Writers Shed in London 1

Writer’s Shed in London

It’s a known fact that many writers gain their inspiration from what’s around them. With that being said, we can only wonder what kind of whimsical tales are dreamed up in this quaint Writer’s Shed. Designed by the British studio … Continue reading


NBK Apartment by Bernard Khoury 0

NBK Apartment by Bernard Khoury

Covering badass bachelor pads on a regular basis, it takes a lot for us to get excited when it comes to apartments. Well that’s exactly what architect Bernard Khoury was able to do with the amazing NBK Residence. The famous … Continue reading


Worlds Best Bridges

The 39 Most Amazing Bridges In The World

Picture the scene. Africa, a young Neanderthal, lithe, hairy, fantastically fit, emerges from a clearing, makes his way down to a river, pauses, then runs nimbly across the dead tree that reaches from one side of the river to the … Continue reading


Contemporary Concrete Residence in Greece 1

Contemporary Concrete Residence in Greece

If you’re into modern bachelor pads with breathtaking ocean views (and who isn’t), then you’re going to love this contemporary concrete residence in Greece. Designed by Greek architect Konstantinos Kontos, this immaculate dwelling resides on Aegina Island. The multi-level home … Continue reading


Mad Men Star Vincent Kartheisers Tiny Hollywood Home 1

Mad Men Star Vincent Kartheiser’s Tiny Hollywood Home

For the most part, celebrity homes have seemed to follow the rule of bigger is better. But Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser proves this is most certainly not  always the case with his amazing 580 square foot abode. Kartheiser (better … Continue reading


Bryan Cranstons Eco-Friendly Beach House in California 1

Bryan Cranston’s Eco-Friendly Beach House in California

See, this here is all the proof you need that crime doesn’t pay. Breaking Bad’s Walter White could never afford the stunning home that the actor who played him, Bryan Cranston, has had built for himself in Ventura County, California. … Continue reading


Casa Till House by WMR Architects 1

Casa Till House by WMR Architects

First Chile shocks Spain in the World Cup, then they get this beautiful, ecologically smart, single story house in Los Arcos. You’re right, that’s not the exact order of how things happened, but the point is, Chile is on a … Continue reading


Yelp Headquarters in San Francisco 1

Yelp Headquarters in San Francisco

When it comes to cool office spaces, we’d be hard pressed to find a better region than Silicon Valley. From Google to Facebook, and all of the tech companies in between, this place is a gold mine for work space … Continue reading


T-Bone House in Stuttgart Germany 1

T-Bone House in Stuttgart, Germany

Neighboring the Porsche headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany is the aptly titled TBONE House, a modern dwelling that may look like it’s the perfect bachelor pad, but was actually designed for a family of 4. One quick glance at this home, … Continue reading


Modern Residence One by Studio RHE 1

Modern Residence One by Studio RHE

It seems that every day we encounter a mind blowing residence that seems to defy all odds, a baddest bachelor pad on the planet if you will. Well why should today be any different? Say hello to Residence One. Designed … Continue reading