Breaking Bad Guys Caricatures

Breaking Bad Guys Caricatures

Imagine Walter White, Pinkman, Tuco Salamanca, Gustavo Fring, and a few other of Breaking Bad’s dangerous dealers taking a timeout from their hustle and going to Disney World to pose for a group caricature portrait. Would never happen, right? Good thing artist Anthony … Continue reading


X-Ray Gun Prints 0

X-Ray Gun Prints

Medical doctor Houston Hardin used a $750,000 medical CT scanner to take real x-rays of guns, then turned the scans into bachelor pad approved prints and posters. While many of know what the inside of a gun looks like, it … Continue reading


Super Old Men Art Series 1

Super Old Men Art Series

Superman was born in 1933. Batman was hatched in 1939. Captain America got his shield in 1941. These guys are dirt-old, that’s where we’re going with this. And that’s also where Cairo, Egypt-based designer A Morshedi has gone with these … Continue reading


Aging Superhero Oil Paintings 0

Aging Superhero Oil Paintings

We’ve wanted to be a crime fighting superhero since we were kids, but what happens when our favorite public defender starts to get old? That’s the concept behind Aging Superhero. As part of his ongoing oil painting series, artist Andreas … Continue reading


NFL Logos Reimagined as Soccer Badges (1)

NFL Logos Reimagined as Soccer Badges

Like most guys out there, we love American football. If we had to pick one professional sport to watch forever, we’d probably be tuning into the NFL every week. While the league has been criticized for a number of things … Continue reading


Breaking Bad Fine Art by Isabella Morawetz 1

Breaking Bad Fine Art by Isabella Morawetz

We’re still coping with our Breaking Bad separation anxiety. While the show has been off the air now for over a month now, hardcore fans of the AMC television series have been developing a ton of new merchandise to help … Continue reading


Superheroes Get Part Time Jobs 00

Superheroes Get Part Time Jobs

Being a superhero is not all glitz and glamour. It’s tough work. Fighting bad guys, saving the day – after day, after day. At some point it probably gets a bit tiresome. Malaysian illustrator Chow Hon Lam imagined what it … Continue reading


Disney Princess with Beards 1

Disney Princesses with Beards

The most popular trend in pop culture art right now (at least on the interwebs), is far and wide “Disney Princesses reimagined as…” We have seen everything from Miley Cyrus to Capcom fighters, and the trend doesn’t seem to be … Continue reading


Star Wars Shooting Target Prints 0

Star Wars Shooting Target Prints

Still looking for a nice print to finish off the bachelor pad or home bar setup? You can never go wrong with something from the galaxy far, far away, and these Star Wars Shooting Targets Prints by the team at … Continue reading


Disney Princesses Reimagined as Miley Cyrus 1

Disney Princesses Reimagined as Miley Cyrus

Apparently seeing our favorite Disney princesses twerk like Miley Cyrus at the VMAs just wasn’t enough for artist Michele Moricci, who decided to recreate the most beloved princesses from the Disney universe as Miley herself. We figured it would happen … Continue reading