Industrial Beer Bottle Lamp 1

Industrial Beer Bottle Lamp

Even when you’ve gleaned the last drop of beer from a bottle, parting with that glass container that just brought you so much joy can be difficult. If you think your beer bottles deserve a longer bit of respect, this … Continue reading


Kai Table With Secret Compartments 1

Kai Table With Secret Compartments

We all need places to keep a secret supply of something. Whether it’s a memory card with “special” stuff on it or just a ration of candy corn, having a hidden stash allows for peace of mind. And if you … Continue reading


The Simpsons LEGO Kwik-E Mart Set 1

The Simpsons LEGO Kwik-E Mart Set

The official Simpsons LEGO set was one of the most anticipated collaborations ever, and the project didn’t disappoint. The two powerhouse brands are once again teaming up, this time for the The Simpsons LEGO Kwik-E Mart Set. The set details … Continue reading


Bullet Bouquets 1

Bullet Bouquets

If you’d like to make 2015 the year you test mom’s boundaries of beauty, we just found your Mother’s Day gift. Bullet Bouquets are made of actual spent hollow point bullets, with each pot featuring up to 12 “buds” of … Continue reading


Magnificent Motorcycle Models by Pere Tarrago 1

Magnificent Motorcycle Models by Pere Tarrago

Sometimes, when people go overboard with their hobbies, society benefits from their obsessive genius. The latest example we’ve found is with the story of these painstakingly crafted motorcycle models out of Spain. Pere Tarragó is the man who has taken his … Continue reading


Hover X Gamers Lap Desk 1

Hover X Gamer’s Lap Desk

Even with the absolute best gaming laptop on the market, you’ll still be plagued by the age old of problem of not having the proper mobile command center. Thankfully our friends at iSkelter are masters at solving such problems, and … Continue reading


Waterford Mixology Mad Men Edition Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Waterford Mad Men Edition Old Fashioned Glasses

Like last call at your neighborhood bar, all good things must come to an end. And yes, that alcohol analogy was specifically for chosen for Mad Men, possibly the booziest show in TV history, and a show that will air … Continue reading


Urban Garden Standard Planter 1

Urban Garden Standard Planter

Fresh fruits and vegetables always sound great, but it’s only when you’re confronted by a horrendously wilted salad or a lifeless melon ball that you wish you could call your own shots on the produce front. With the Urban Garden Standard … Continue reading


Beer Cap Maps 1

Beer Cap Maps

You’re not gonna believe this, but sometimes, when consuming beer, one’s memory can falter a bit. If you’ve ever found a stray bottle cap in your jacket and wondered what fine city or state you enjoyed that beverage in, Beer … Continue reading


Noocity Growbed 01

Noocity Growbed

There’s something emasculating about being so dependent on your local supermarket to feed you. If you’re ready to reclaim a sliver of your “country mouse” side back, check out the Noocity Growbed, an all-in-one urban gardening system that could significantly … Continue reading