. You see, these trees continue to grow and produce fruit for years on end before they are simply replaced with a new one. The … Continue reading