The Adventures of Star Wars Action Figures 0

The Adventures of Star Wars Action Figures

They say too much of a good thing is a bad thing, but when it comes to Star Wars, we’d have to respectfully disagree. Seeing fellow fans reinterpret the world that George Lucas built is something we never get sick … Continue reading


The Walking Dead Disney Characters 0

The Walking Dead Disney Characters

After the season 4 finale of The Walking Dead last night, artist Kasami-Sensei decided to pay homage to one of our all time favorite shows with his series imagining what Disney characters would look like if they were zombie survivors … Continue reading


Star Wars Characters In Thrift Store Paintings 1

Star Wars Characters In Thrift Store Paintings

A secondhand store might be a fine choice for an old military jacket, to serve as the basis for a chart-topping rap hit, but for art? It’s stuffier than Stove Top. Artist Dave Vancook has taken it upon himself to infuse … Continue reading



Music Stars Reimagined as Cartoon Characters

Mashups need not be solely confined to music. German graphic designer Zhi-Yun Zhang is here is to prove that point with his collection of illustrations that blend a hip hop-heavy list of music stars with some classic cartoon characters. The … Continue reading


Breaking Bad Blueprints 1

Breaking Bad Blueprints

There may not be much Breaking Bad left to watch on your TV screen, but you can have it say, two feet above your flat panel with one of these Breaking Bad Blueprints from the Oliver Gal Art Gallery. Not only … Continue reading


Iconic Bands Recreated with LEGOs 1

Iconic Bands Recreated with LEGOs

The coolest thing we ever built with our Legos was, like, this tower/building kinda thing with a pointy little part on the side tha– ah screw it. No one cares. It was garbage. Dad even said so. He was right. … Continue reading


Vintage Blueprints For Famous Inventions 0

Vintage Blueprints For Famous Inventions

The patent for the Chia Pet? That’s birdcage liner. The patent for Orville and Wilbur Wright’s flying machine? Now that’s wall-worthy. While these aren’t the genuine articles, Oliver Gal’s artists have done an amazing job of recreating the authentic blueprint … Continue reading


Shopped Tattoos- Iconic Celebrities Get Digital Tattoos 1

Shopped Tattoos: Iconic Celebrities Get Digital Tattoos

Ever wonder how Marilyn Monroe would’ve looked inked up? Wonder no more. Seattle-based artist Cheyenne Randall has a thing for tattoos and celebrities, and with his tremendous Photoshop skills, you’d swear Elizabeth Taylor had “MJ” written on her breasts. Cheyenne has dozens … Continue reading


Red Bull Superhero Cans 0

Red Bull Superhero Cans

Well, Diego Fonseca did it. Dude managed to do the impossible. He actually made Aquaman cool. Well, at least the concept for the Aquaman Red Bull can. Diego’s Red Bull Superheroes Project joins the iconic energy drink with DC’s famous … Continue reading


Legography 1

Legography: Lego Minifigures Taking Pictures In Real World

Life as a professional photographer isn’t easy. Now just imagine the life of a professional photographer who’s also a Lego minifigure. All those concerns about the right lighting and proper angles would get compounded by fears of being trampled by frisky Boston … Continue reading