Star Wars Universe NFL Helmets 0

Star Wars Universe NFL Helmets

The 2013-2014 NFL season came to an end yesterday evening in a less than exciting conclusion (unless you’re Seahawks fan of course). Now as most of us impatiently await the new season to kick off this fall, Mexico based artist … Continue reading


Game Of Thrones As Feudal Japan Art 01

Game Of Thrones As Feudal Japan Art By Sei-G

Game of Thrones hangs its crown on its enthralling settings almost as much as its compelling characters; but what if the locations were changed? Artist Sei-G thinks the series could be equally entrancing if it were set somewhere else, and his set … Continue reading


Honest Slogans 0

Honest Slogans

Truth in advertising. It almost sounds like an oxymoron, right? Counting on the companies that make the products we buy to be 100% truthful about them is obviously asking too much, but here comes Honest Slogans to the rescue with … Continue reading


High Speed Ballistics 1

High Speed Ballistics: Insane Photos Of Bullets Being Fired

Even if you were an expert handler of your remote control and managed to hit the pause button in time to see all the key shots of the gunshots in say, Inception, you’d still come nowhere close to the amazing visuals that Finnish photographer … Continue reading


Pop Art Prints by Technodrome1 1

Pop Art Prints by Technodrome1

If you’re gonna pay homage to a celebrity on your wall or shirt, it’s gotta be something with a little uniqueness to it. In the 80s, a picture poster of Michael Jordan was cutting edge; these days, it’s just not enough. … Continue reading


Butcher Billys American Psychos 1

Butcher Billy’s American Psychos

Being a super hero involves a lot of bad guy beat downs; and yet we rarely see our costumed crusaders soaked in blood. Artist Butcher Billy has solved that problem by taking the famous blood-splashed face of Christian Bale as … Continue reading


Hyper-Realistic Photos Of Star Wars Toys 1

Hyper-Realistic Photos Of Star Wars Toys

Even if the Millennium Falcon were real, and it landed in your backyard, and you had a nice DSLR to capture it with, that picture still wouldn’t beat these amazingly realistic shots by Finnish illustrator and photographer Vesa Lehtimäki. Staging … Continue reading


Retro Travel Posters For Fantasy Locations By Ali Xenos 1

Retro Travel Posters For Fantasy Locations By Ali Xenos

The way travel was advertised back in the Mad Men days is the way that artist Ali Xenos has illustrated these Retro Travel posters for various locations from the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones universes. … Continue reading


Famous Album Covers Recreated With LEGOs 1

Famous Album Covers Recreated With LEGOs

With the LEGO movie set to hit theaters in February, you better believe that we will be seeing plenty of new LEGO projects hitting the scene in the coming weeks. The latest to surface is this Famous Album Covers Recreated … Continue reading


Hero-Glyphics By Josh Lane 0

Hero-Glyphics: Pop Culture Hieroglyphics By Josh Lane

The meaning of certain hieroglyphics can be quite tough to decipher; “Hmmm… here’s a man with a spear and he’s aiming it at the sun and what looks like the number 12. Maybe that’s the SPF rating?” However, Hero-Glyphics are much easier to comprehend, thanks to the inclusion … Continue reading