Composure Desk Organizer Collection by Rest 1

Composure Desk Organizer Collection by Rest

Whether it’s your kitchen countertops or your workspace, one thing remains the same same, no one likes clutter. The San Francisco designers at Rest have come up with the perfect way to keep all of your everyday essentials organized in … Continue reading


Fusion Stand for iMac 1

Fusion Stand for iMac

Desktop stands are a dime dozen, but a desktop stand that complements the minimalism and beauty of the iMac – that’s something a bit more rare. The Fusion stand is just that, an American built stand designed specifically for your … Continue reading


Grovemade Walnut Laptop Stand 2

Grovemade Walnut Laptop Stand

When it comes to desktop accessories, there are few brands that rival Grovemade. The Portland-based crew pumps out impeccable products, and their Walnut Laptop Stand is the latest to land on the retail scene. Crafted from locally sourced, premium walnut … Continue reading


Baked Roast Handmade Skateboard Stool 1

Baked / Roast Handmade Skateboard Stool

For many skaters, the passion never fades, even when the skills do. If you haven’t been on a skateboard in years, but still yearn for the culture, check out this new handmade furniture line from Baked / Roast. The company’s … Continue reading



Red Hook Bicycle Shelf

Elevating your bicycle not only frees up space in your garage or home, but think about it: Don’t you want your two-wheeled pride and joy to sit in a more royal and elevated position than say, your waste basket? Yes, … Continue reading


Polite Ping Pong Table 1

Polite Ping Pong Table

“Artisan” is a not a word one thinks of when the topic of ping pong comes up, but the guys at Polite Table Tennis Co. absolutely injected the sport with some savoir faire via their handmade tables. Forget the standard … Continue reading


Industrial Beer Bottle Lamp 1

Industrial Beer Bottle Lamp

Even when you’ve gleaned the last drop of beer from a bottle, parting with that glass container that just brought you so much joy can be difficult. If you think your beer bottles deserve a longer bit of respect, this … Continue reading


Kai Table With Secret Compartments 1

Kai Table With Secret Compartments

We all need places to keep a secret supply of something. Whether it’s a memory card with “special” stuff on it or just a ration of candy corn, having a hidden stash allows for peace of mind. And if you … Continue reading


The Simpsons LEGO Kwik-E Mart Set 1

The Simpsons LEGO Kwik-E Mart Set

The official Simpsons LEGO set was one of the most anticipated collaborations ever, and the project didn’t disappoint. The two powerhouse brands are once again teaming up, this time for the The Simpsons LEGO Kwik-E Mart Set. The set details … Continue reading


Bullet Bouquets 1

Bullet Bouquets

If you’d like to make 2015 the year you test mom’s boundaries of beauty, we just found your Mother’s Day gift. Bullet Bouquets are made of actual spent hollow point bullets, with each pot featuring up to 12 “buds” of … Continue reading